Mother is ordered to pay her daughter £500 and is hit with a restraining order for breaking the teen’s nose after they argued over the 39-year-old inviting friends over to watch Anthony Joshua match in lockdown

  • Theresa Carroll pulled Chantelle’s hair back and punched her in the face.  
  • After Chantelle opposed her mother’s invitation to friends at the house, a fight ensued. 
  • Mother Theresa was ordered to pay £500 in damages and 120 hours unpaid work

A mother who broke her teenage daughter’s nose during a family fallout over an Anthony Joshua boxing match has been ordered to pay £500 in damages.   

After Chantelle Carroll (19 years old) objected that her mother invited friends to see the fight, Theresa Carroll (39), grabbed her by the hair, and punched her in her face.

Carroll, a shop worker, called police to report that her daughter had been aggressive, but the teenager took her phone.

Chantelle suffered a severe nose injury when Chantelle was forced to fall on the floor. After yelling at her mother, she began filming and then added: “Smile for camera”

Theresa Carroll (pictured outside Stockport Magistrates' Court) , 39, grabbed university student Chantelle Carroll, 19, by the hair and punched her in the face after her daughter objected to her inviting friends round to watch the fight last year around Christmas

After Chantelle Carroll (19) objected that her mother invited friends to the fight, Theresa Carroll (pictured at Stockport Magistrates Court) grabbed Carroll by her hair and punched Carroll in the face.

During the row, which occurred whilst the family had to abide by Covid Tier 2 restrictions in the village of Bollington, Cheshire, shop worker Carroll rang police to claim her daughter (pictured) was being aggressive only for the teenager to grab the handset from her

Carroll, a shop worker, called police after the argument, during which the family was required to adhere to Covid Tier 2 restrictions within Bollington. Cheshire.

The teenager, who is currently studying sports science at Nottingham Trent University, was later treated for her broken noses at A&E in Macclesfield General Hospital. 

The attack was almost exactly a full year ago. She has not talked to her mother in over a year.

Stockport Magistrates’ Court: Mother of three Carroll admits common assault. After that, she tried to come to terms with her daughter.    

She was however issued a restraining injunction prohibiting her from speaking with her daughter for at least one year.

Peter Casson (defense lawyer) stated to JPs that his client would like for the relationship with their daughter to be resumed.

“She would love to host Christmas at her house. From last Christmas to her birthday, and now for Christmas she still has gifts. Unfortunately, this will not happen. That young girl’s mother is not gone. Her daughter is still her priority.

Pictured: Mother Theresa Carroll

In the ensuing struggle Chantelle was pulled to the floor and left nursing a bloodied nose

Chantelle (right), was pulled down to the ground and left with a bleeding nose. Mother Theresa Carroll 

Chantelle (pictured) began to film her mother shouting: 'Get out of my house' before retorting: 'Smile for the camera' and adding: 'I don't want to see you again!'

Chantelle (pictured), began filming her mother screaming: “Get out of mine house!” before responding: “Smile for camera” and adding: “I don’t want to be seen again!”

It happened on December 12, last year, after Carroll invited friends over to witness Joshua’s victory against Kubrat Pulev of Bulgaria. This was to defend his WBA, IBF and WBO belts.

Chantelle was working in a hotel all day and became angry because she didn’t want the house for herself.

Mr Casson said that she had taken her daughter to work, and it quickly became a problem. 

“The daughter became quite aggressive and said that she was tired of working long hours so wanted to have the whole house for herself. It was an admonition for the events that followed.

“This suspect called the police, while her daughter tried to persuade her. The mother wanted her daughter to leave the home, but she refused and the red mist fell on her.

The incident occurred on December 12 last year after Carroll (pictured) had invited friends round to watch heavyweight champion Joshua defeat Bulgarian Kubrat Pulev

Chantelle (pictured) had been working all day at a hotel and was said to be angry as she wanted the 'house to herself

After Carroll had invited her friends to see Joshua beat Kubrat Pulev, heavyweight champion in the ring, the incident took place on 12/12 last year. Chantelle, right) was working in a hotel all day and became angry at her boss for not giving her the house to herself.

She regrets the decision and feels ashamed that she is in such a position.

She said that she did not intend to get into a fight with her on this particular day. She was reckless and lost her plot. It seemed like her daughter was taking control of her home.

“She didn’t want to make her daughter go through a trial, so she pleaded guilty. However her daughter doesn’t want any contact with her.” She is ready to move on and put the past behind her. She said that her daughter was welcome to return whenever she wishes. This was a single incident. 

Carroll also received a 120 hour unpaid work order and 20 rehab activity requirements days. She will also have to pay £180 in costs and surcharges.

JP Dominic Stone said to her, ‘You were prodded and we don’t believe that this was deliberate. Also, you’ve lost your character and shown repentance. But this wasn’t your best hour. You broke your daughter’s nose, regardless of previous events.