Six-year-old daughter of the mother who suffered severe injuries after being crushed by heavy firewood, now says that her child’may never be able to have children.’ The family is preparing to file legal action.

Alexa-Leigh Blakemore was just a few steps away from death as she played in her front room in Colesborne Road in Norris Green on September 10th.

The parents of the child, who claim they first reported loose plaster near the fireplace to the landlord several weeks ago, have since initiated civil proceedings.  

Alexa-Leigh Blakemore, pictured, was crushed by a heavy fireplace in her home in Norris Green, Liverpool

Alexa-Leigh Blakemore, pictured, was crushed by a heavy fireplace in her home in Norris Green, Liverpool

The fireplace fell from the sky and hit the girl. It fractured her skull and caused a brain bleed.

The family rushed the child to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital where they placed her in intensive care. Mother Elle Williams, and her father Keiran, weren’t sure if she would make it.

Although the girl spent several days in an induced sleep coma, medical personnel slowly brought her out of it. She was left with serious brain injuries that could have a major impact on her life. 

The injury has also caused the girl to have her eyes irritated by bright lights. Her pupils aren’t able to dilate as a result.

Also, the fire in the fireplace may have caused damage to her brain’s structures that regulate hormone levels. This could lead her not having children in the future.

Although Ms Williams stated that she hopes justice is done, she expressed disappointment at the slow pace of Merseyside Police’s investigation.

She told the Liverpool Echo: ‘It has been three months now and it seems [a prosecution]But it isn’t any closer.

“But, although our civil case has been filed, our solicitor believes we can reach a significant settlement. However, no amount of money will give Alexa Leigh a normal existence.

She is improving and she speaks more clearly. However, her speech skills are still a struggle as she cannot put her lips together to form words such as’mum’. We hope that this will improve over time.

Alexa-Leigh Blakemore, six, with her mother Elle Williams, father Keiran Blakemore and little sister Luna-Rae

Alexa-Leigh Blakemore (6 years old) with her mom Elle Williams, dad Keiran Blakemore, and younger sister Luna-Rae

“She is eating very little, but being fed by a peg.

“Her doctor visited us, and she’s still not able tell us that it’s possible for her to be able walk again.

“But we are aware that she has very complicated health requirements and will need very particular medical care.

“She was robbed from her normal existence.”

The Liverpool Echo was informed by Merseyside Police that the investigation is ongoing. 

The six-year-old narrowly escaped death after the heavy fireplace came loose and landed on top of her, fracturing her skull and causing a bleed on the brain

Six-year-old was lucky to escape death when the heavy fireplace fell from the sky and hit her face. This fractured her skull and caused a brain bleed.

In a report about substandard housing, the pair appeared recently on ITV News.

Ms Williams said to television reporters, “It was a freak incident but it could have been prevented.”

We believe that she was dancing, and she fell on the fireplace. It was something that we had never expected to happen.

Blakemore said: “I am angry at the landlord because she knew that it was not safe. I sent the quote to her to make it happen and it hasn’t happened.”

“My daughter is still in critical condition.”

“She was happy and normal, but now she’ll never dance.”

In September 2017, Mr Blakemore spoke to Liverpool Echo about the incident.

The couple say they reported loose plaster around the fireplace to their landlord weeks before the incident

They claim that they first reported missing plaster to their landlord about weeks ago.

He stated, “I was on the couch with our baby five weeks old and my mum was in the bathtub.”

Alexa-Leigh ran around playing and running like a happy little girl.

‘I was concentrating on feeding my baby but I could see her out of the corner of my eye.

“All of a sudden, there was an explosion and the thing fell on her. There was much blood.

“This fireplace looks like concrete and marble and I had to drag it across the ground to get it to my feet. But when it did happen, it felt so fast that I lifted it as if it were a piece paper.

“Within 10 seconds, I was shouting for help in the street and an ambulance appeared within two-and-a-half minutes.