Mother of 28 may have distracted herself while viewing Love Island on her smartphone, and her car crashed into a truck on the school run. Mother died.

  • Charlotte Buesden (28) was killed in a collision between her car and a HGV’s front. 
  • Shortly after her son was dropped off at school in Kemsley Kent, the mother passed away. 
  • Some believe she was distracted by Love Island. 

According to an inquest, a mother may have distracted herself by viewing Love Island on her smartphone when she crashed her car into a lorry on her way home from school.

Charlotte Buesden (28 years old) was killed when her Nissan Qashqai hit a HGV in front on an arterial road in Kemsley. This happened on August 23, 2013. When the accident occurred, she had just dropped off her son to school.

DC Bob Fursey stated that Ms Buesden had driven into traffic and was in danger of colliding with the truck driver.

His explanation was that her phone was located on her dashboard along with a magnetic clip and an error message on the ITV Hub App.

Although the phone was disconnected during an episode of Love Island’s Love Island, there were no signs that she had sent messages or used data prior to the collision.

DC Fursey stated that she believed her distraction was from watching Love Island, and therefore reached for or looked at her smartphone.

“The cause of Ms Buesden losing control over her car is unknown, however, she was probably distracted by her smartphone and steering.

Charlotte Buesden, 28, was killed after her Nissan Qashqai collided with the front of a HGV on a busy road in Kemsley, Kent

Charlotte Buesden was 28 years old when her Nissan Qashqai crashed into a HGV. The collision occurred on Kemsley’s busy roads in Kent.

A witness who was two cars ahead of Ms Buesden’s Nissan explained that the vehicle approached a bend, but instead of steering it, the vehicle began to steer straighter, and then crashed into an object.

The court heard from PC Duncan Swallow (forensic collision officer), that the dashcam footage of the HGV truck was not good, but it showed Ms Buesden of Alma Road in Sheerness looking in the direction she would like to see and then extending her arm towards the location where her phone would have been mounted.

He said that there weren’t any weather conditions which could have contributed to the accident, and she might have been distracted from her phone.

Ms Buesden was severely injured in the skull. Bina Patel, coroner for Bina Patel declared her death due to an accident on the road.

More than 40 bouquets of flowers, notes, and even small bottles of Prosecco were given to her in memory of the tragic event.

She had just dropped her son off at school when the fatal accident happened. One witness, who was two cars behind Ms Buesden's Nissan, explained seeing the car approach a slight bend but, instead of steering, stayed straight and began to 'veer into the wrong lane', before the crash

The fatal accident occurred as she was dropping her son at school. A witness who was two cars ahead of Ms Buesden’s Nissan explained that the vehicle approached a bend, but instead of steering it, the vehicle began to steer straighter, which led to the accident.

Fran wrote to Fran: “You’re too young, too beautiful, and too kind not to go.” Your presence is a part of my many happy times. You have many wonderful memories that I’ll treasure for the rest of my life.

“You were an extraordinary mummy. It’s so hard to imagine a happier time, with more laughter, jokes and love, but that has been taken so unfairly.

“I will not forget you, and I will always love you.”

Her memory has been honored with a Facebook tribute. The message reads, “We hope Charlotte’s loved ones will find comfort in going to her profile to celebrate and remember her life.”