‘Most depressing one-bed flat ever’: Landlord takes down Facebook adverts for £300-a-month apartment after househunters compare it to Strangeways prison and Josef Fritzl’s cellar

  • Advert for a £300-a-month flat in Bolton was berated by social media users 
  • The property reminded them of Josef Fritzl’s cellar or a prison cell. 
  • All ads for this flat were taken down the day after receiving numerous comments from users across multiple listing.

A landlord has taken down an advert for a £300-a-month apartment after househunters called it the ‘most depressing one-bed flat ever’ and compared it to Josef Fritzl’s cellar.  

After it was posted on Facebook Marketplace yesterday, a notice advertising a Bolton residence for rent was instantly criticized by tenants.

The photos of the “one bed, one bathroom” property were taken only from one side, showing only half the area. There were no windows visible, except for what appears to have been a ceiling skylight. 

One bed can be seen against the socket with an unmade single bed. There are two water bottles and what seems to be the tenant’s old phone.

You could make a lot of fun of the property that seems empty.

Some were furious and demanded that the advertisement be removed.

All listings were taken down the next day after receiving many comments.

After it was posted on Facebook yesterday, a notice advertising a Bolton residence for rent in Greater Manchester was instantly criticized by tenants

Pictures of the property were only taken from one side of the room, revealing only half of the space, but no windows were visible - other than what appears to be a skylight in the ceiling

Photographs of the property were taken only from one side. This revealed only half of it. However, no windows could be seen – except what appears to have been a skylight in its ceiling.

The property elicited dozens of jokes comparing it to a prison cell, with many asking what time 'lights off' was or when visiting hours were. Others were so furious they called for the advert to be taken down - which after being bombarded with hundreds of comments across the multiple listings, all were removed the same day

There were many jokes about this property. Many asked what the ‘lights are off’ time and when they could be visited. Many others were outraged and called for the advert’s removal. This was after they were bombarded with thousands of comments across multiple listings.

Commenter Mark Keohane added: ‘F*** me. Even cells have good windows. This hamster cage is a joke.

Lindita Hope wrote: ‘Seen bigger cells.’

David Bowen stated: “HMP Farnworth.”

One said: “Seen compounds with better condition in Afghanistan.”

One other suggested that it could be an “escape room” – similar to the game where contestants find themselves locked up in unfavorable or horror-like rooms with a limited time to escape.

Many users claimed that the property was so poor they had to ask for it to be removed. Others suggested that the tenant be compensated to live there.

The property elicited dozens of jokes comparing it to a prison cell, with many asking what time 'lights off' was or when visiting hours were

Many jokes were made about the property, comparing it with a prison cell. Some even asked when visitors could visit.

Commenter: “Disgusting.” You can take it down.

You can add: “You are having a good time?” You give the tenant £300 for staying in that? Yes?’

One said: ‘You’re taking the p***. It should be cleaned, furnished with furniture and decorated. This is what most jail cells look like. 

The fourth was: “What’s the world going to when you ask for such a high price for an unimaginable place as this?” My dog is happy to sleep in a more comfortable place.

Although the majority of the comments condemned the flat they found offensive, some commenters disagreed with the advert and recommended that those looking to rent the space could use their own furniture.

One customer said that he had paid more for a less beautiful room. It doesn’t mean you have to sleep on that bed. You can bring your own! Bring your own scrubbers.

However, while the overwhelming majority condemned the flat, a small number of commenters defended the advert and suggested anyone looking to rent the room could bring their own furniture

However, the majority of people condemned the apartment. A few commenters, however, supported the advertisement and suggested that anyone wanting to rent the space could bring their furniture.

One wrote, “Why does everyone have such a problem?” He listed the space for rent. It doesn’t matter if the space isn’t yours or if it’s too small. Why criticize?

One joke about the rental was that someone would have to rent the room.

One commenter stated: “The sad fact is that it’ll be taken up and used by someone who desperately needs somewhere to stay.

“Possibly someone who cannot afford to buy a bond, or doesn’t have the proper documentation to get a mortgage. This is clearly an example of how to rob the vulnerable.

‘So wrong. This is something you should not do. £300 for that.’

The landlord did not respond to our request for comment.