An innocent mother-of-4 was caught flushing her pet monkey down a toilet, and offered cocaine. She has been released from jail. 

Vicki Holland (38), kept a marmoset as a pet in her Newport, Gwent semi-detached house. It was native to the tropical rainforests of Central and South America. 

The court was told that the primate was terrified of Holland, and was hostile towards her pet.

She provided an inadequate environment and an inappropriate diet for the animal’s needs. 

Holland was today banned from keeping any animal for the rest of their lives after pleading guilty at Newport Magistrates’ Court to three Animal Welfare Act 2006 offenses. 

The mother of four was captured on video offering cocaine to her monkey pet (above), and then trying flush the drug down the toilet.

Vicki Holland, 38, kept a pet Marmoset, native to tropical forests in Central and South America, in her semi-detached home in Newport, Gwent

Vicki Holland, 38 had a Marmoset pet, native to South and Central America. She kept it in her Newport home.

A court heard the primate was 'terrified' of Holland and that she was aggressive towards the pet. Pictured: Vicki Holland

The court was told that the primate was terrified of Holland, and was hostile towards her pet. Pictured: Vicki Holland

The monkey’s treatment was shown to the RSPCA after videos were found on Holland’s phone by Gwent Police following a drugs bust at her home.

One clip showed Holland laughing as she tried to flush the animal down the toilet as it clung to the rim.

It is possible to hear her swearing and telling the monkey that it should get out of the bathroom. 

Holland called her dog an “idiot” after she threw some toilet paper at it, and then flushed the water.

Another showed her offering cocaine and saying ‘Want some cocaine? While the monkey was hiding in a corner, she offered cocaine and said, ‘Lick my fingers.

Holland stated to the RSPCA that Holland had previously sold the marmoset, but later the marmoset turned up at a different address.

Court heard that the animal was terrified by its abuser while in a toilet bowl.

The RSPCA took it into their care, and then the primate was transferred to Monkey World in Dorset where they will continue caring for the animal.

Holland was banned from keeping all animals for life and given a 12-week jail term, suspended for 12 months.

She must also pay £420 in costs and a £128 victim surcharge.

The court heard the animal was 'terrified as a result of her aggression and abuse whilst it was within a toilet bowl'

According to the court, the animal had been ‘terrified by her aggression and abuse while it was in a bowl of toilet water’.

She provided an inadequate environment and an inappropriate diet for the animal’s needs

She provided an inadequate environment and an inappropriate diet for the animal’s needs

Holland was (above) banned from having any animal for his entire life. He pleaded guilty today to three offences under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Sophie Daniels (RSPCA inspector, exotics officer) said that she became immediately concerned for the welfare of the marmosets after viewing these disturbing videos.

‘Videos from the defendant’s phone showed Holland offering the marmoset cocaine, while another showed the clearly terrified marmoset down a toilet bowl.

Holland was screaming, swearing and laughing at the camera. One point in the footage, Holland flushes the toilet. The petrified animal is seen struggling to keep his head above the bowl.

“An independent veterinarian soon discovered that the marmoset had suffered unnecessarily from the treatment she received.

‘We’d like to thank Gwent Police for their assistance in this case, along with Monkey World who have provided a forever home for the marmoset. 

“Thank God, this monkey has received the proper care after being subject to such horrific mistreatment.”

According to the RSPCA, marmosets make up about 80% of primates that are kept as pets.

The RSPCA, however, is against any primate being kept as a pet. It is too difficult to provide for their complex needs within a home environment.

The RSPCA is 'totally opposed' to the keeping of any primate as a pet because it is so hard to meet their complex needs in a domestic environment (stock image)

Because it’s so difficult to provide for their complex needs, the RSPCA opposes primate keeping as a pet. Stock image 

Ros Clubb, RSPCA’s senior scientist manager, said: “Sadly, our inspectors see monkeys in cages and fed junk food, sugary drinks and fast food, deprived of their friends, and suffering from diseases as a consequence of poor care.

“We are afraid that many animals are being left behind because they don’t know how to properly care for them.” 

The RSPCA is one of the animal rights organizations that has campaigned for primate ownership to be made illegal in the UK.

Martin Fidler Jones, RSPCA Cymru campaigns manager, said: ‘Primates are highly intelligent animals with complex needs that can’t be met in a home environment. 

They are unsuitable for pets, no matter how good-intentioned their owners may be.

“We are concerned about the growing number of pets being owned by primates such as marmosets in Wales.

“We think it’s time for the Welsh Government and Welsh Government to get on board and ban the trade and keeping of primates in Wales.

Holland and her partner Russell Cox (left), 43, both admitted possession with intent to supply a class-A drug at Newport Crown Court

Russell Cox, Holland’s partner (left), and Holland both admitted to possessing with intent the supply of a class A drug at Newport Crown Court.

Holland previously appeared in court in May this year where she was ordered to pay more than £4,000 over a hidden cocaine haul found in Kinder eggs after police raided her house.  

Russell Cox, her 43-year-old partner, and Holland both admitted possessing with intent to sell a class B drug at Newport Crown Court. 

Cox from Cwmbran in south Wales was imprisoned for thirty months. Holland was placed behind bars for twenty months. Holland was released on November 31st.

A Proceeds of Crime hearing was told the couple made almost £40,000 from their cocaine business.

Cox made £31,904.46 from drug dealing but was left with just £180 which can be seized in available assets.

The judge ordered her to repay the money in three months, or she would face three months.