Dorothy looks fondly at Carolyn’s photograph. The image radiates innocence, joy and hope — and she treasures it as a reminder of happier times.

Photograph taken in New York circa 25 years ago. It was Carolyn at eighteen, wearing traditional white dresses and veil.

Dorothy recalls, “She was so excited.” “Carolyn attended a Catholic school, and she went to church every Sunday. A big Communion Party was held, which was a huge celebration.

“She was very pretty,” proudly adds her mother. She had participated in numerous beauty pageants. My daughter was stunning. Her beauty was amazing. She was a beauty.

Carolyn, pictured at her confirmation aged 8, one of the Maxwell victims who gave evidence at the trial in New York

Carolyn (pictured as a child at her confirmation, age 8), was one of Maxwell’s victims and gave evidence in the New York trial.

Dorothy, The mother of Carolyn, one of the Maxwell victims who gave evidence against her, who has spoken exclusively about how the lives of her entire family were destroyed by the abuse she suffered at the hands of Epstein and Maxwell

Dorothy, Carolyn’s mom, is one of Maxwell victims that gave evidence. She spoke exclusively about how Maxwell and Epstein abused her whole family.

Dorothy, mother of 'Carolyn' (pictured in court) spoke of her daughter's abuse at the hands of Jeffrey Epstein

Dorothy (pictured at court), was the mother of “Carolyn” and spoke out about Jeffrey Epstein’s abuse of her daughter.

Carolyn became a human sex toy, her trust and body violated in the most appalling ways imaginable by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell (pictured together)

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxill (pictured together), made Carolyn into a human sex toy. She had her body and trust violated in horrific ways.

But within six years of that photograph being taken, Carolyn — who is going by only her first name instead of a pseudonym — had become a human sex toy, her trust and body violated in the most appalling ways imaginable by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, as they drew her in to their sick ‘pyramid scheme of abuse’.

Dorothy was a single, hardworking mother with three children. She had just moved from New York to Florida and thought that her daughter, 14, was making extra money cleaning the house of a Palm Beach mansion.

In reality, Carolyn was being paid $300 (£220) a time to give Epstein ‘sexualised’ massages, while similar sums were offered to her to find other underage girls for the same purpose. 

Court Evidence pics of Ghislaine Maxwell with Jeffrey Epstein including her giving his a foot massage against the breasts on a private plane

Court Evidence photos of Ghislaine and Jeffrey Epstein. She gave Jeffrey a foot massage on his private plane.

Dorothy, today, is asking the same questions she has been asking since childhood, after the Maxwell trial. She couldn’t have known her teenage daughter was being subjected over four years to such cruelty.

“It makes my heart hurt. It causes me to wonder: “What am I doing wrong?” She says, “Could I not have protected her better?” “Couldn’t I have protected her better?”

If a parent feels that they are losing their child, it is a natural response. Dorothy and Carolyn were close and the family was tight-knit — until Carolyn fell victim to Epstein and Maxwell. 

Maxwell was a long-time consort of Jeffrey Epstein (pictured together in 2005) and an alleged procurer of victims in his underage sex trafficking ring

Jeffrey Epstein was Maxwell’s longtime girlfriend. They were pictured together in 2005. Maxwell is also alleged to have been a procurer for victims of his underage sex trading ring.

Carolyn is 34 and still addicted to heroin, despite her experience more than 20 years ago. The horror of her time in Epstein’s ‘House of Sin’ — which she had tried to bury — has been re-awakened by the trial in which she testified against the British ex-socialite.

Maxwell was charged with four counts of murder by Carolyn, which placed enormous pressure upon her to be a key prosecution witness. Her mother said that it is almost unbearable for her to take on this responsibility.

Dorothy claims that her daughter is ashamed of the things she did when she was a teenager and has felt too traumatized to care for her children, aged seven, eight and four years. Carolyn’s mother of 60, moved into Carolyn’s Florida house in June. Carolyn will be moving on indefinitely.

It is at Carolyn’s large detached home on a leafy estate — and as two granddaughters played in a pool in the garden — that I speak to Dorothy for several hours about the impact of the Epstein/Maxwell case. As a “spiral for destruction”, she describes the emotional turmoil and pain that children can experience after years of being sexually exploited.

This is the devastating tale of how a beautiful, happy-go lucky girl, from a working class family, became the victim of wealthy, sexy-obsessed couples. It also reveals how the U.S. justice failed to protect her and the other victims amid allegations of a cover up.

Dorothy is a no-nonsense New Yorker who says it as she sees it. She'd been due to give evidence for the prosecution at Maxwell's trial (pictured) but, having travelled to New York, was told at the last minute she wasn't needed.

Dorothy is an unapologetic New Yorker, who sees things as they are. Maxwell had originally scheduled her to testify at Maxwell’s case (pictured), but she was informed at the very last moment that she wasn’t required.

Dorothy, a New Yorker with no qualms and who sees things as they are, is unapologetic. Maxwell had originally scheduled her to testify at Maxwell’s trial, but she was informed at the very last moment that she wasn’t required to. 

After the rude rejection, she is furious about the lost journey and showed me a string of exaggerated texts she had sent to prosecutors. They warned her against speaking out, but she said that she had ‘a mouth’ and would listen to my story loudly.

Our meeting took place days after Carolyn had testified against Maxwell in New York. The 14-year-old told jurors Maxwell had kissed her breasts at her age and claimed she’d given him ‘a wonderful body’ for Epstein’.

Maxwell frequently summoned her for sex with Epstein, she said, and claimed that she had been recruited for the abuse by her then friend Virginia Roberts (now Virginia Roberts Giuffre) — the woman who has accused Prince Andrew of rape, which he strenuously denies.

Carolyn claimed that she visited Epstein’s multimillionaire mansion numerous times between the ages 14-18 before becoming ‘too old for his taste’. Maxwell often paid her for massages, according to Carolyn.

Her haunting testimony to the jury described how she, along with her siblings and mother, moved to Florida after leaving school. 

The Duke of York was photographed with his arm around the bare waist of then 17-year-old Virginia Roberts. In the background, Ghislaine Maxwell. Ms Roberts claims she was forced to have sex with the royal

Photographed with his arm wrapped around Virginia Roberts, then 17, the Duke of York poses naked. In the background, Ghislaine Maxwell. Ms Roberts says she was forced to sex in the background with the royal

Her mother [Dorothy] had drink and drug problems of her own, she claimed — although Dorothy disputes this. Carolyn claimed that her grandfather had abuse her since she was four years old. 

Dorothy is a registered nursing assistant and shows me photos of Dorothy as a teenager around the time that she was taken up by Epstein & Maxwell.

She says that her 14-year-old daughter began changing her appearance and behavior and started to separate herself from her mother.

Dorothy began to get calls from women asking for her location because they had an appointment at Epstein’s.

She gives me Maxwell’s number. It is logged under “Guisella” and Epstein’s in under “Jef.” [sic]Epstein’s phone number is In her contacts, she also includes Virginia Roberts’s number. 

Dorothy recalls Guisella calling her and was angry that Dorothy didn’t attend the appointment. “Guisella was extremely nasty.

Dorothy was surprised to see Carolyn start dressing more provocatively. 

The laundry contained inappropriate “panties” for her age. Her daughter challenged her to discuss them and was told: “Oh, Mom. You don’t have to worry. You can trust them. [belong to]My friends.

Dorothy didn’t know that her underage daughter was receiving erotic lingerie via Epstein’s New York office. 

“She would then come home with $100 bills, her attitude began to change and she was able to afford drugs. Carolyn suddenly stopped talking. [She was]She cut herself very badly and I could not figure why.

“I noticed that she was wearing more makeup. Then her clothes changed. Then I was like, “Carolyn! What’s the deal?” For a girl my age, that’s pretty daring. That kinda bothered me.

Carolyn began to return home at night as she fell under Maxwell’s and Epstein’s control. Dorothy says, “Sometimes she never came home at all.” She was always attracted to perfume. [but]”I could smell the alcohol in her.” 

Witness 'Carolyn' answers question from defense attorney Jeffrey Pagliuca during the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, the Jeffrey Epstein associate found guilty in her sex abuse case

Jeffrey Pagliuca asks witness ‘Carolyn,’ a defense lawyer during Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial. The Jeffrey Epstein associate convicted in the case of her sex abuse.

Epstein called Dorothy one time to inquire about her daughter. With incredulity, she recalls that Maxwell called Dorothy to ask after her daughter.

In a long cross-examination Maxwell’s lawyers repeatedly accused Carolyn of inconsistent testimony between her 2007 statement to the FBI during the FBI’s first investigation into Epstein and today.

They asked her why Maxwell was not included in Epstein’s earlier civil suits against her. This suggested that there may have been a financial incentive for her to testify at her trial. (In 2020, Carolyn had submitted a claim to a compensation programme funded by Epstein’s estate and received an award of $2.8 million or £2.1 million.)

Carolyn was able to tell the truth after Epstein’s FBI first investigation ended in 2008. She spent 13 months in prison for soliciting sexual sex from 14-year-old girls.

Dorothy explained: “Mom, you wouldn’t be proud to see me do things. I’m not going to tell anyone about that.” That’s not pleasant. I would be hated by you. 

Then I was like “Carolyn! But what could possibly go wrong?” You thought you were doing house cleaning? He said, “I thought that you were doing house cleaning?”. . . It was my duty to provide massages. I was told that this was all she said and that she must bring her girls. She was probably too embarrassed to share the truth with me.

She shows me ‘happy’ pictures of Carolyn and her young family — her three younger children are from her marriage of 11 years — before the FBI came to see her in June last year, urging her to be a witness against Maxwell.

These were the nightmare memories that returned. She said that she couldn’t do it. I can’t do it’,’ says Dorothy. “She did a great job with her family, and with her husband. Then it all came together. 

They [the FBI]They pushed her to attend this trial. Carolyn’s testimony was the most disturbing of all the victim testimony. One question was asked and she answered: “The only thing that Ms Maxwell did was touch and fondle my breasts and buttocks. And for that my soul and heart are broken.”

Dorothy, a former Sunday school teacher says that her daughter has nightmares. She takes medication. There are fears her children will be taken and moles-ted. . . It’s a terrible feeling and she can only cry.

Carolyn sent her mother a YouTube link containing a song entitled I Don’t feel Any More, just a few days after she gave evidence. 

Dorothy sings it and weeps when she hears the lyrics.

As Dorothy looks at her mental state, tears fill Dorothy’s eyes. 

She said, “Nobody can know how deep it goes.” “I do not know if she will be here tomorrow.”