Squirrel nutjob! Mother and daughter are terrified when a trapped rodent bounces off their bedroom walls in the direction of them

  • Carlie Jones (21 years old) screamed when a squirrel ran across her bedroom in South Wales
  • The video shows her mother trying to tease her child from her bed frame by showing the hidden animal in action 
  • The rodent leaps to the ceiling, bounces around the room and then disappears.  

Two screaming women ran after a squirrel jumped from behind a mattress. 

Carlie Jones (21 years old) filmed her mother, Carlie Jones. She used an attic pole to lift the headboard of the bed. The animal then leapt all the way up to the ceiling before bouncing around in her room. 

You can hear Ms Jones screaming, then laughing, as she tried desperately to flee from the squirrel that had made its way through an opening window.

The trapped squirrel causes bedlam as it bounces across Carlie Jones' bedroom in begins bouncing up and down in in an attempt to escape

As the trapped squirrel bounces around Carlie Jones’ bedroom, it causes bedlam and begins to bounce up and down as an escape attempt.

She was 21 years old and watching television in her south Wales bedroom when the unwelcome guest climbed in through her window.

She jumped from the cover screaming and began to run around the room, hiding behind the bed.

Helen Jones (51), was also unable to retrieve the key after Ms Jones spent 10 minutes trying. Helen Jones took the keys and threw them out. 

The squirrel jumps up from behind the bed

It leaps up to the ceiling

The squirrel bounces around after jumping out from behind the headboard in 21-year-old Carlie Jones’ bedroom in south Wales 

Carlie Jones (pictured) was watching TV in her room when the unwanted trespasser jumped in through her open window

Carlie Jones (pictured), was in her bedroom watching television when the unwelcome guest entered her home through an open window.

Carlie explained that she was looking at TV in her bedroom when the television suddenly jumped out of the window, landing on her bed.

“I was so scared when it came in, as the squirrel barely missed me. It started jumping all over. “I ran, screaming for help from my mom.

“I was forced to remove the mattress from my bed because a squirrel had been under it once and then all of my bedding was removed.

Mum was trying to remove the metal pole from under my headboard so that it could be removed from my bedroom. The thing had been there about 10 minutes when I began filming.

“The squirrel finally jumped out of the original window and ran through my yard and over the fence.

It took 10 more minutes to remove it from the home.

It was terrifying at the time. But, I am able to smile about it now.

The rodent bounces off the young woman's bed

It leaps towards the desk

While Ms Jones is screaming for her mother, the animal leaps and hops its way through her room. 

Ms Jones shared a TikTok video from the momentous encounter, which took place on August 24, this year.

Since its upload, it has been viewed over 7.1 million time. Many commenters said that they couldn’t sleep in the same place for a good one month.

One commenter stated that he would be uncomfortable sleeping in the room for over a month after having seen it.

The mother and daughter try to use an attic door pole to tease out the hiding rodent before it jumps out

Mother and daughter attempt to get rid of the rodent by using an attic pole.

Another said, “Omg it didn’t expect that.” It screamed at me as though it were going to leap out of my phone. 

One added: “I would die right there,” 

Many others left comments to express concern about the animal’s well-being, one commenting that “he’s jumping all over because he’s probably more afraid than you are.” I would have opened my window, closed the bedroom door and run.

A second comment was added: “That little one must have felt so afraid.”