They won’t make it to anyone’s Christmas dinner because my turkeys are too smart! Mother, 57, shows how her birds are able to tell the difference between colours, react like dogs, and play on the keyboard.

  • Debi Monk thinks Flower and Gobbledygook Britain’s most intelligent turkeys
  • Birds respond to the same commands as dogs, including “give paw” and “lie down”.
  • After being entered in an all-animal agility contest, they won prizes 

She had only ever eaten turkeys for Christmas dinner.

After hatching two eggs in her dining area, Debi Monk vows to stop this from happening in the future.

The podiatrist of 57 believes Flower is the UK’s smartest turkey, and that they are because Flower reads to them bedtime stories.

She says the birds can distinguish different colours, recognize commands and make music.

The 57-year-old podiatrist believes Flower and Gobbledygook are the UK¿s cleverest turkeys

A podiatrist of 57 years believes that Flower and Gobbledygook make the UK’s smartest turkeys

She claims the birds can tell different colours apart, respond to commands like a dog and create music

According to her, the birds are able to distinguish colours and respond to commands just like dogs. They can also create music.

She explained that Gobbledygook is able to use the keyboard on their own, as well as kick and lie down.

They can also recognise colours – if I say ‘peck red’ they peck red.’ Bromsgrove resident Mrs Monk was happy to see Flower and Gobbledygook hatch in July.

Later, she entered her birds in an agility contest for all animals. They were given second and third place rosettes.

Mother-of-three Mrs Monk added: ¿I definitely will not be having turkey at Christmas ever again

MOTHER-OF-Three Mrs Monk said: “I will never again be eating turkey at Christmas.”

She explained that they are smart, sensitive, and like to get their arches tickled. If you give the animal enough time, you can make any animal learn.

Mother-of-three Mrs Monk said: “I will never again have turkey for Christmas.” This year, it will be a nut-roasted Christmas for us!