A mother could have killed her two daughters, after they were all found dead in their own home.

Tiffany Stevens, 27, was found dead along with Darcey Stevens, one, and Casey-Lea Taylor, three, at their home in Little Lever, Bolton on January 21, 2019.  

Darcey-Lea and Casey–Lea both died shortly after their fathers honored them.

Liam Taylor, Casey’s father, said of Casey Lea: “Casey Lea was a beautiful little boy who was greatly loved and will be deeply missed by many.

Tiffany Stevens, 27, and her daughters Casey-Lea, three, and Darcey, one, were discovered at home in Bolton

Concerns had been raised for the welfare of Tiffany Stevens (pictured)

Tiffany Stevens, 27 years old, was found in Bolton with her three-year-old daughter Casey Lea and Darcey. Tiffany Stevens was found at home in Bolton.

Tiffany Stevens may have killed her two young daughters in a murder-suicide after all three were found dead at home, an inquest in Bolton heard today

Tiffany Stevens might have killed her young daughters by murder-suicide, after they were all found dead at their homes. An inquest was held in Bolton today

Pictured: A police car parked outside the Stevens family home in Little Lever, Bolton, after the deaths

Photographed: After the death of Stevens, there was a police vehicle parked at the Stevens’ family residence in Little Lever.

Gary Eden, Darcey’s father said that he would love Darcey and miss him forever.

“She will live on through my efforts.” 

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) treated Darcey and Casey-Lea’s deaths as murders but said they were not looking for anyone else in connection with them, while Tiffany’s death was not treated as suspicious.

Today, Peter Sigee, assistant coroner at Bolton Coroners Court stated that he might have to draw conclusions about ‘unlawful murder’ regarding Darcey or Casey-Lea.

He said: ‘I’m going to have to consider whether Tiffany had capacity at the time of Darcey and Casey Lea ingesting the substances that caused their death,’ he said.

Before she took her own life, Ms Stevens posted a number of motivational posts on her Facebook page

One read: 'Don't let this cold world change you, and take advantage of every little moment you are given'

She posted many motivational quotes on Facebook before she lost her life. One said, “Don’t allow this cold world to change you. Make the most of each moment.”

Ms ) had been described as a 'brilliant mum'

Her brother Jamie Cunliffe (pictured with Ms Stevens) said on Facebook he was going to 'miss her so much'

Jamie Cunliffe, Ms Stevens’ brother (right) stated on Facebook that he would’miss so much’ Ms Stevens.

“If she had the capacity to administer the substances that led to the deaths of the children, then I’d have the right question whether they were illegally murdered.

“This case is the most difficult that I’ve had to deal with as a coroner.” 

He also suggested that he could have to contemplate a conclusion of suicide for Tiffany. 

He addressed the Stevens family and said that Mr Sigee had added, “These deaths were so closely linked that it makes sense for all three of these inquests be heard simultaneously.”     

On the evening the girls and their mother died, Tiffany’s brother and ex-boyfriend were allegedly heard shouting outside.   

Jamie (left), Tiffany (centre) and Casey-Lea (right) pictured together

Jamie (left), Tiffany, and Casey-Lea are pictured together 

Family members were aware of social services, and officials from Bolton Council had communicated with Tiffany prior to her death.

Jamie Cunliffe, the brother of Ms Steven, posted comments on Facebook. He also stated that he felt compelled to assist his sister (27-years-old) and was feeling ‘gutted.

Prior to her suicide, Stevens had posted many motivational messages on her Facebook Page.

She shared an image that said, “A lot of walking away is good for your life.” Avoid arguments that can lead to anger. 

“Walk away” from those who are trying to put you down. Do not be tempted to please people who do not see your value.

“The healthier you live, the more things you can get rid of that will poison your soul.”

Another post she shared said: ‘To the givers, forgivers, & selfless lovers out there… keep being beautiful, don’t let this cold world change you, and take advantage of every little moment you are given.’

On January 21st, 2019, police were dispatched to Arthur Street in Little Lever shortly before 3:50pm.

One woman arrived at the family's home with a bouquet of flowers, a card and a soft toy rabbit after their deaths

A woman came to the home of the deceased with flowers and cards, as well as a baby rabbit.

An emotional woman arrived to leave a tribute at the scene where the bodies were found

A woman of emotion arrived at the site to pay a respect and leave a message.

Annmarie Crossland (36), a neighbor, stated that she was alerted first when family members were heard screaming and shouting in an alleyway behind the house.

She called Ms. Stevens a “brilliant mom” and shared that her four children had played with Ms. Stevens’s daughters.

Ms Crossland said: “They were beautiful little children. It was great, it is really lovely.

“She would bring them to Bolton and the park. They were friendly. 

Jamie Cunliffe was 29, and her sister Ms Stevens (27), were found dead beside the bodies of their little girls. Jamie posted a tribute on Facebook to the “three Angels”.

Cunliffe thanked friends and family for their support. He asked them to pray for Tiffany and her girls and to keep sending messages after messages of support.

One day after the deaths of their loved ones, a woman came to the house with flowers and a card. 

On her arrival, she was so upset that another woman had to comfort her. 

It read, “To Tiff.” This world was not good enough for me. You are my heartache and I miss you. The girls and you are both at peace. Love Sammy Leigh.’

Ms Leigh said that Tiffany was an extremely bright, bubbly girl. She was also very special in very small ways.

“She will do any thing to help someone, she’ll take the time to go shopping with homeless people and to learn about them.

The card from friend Sammy Leigh read: 'I'm sorry this world wasn't good enough for you'

Sammy Leigh’s friend wrote a note saying: “I’m sorry that this world wasn’t good enough to you.”

Friends paid tribute to the family on Facebook, praising Miss Stevens as a 'lovely woman'

A Facebook tribute was posted by friends to Miss Stevens’ family, who praised her as a lovely woman.

“Honestly she truly was one of kind. It’s hard to believe that she is gone.

Jade McCarthy, Jade’s close friend said: “It was so shocking to so many people. Everyone’s hearts hurt this morning.

Marilyn Grundy (69), a neighbor, stated: “About 3.40pm, I heard this male shouting. This is something that we hear often.

“My son told me that a man was running down the back street screaming. He claimed that he could not breathe. Was that what you did to me? I cannot breathe.

“I was afraid he may have been stabbed or some other kind of attack.” 

“We went out for a quick look, and we’re expecting a rapid response.”

A police cordon in place around the rear of a property in Little Lever area of Bolton

Bolton, Little Lever Area: Police have established a perimeter around the back of an apartment in Bolton.

“It seems like he discovered them. It was the first time that I saw him. He could be a close friend, boyfriend or family member. It’s hard to know. It is so sad.

“I saw her walking along the road alongside her two kids. Her appearance often reflected the burden of the entire world.

Margaret Knox (62), a friend of Miss Stevens’ family said that the family was devastated to learn about her death.

Ms. Knox stated that Tiffany was treated like her own child throughout her entire life. This has been a difficult time for us.

Police at the house in Little Lever, Bolton, where they were investigating the three deaths

Bolton police officers were present at Little Lever house, Bolton. They were conducting an investigation into the three deaths.

“They loved us very deeply, and they are our best friends. Since I learned what happened, I haven’t slept well. Tiffany and her girls were with us on Christmas.

“There is no way that we could have seen this coming,” he said. We are still waiting for more information from the police about what happened.

She also said, “Her mother is my friend best and she’s moving from Manchester. So hopefully she will tell us more when she gets here.”

Naomi Conway shared her Facebook post: “Can’t Believe What I’m Hearing, Tiffany.” 

“We were just talking the other day, babes. Now you and your lovely girls are asleep with the angel.

A police car parked outside the house where Greater Manchester Police investigated the death

An officer car was seen parked in front of the home where Greater Manchester Police had investigated the death.

“How could life be so unfair? Your mother was a wonderful friend, and you were a great mum. It’s a shame. I saw the video of you with your baby girls yesterday. You were so happy.

“I wish that we could go back in time.” It was just that you needed some extra support. It was a great job. Tiff, you are so tragic, and I will always remember your kindness. You are beautiful, Rest in Peace.

Chantal Norris stated, “No. I don’t believe that.” You and their babies, rest in peace. They were beautiful children. It’s all still shocking.

Emma Tidy added: “RIP, Tiff. I can’t believe this. The best always comes first. It’s too cruel. Both you and your children are in peace right now. Rest easy, sweet girl. Never forgotten.’

Family members, social services and other family members will be witnesses at the two-day inquest that begins on January 6, next year.