According to the mother of an Alabama-born actress whose body had been dumped in a Los Angeles hospital, Saturday night’s incident led her to believe that her child was being drugged.

Christy Giles’s lifeless body was allegedly left by men in balaclavas driving a Prius with no plates at Southern California Hospital in Culver City at 5 p.m. on November 14.

Surveillance footage captured Hilda Marcela Cabrales Arzola being dumped by her 26-year-old body at Kaiser Permanente West LA hospital two hours later. 

ABC 7 reports that she is ‘on life support’ with very little brain activity, and has no chance for recovery. 

These photos and videos were taken at midnight the night before and show Giles, 24 years old, dancing and laughing with her friends at an East LA warehouse party. exclusively captured video of her at an earlier warehouse party. 

Dusty Giles (a 49-year old nurse living in Dora, Alabama near Birmingham) said that she believed her daughter had been drugged.

According to The Sun, “My daughter is a soldier police officer’s daughter. Her father Leslie was in Iraq,” she said.

“My daughters were taught how to use a ballpoint pen to kill someone.

“My daughter would’ve fought like hell. According to me, the doctor and nurse in the emergency room did not notice any bruises, scratches or indications of an altercation.

“If these men had kept Hilda and my daughter for more than 10 hours, it would have been by giving them drugs. Maybe tying their hands. reached Dusty to get more information. 

Photos and video obtained by shows Christy Giles (left) partying with friend Hilda Marcela Cabrales-Arzola (right) just hours before she was found dead and Arzola was dumped at a hospital in critical condition photos and video show Christy Giles and Hilda Marcela Cabrales–Arzola partying just hours before her death. Arzola was then dumped at an emergency hospital. 

Giles and Cabrales-Arzola were at SoHo on Saturday, November 13, when they left for a warehouse party. Giles husband said he traced her phone to an apartment complex before the women were dropped off at their respective hospitals

Giles and Cabrales-Arzola were at SoHo on Saturday, November 13, when they left for a warehouse party. Giles’ husband claimed that he found her phone in an apartment before they dropped the women off at their hospitals.

Christy Giles

Giles's husband Jan Cilliers told the two women left the party with the men they met to head to an after party but apparently never made it

Giles was seen laughing and dancing late at night in photos and video taken the night before. 

Giles and Arzola are seen dancing and laughing at a warehouse party in East LA with friends

Hilda Marcela Cabrales-Arzola

Giles, Arzola and others are seen in the warehouse after Giles was killed. 

Jan Cilliers was Giles’ husband photographer. He stated that no woman would take those drugs out of habit and is currently piecing the movements of the women to help him find the men responsible.

“My wife went with her and two of her girlfriends to East LA for a party. He said that they were dancing and hanging out, had a great time. “They planned to have an afterparty in Hollywood Hills.

One of the guys attracted a lot to ‘Marcela. They left the group together for this Hollywood Hills party. However, they did not end up attending the Hollywood Hills party. They ended up staying at the houses of these men. The East LA party ended at 4:45 AM. 

Dusty Giles claimed that Cilliers had accessed Cilliers’ phone. The last text message Cilliers sent on Saturday was at 5.38am.

Cabrales Arzola was told by her: “Let’s get outside of here,” Dusty replied with wide-eyed emoji.

Cabrales Arzola was a Mexican-American woman who just moved to Los Angeles. She replied, “Yes”, and claimed that she had requested an Uber.  

Dusty Giles stated to The Sun, “That’s all we know about Christy’s ability to move and make decisions of her own accord.”

The girls didn’t speak out in front these men, but they were messaging each other.

I think they did drug them for their own purposes and probably raped them.

“Maybe they needed to feed them more throughout the day to keep them under control.

“These men took over 10 hours to wash them and then dropped them off.

“If the overdose was accidental, please call 911.

“Why would you not wait until she’s dead before throwing her onto a sidewalk?” Take your license plates off, hide your face.

“It doesn’t track. It’s not logical.” 

Cilliers told he also fears his wife was sexually abused by an underground pornographer who he suspects could have injected her with heroin and filmed her.  

He identified those men with whom Giles and Cabrales Arzola were last seen before their bodies were horribly discarded by police.

Cillers told These people… it’s the worst of the worst like one of the guys is in the underground porn scene and associates with people known to attend snuff parties.

Christy Giles, left, pictured with her photographer husband Jan Cilliers

The model and photographer had been married for two years according to social media

Christy Giles, left, pictured with her photographer husband Jan Cilliers who she married two years ago

Jan Cilliers fears his wife Christy Giles, above, was sexually abused before her death

She was pronounced dead at Southern California Hospital in Culver City after her body was discovered

Jan Cilliers believes Christy Giles (above) was sexually assaulted before she died.

“He was seen at the warehouse party with large camera equipment.”

Cillers claimed that the men in question are “not the kind of people you would expect to find.” [Giles and Cabrales-Arzola]Would never normally be friends with. We are not certain how the girls convinced each other to drive the car.

Giles and Cabrales–Arzola were out with another friend for a “very ordinary” night. They wish to keep their identities a secret. At 4 AM, the third friend drove the women from SoHo House to downtown warehouse parties. A friend said that the girls left him completely coherent and in good spirits.

Dusty Giles shared with The Sun her openness about how her daughter took recreational drug occasionally, but never used heroin. 

“Was your daughter an angel?” She said that her daughter had tried to get high on party drugs.

“She stated, “I’m not going lie mom. I’ll have a line of cocaine once in awhile, or I’ll take ketamine, or I’ll drink molly every now and again with my friends. I’ve also tried mushrooms.”

“My daughter was very open about her lifestyle and never apologized.” 

Giles and Cabrales Arzola were there for another 45 minutes. Surveillance footage shows that the women left the party with several men whom Cillers called the “dirtiest and sleaziest”.

Cillers claimed that one of them is involved in underground porn and has been associated with people who attend snuff parties. The man was carrying heavy camera gear around the party that night. 

Cillers, who accessed Giles’ text messages via iCloud said: ‘I have all of her messages. She was texting Marcela at 5:30, and saying, “Let’s go out of this place with the big eye emoji.”

Cabrales Arzola said: “Yes, Uber called me.” Ten minutes.’ He says that both the men and women have stopped answering text messages within 10 minutes.

Cillers stated that “Something happened when the tried to leave their house,”

Cillers, who was visiting his father in San Francisco when he woke up, texted his wife “Good Morning” to wish him a good day. When she didn’t reply, he became worried and realized that they were at the same place all day.

He discovered that Giles had been moved to a hospital around 5:15 p.m. Saturday. He called Giles’ hospital immediately and then called his parents from Alabama.

Giles’ parents called the hospital informing them that Giles was dead. Cillers had  tracked Giles’ phone at 1:30 a.m. and shared her location as an apartment building at 8641 West Olympic Boulevard. 

He asked his followers on social media to post a picture of the address and ask: “Do you know anyone who lives there?” 

The man was named as a ‘dangerous,’ and messages started flooding in to alert him. The man’s ex girlfriend wrote that he was dangerous and she had been approached by many other women who were also subject to abuse.

Seven units are housed in this apartment block, and detectives have been seen at it since then. 

Sandy Evangelista Robinson is Giles and Cillers’ friend. They have reportedly received messages from women who are having similar problems with men.

Robinson stated to KTLA: ‘I don’t know if there’s ever closure unless it’s justice against these people. 

Cilliers, who was in San Francisco at the time, says he awoke the next morning to check his wife's location on his phone and saw she was somewhere he didn't recognize

Cilliers was visiting San Francisco the day before. He says that he checked his wife’s location using his smartphone the following morning and found she was located somewhere he did not recognize.

Arzola was found with heroin in her system, however Cilliers, said neither woman would have taken those drugs voluntarily and he suspects foul play

Arzola had heroin in her system. However, Cilliers said that neither Arzola nor his wife would have taken these drugs by choice and suspects foul play

LAPD spokesperson said that there is currently an investigation underway and the death was undetermined.

Cilliers claimed he was in San Francisco visiting his dad that weekend. However, he realized there was something wrong after his wife suddenly stopped responding to his text messages.

“My wife and me share our places for safety. When I woke up at 7AM, I saw my wife’s text message. It was sent at 1:35am. I immediately searched her address and replied. It was a place I did not recognize.

“I kept texting her through the day and became increasingly anxious about her, as well as the fact that she didn’t reply to me.

“Then, by 5:05 p.m. “I saw that her location was moved to the Culver city emergency room.

Christy Giles

The 26-year-old interior designer who had just moved to Los Angeles from Mexico currently remains on life support with no brain activity with little possibility of recovery

Giles (24 years old) was discovered dead by three men on Saturday. They had dropped her body off outside an LA hospital. Arzola, who was taken to a different hospital, is currently in a coma.

“I called immediately the hospital. The staff refused to give me any information. They were very difficult to talk with. After I explained to her her situation, my parents phoned the hospital. They informed me that Christy had already died.

‘It’s devastating. This is unbelievable. It’s hard to believe that this happened to me, the one I love most.

Cilliers has set up a GoFundMe to help fund an investigation, and has hired a private detective.

According to the GoFundMe, the women had been ‘drugged’ by three men wearing all-black, masks and bandanas. They dropped Christy off at a hospital’s sidewalk. 

Giles' husband Jan Cillers (right), was in San Francisco visiting his father when her lifeless body was discarded

Jan Cillers was Giles’ husband, and he was there to see his father in San Francisco when the body of Giles was taken away.

The page stated that Christy had been declared dead on the spot and was now already living. Two hours later, the same vehicle and two masked men drove her to another hospital.

“Hilda” is currently on life support, with very little brain activity and no chance of recovery.

“This is not a unique story. Since Saturday we’ve all received a number of messages from other females who have eerily similar stories, except the only difference between them & Christy and Hilda, is they survived.

“We are thankful for all donations which will allow us to build a solid case in our favor to seek justice for the innocent, beautiful young women that have lost their lives. We also want to help any other women who have suffered in the same way.

“We’re raising funds for private investigators and funeral and memorial expenses. The funds will be used to investigate the cases of Christy and Hilda.

With a $100,000 goal, the page has already raised more than $87,000.

Social media has been flooded with tributes for Christy since the announcement of Christy’s passing.

Cillers explained to ABC that people shared amazing videos of her with them, which just brought back her energy. She also said, “I know I won’t ever see her again or even kiss her.”