Mother-of-one, 19, left traumatised after she was ‘almost beaten to death’ by a man who attacked her with a Nokia mobile phone after ‘following her home and letting himself into her HOUSE’ following alleged drinks spiking incident

  • Blaze Jessop (19) was attacked brutally by an unknown in Hull following a night of drinking.
  • Miss Jessop had a fractured eye socket and shattered nose. She also suffered from two darkened eyes.
  • The stranger may have followed her and her sister last Friday night, she fears 
  • Later, the pair saw CCTV footage and claimed that it showed their attacker spike their drinks. 

Young woman was struck repeatedly in the forehead with a cellphone by an unknown person on the streets. This left her with broken eyes and cracked nose.

Blaze Jessop is 19 years old and believes her attacker followed her. 

On Friday, November 26, the mother-of-1 was partying in Hull with her older sister when they noticed some strange things that led them to believe they were being monitored. 

They claim that their attacker appeared at their doors and asked them to be quiet before they shoved their way out.

Miss Jessop reported that the man attacked me with a Nokia cellphone and beat me up. Broken eye socket, fractured cheek bone and shatter thumb have left me with two dark eyes.

Blaze Jessop, 19, suffered a broken eye socket and a broken cheek bone, in the alleged attack which has left her traumatised

Blaze Jessop (19) suffered broken eyes sockets and broken cheek bones in an alleged attack that left her traumatized.

Miss Jessop and her sister had been enjoying a night out in Hull city centre when they claim a stranger targeted them and followed them home

After Miss Jessop’s sister and some friends had gone out to Hull City Centre, a stranger approached them and took them back home.

The sister of the victim, who is not named, apparently hit her head against the pavement and suffered concussion.

Carrie Jessop, Miss Jessop’s mother, was horrified by her injuries. She said that her daughters had been ‘almost killed to death’. 

Elle added, “The girls shouted so loudly that neighbors could hear them.” The neighbours would not have called for an ambulance to transport them to the hospital if they had.

“My girls, who are about 5 feet 4ins in height and eight stone each, are tiny. They almost died when he beat them. I was told by them that many people rushed out to the streets in an effort to stop it.

“My oldest daughter, who is now my eldest child, told me that she knew she could tell that her mother had spiked her. Her pupils have become very small, and her nose has been bleeding for the past two days.

Miss Jessop shared photos revealing tthe scale of her injuries after the attack

Miss Jessop posted photos showing the extent of her injuries following the attack

According to Miss Jessop, during their evening out, a woman approached her in one of the bars, and said, “Watch out for them. I get a strange feeling.”

After she started vomiting, Miss Jessop was “thrown out” by the bouncers. It was her first illness in many years and she thought it was a sign of something.

After the attack, the family was distraught and unsure what happened. They went to the Old Town bar the night before for answers.

Miss Jessop claimed that they saw CCTV footage on Saturday night and recognized the attacker immediately.

She added, “You could see the man pointing at loads of girls. The group seemed to consist of several people, but this man pointed out the others and then you could clearly see that he spiked their beverages. The whole thing is captured on camera. 

Humberside Police is currently looking into the allegations.   

An official for the force stated that they are still investigating the alleged assault on a Hull woman at Belmont Street.

“The incident occurred at approximately 2:20 am on Saturday, November 27,.”

The mum-of-one says she was left with a number of bruises in addition to a broken cheekbone, broken eye socket and a shattered nose

Mother-of-1 says that she left the hospital with bruises, a broken cheekbone and eye socket, as well as a cracked nose.

Humberside Police are investigation Miss Jessop's attack as well as the alleged spiking in Hull city centre

Humberside Police are looking into Miss Jessop’s assault as well as the alleged Spiking in Hull centre

According to reports, a man was seen riding with the victim along with another woman from Hull City Centre to Belmont Street. It is said that the victim was assaulted by the man after the disturbance occurred.

“Officers arrived at the scene Saturday morning to support those involved and ensure they are safe. The suspect fled the scene.

“The investigation will seek to determine the complete circumstances of the incident. Anyone who is able to assist us with our inquiries is requested to call 101, quoting reference 16.116889/21.