The murder accusation against a mother who killed her son, aged two years old, by submerging his body in a bath at the family’s home was dismissed.

Natalie Steele (31 years old) appeared today at Cardiff Crown Court via videolink. She was a nurse in a secure hospital, where she denies the murder of her baby girl. Reid Steele 

Steele, dressed in grey and her hair tied back, spoke only to confirm her date and name.

According to an inquest, Reid’s grandmother found Reid unconscious after he was apparently drowned while bathing in the tub.

Reid is described as super, super-happy by his family. He was last seen at home at 7.30pm on August 17th in Broadlands Bridgend. 

Reid Steele, two, was pronounced dead on August 12 at the University Hospital of Wales after he was found critically injured at his family home in Broadlands, Bridgend, South Wales

Reid Steele (2 years old) was taken to the University Hospital of Wales and declared dead. He was critically hurt at home in Broadlands Bridgend, South Wales.

However, he died at the University Hospital of Wales on August 12th after hearing.

Peter Rouch, QC, the defense, stated that Steele, a Carpet Company worker, was being investigated about his mental health at the time of the murder. 

Pontypridd was 12 miles from Cardiff and the inquest was rescheduled to wait for the results of criminal proceedings.

Reid’s family offered a fitting tribute saying that Reid was “a super, super-happy and beautiful little boy who brightened everyone’s life.”

“He enjoyed the beach and picking raspberries, and taking walks to collect shells.

Carpet company worker Natalie Steele, pictured, has been remanded in custody and appeared in Cardiff Crown Court via videolink today

Natalie Steele from the Carpet Company, is pictured here. She was remanded into custody and made an appearance at Cardiff Crown Court via videolink.

His personality was very friendly and he would talk to any person.

Two months before his third birthday, the toddler died. His family described him as a beloved and ‘perfect” nephew, grandson, great-grandson, and cousin.

Steele was taken into custody by Judge Michael Fitton (QC)

Described as 'super, super-happy' by his family, Reid was found at 7.30pm 12 August at the family home in Broadlands, Bridgend, south Wales, pictured

His family described Reid as “super, super-happy” and he was discovered at his home in Broadlands Bridgend, South Wales at 7.30 pm on 12 August.

She said that he was grateful for her cooperation and noted that he had been attentive.

“The next hearing will take place on February 25, and the trial date is expected to be announced shortly.

“You will be taken into custody. I will also extend your custody period until May 16th.”

Family members are raising money to support the Noah’s Ark Childrens Unit at Cardiff Hospital, where he died.

Family members said that they could not express how amazing and kind the staff at the ward were to them.

They allowed Reid’s grandparents to come over for the night to see him, and provided a package of care including a toothbrush, t-shirt, and toothbrush.

In a tribute, Reid's family said: 'He was a super, super-happy, gorgeous, wonderful and intelligent little boy who lit up everyone's lives'

Reid’s family offered a fitting tribute saying that Reid was “a super, super-happy and beautiful little boy who brightened everyone’s life.” 

They allowed us six to go with him while he fought for the life of his soul. Their amazing service will be remembered forever.

“They were able to save my son’s life, and they went out of their way to make sure we all had support throughout the process.

“They gave us a space to cry in and also provided a place for us to have food and drinks if needed.

‘We are trying to raise money in Reid’s memory for Noah’s Ark. He would have loved it.

An inquest hearing was told toddler Reid was pronounced dead a the University Hospital of Wales, pictured is outside the accident and emergency department, the next day on August 12 (file photo)

A hearing at an inquest heard that toddler Reid had been declared dead by the University Hospital of Wales. Pictured is Reid outside the accident-and- emergency department on August 12. (file photo).

It seems fitting that he would fundraise to support this charity.

Reid was truly the most happy, healthy, intelligent, beautiful, and well-loved child that we’ve ever known.

He was capable of counting to 10 in three different languages.

He often asked, “Are your okay?” He was a caring person who spoke with everyone and everything.

“His favorite things included Bob the Builder, Winnie the Pooh, and the Heffalump. He also loved the beach, shells, and pebbles as well as diggers, nature, and flowers.

“Reid” lit up people’s lives. He loved the songs You Are My Sunshine (This Little Light of Mine) and Bob the Builder.

“We are so sorry for him.

Flowers, tributes and toys left near where two-year-old Reid Steele was found critically injured in Bridgend, south Wales

Two-year-old Reid Steele, Bridgend, South Wales, was critically injured when he was found. Flowers, tributes, and toys were left nearby.

'His favourite things were Bob the Builder, Winnie the Pooh and the Heffalump, the beach, shells and pebbles, diggers, flowers and nature,' a statement from his family read. Tributes of flowers, toys and messages are left near his family home in Bridgend

A family statement said that Bob the Builder and Winnie the Pooh were his favourites. Bridgend is the location of his loved ones’ tributes. They left messages, flowers and toys.

Although ‘Reid didn’t experience any evil in his childhood, all of us loved him so much.  

Your donations are greatly appreciated by all the children and families in care. I am so thankful.

On February 25, a case management hearing will be held. A trial is provisionally scheduled to start on May 3, and should last approximately seven days.