Lucy Dyer, 23, was behind the wheel of a BMW when she smashed into a family car

Lucy Dyer was 23 years old when she drove a BMW into a car that belonged to her family.

After crashing into her family’s car drunkenly, a mother killed her six-month old daughter. She was sentenced to four years in prison today. 

Lucy Dyer was 23 years old and driving a BMW. Baby Eva, who was in the car, crashed into another family vehicle in Llanelli. It was in a 20 mph zone.

A mother of one admitted drinking driving, and that she caused death through dangerous driving on crossroads within the city.

Swansea Crown Court heard Dyer had been with a relative at Carwyn James before returning home around 9pm.

Dyer refused to yield at the crossing, and then smashed into Eva’s sidecar as Eva sat back in her family car.

The six-month-old was taken to University Hospital Wales in Cardiff, for surgery but had suffered a brain stem injury.

Her life support was turned off, but she died at approximately 2pm on the day of October.

Dyer was later arrested. A sample of Dyer’s breath revealed that Dyer had 46 micrograms alcohol per 100 ml. The legal limit is 35 micrograms per 100 ml.

Following Eva’s death, Florin and Carmen – who originate from Romania but now live in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire – said their ‘house is empty without her’.     

The couple said, “We are devastated by our loss.” Eva Maria was six months old and will be greatly missed.

She was our miracle baby, the perfect girl for us, an angel from God. We will forever cherish her.

Eva was taken to University Hospital Wales, Cardiff, for surgery but had suffered a brain stem injury

Eva, who had suffered a brain injury, was admitted to University Hospital Wales Cardiff.

“We are grateful for everyone’s support during our difficult time. The support has been so important to our entire family. It is now our wish to take time for grieving and to receive privacy. 

Dyer today said in court that She said that guilt will not go away forever and would never intentionally hurt any child.

She wasassistance: It is truly devastating and heartbreaking. 

“The guilt will remain forever.” If I could, I’d turn the clock back. The pain and suffering of the loved ones is beyond my comprehension.

“It was a tragedy that I have to deal with, but I am compassionate and will always be there for my family.

‘I am truly very sorry, and I hope that one day through all of the pain, the family will be able to forgive me*.may she rest in peace.’ 

Last month a  court today heard threats and ‘vitriolic comments’ were made against Dyer within hours of the horrific crash – and her home was even daubed with ‘Rot in hell you scum’ and smeared with animal excrement.

Eva's parents Florin and Carmen - who originate from Romania but now live in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire - spoke of their beloved daughter

Eva’s parents Florin & Carmen, who are from Romania and now reside in Llanelli (Carmarthenshire), spoke fondly about their daughter.

Eva Maria Sorin was put on life support but was pronounced dead at around 2pm the following day in October

Eva Maria Sorin received life support, but she was declared dead around 2pm on the day of October.

The four-month-old's parents (pictured with Eva) said their daughter was  'our miracle' and 'a gift from God'

The four-month-old’s parents (pictured with Eva) said their daughter was  ‘our miracle’ and ‘a gift from God’

Floral tributes left at the scene of the crash on Heol Goffa Crossroads in Llanelli

Flowers left as tributes at the site of the accident on Heol Gaoffa Crossroads, Llanelli

As she was facing charges for causing death through dangerous driving and drunk-driving, the mother-of-1 cried at Llanelli Magistrates Court. 

Steve John Dyer was Dyer’s lawyer and had asked her for bail in order to take care of her son, who is autistic at four years old.

Dennis Davies, the prosecution attorney said that she had daubed her front door with permanent marker words saying “Rot in Hell you Scum”, while in custody.

“This was reported to police along with evidence that dogs excrement had been left on the floor.

A Facebook group of police officers was created to solicit information on the crash and posted threats against Davies, according to court.

Dyer heard from Alison Evans Chairwoman: This is a deeply sad situation that will change the lives of both you and your child. It is impossible to turn back the clock – I believe you realize that you made a terrible mistake.

“We see that you’re genuinely sorry, but we must do justice.”

“The incident has been strongly condemned by the local community, with daubing comments on your residence when you weren’t present.”

“There is substantial reason to hold you in custody. This is for your safety.