After failing to appear at her own court for historic sex offenses against two teenagers, Reggie Kray’s mother has suddenly died.

Kim Lane (64), of Rawmarsh, South Yorkshire was charged with 15 counts of gross indecency and indecent assault dating back from 1978 to 1980. The charges were related to two young complainants who were 12 and 14.

Brad Lane was her mother. As a boy, he developed an interest in the Kray twins. He became a pen friend of Reggie while in prison.

Brad was 12 years old when he reportedly changed his name from Brad to Kray through a deed vote in 1991.

The son of Ms Lane met with the gangster frequently after his release and they built up an extensive collection Kray memorabilia.

Reggie Kray, 67 years old, died peacefully in his sleep on December 5, 2000. This was five years after his death from cancer. Brad Lane, the son of Ms Lane, suddenly died in 2008 and his memorabilia collection was auctioned.

Kim Lane's son Brad with Reggie Kray. The two became pen pals during Kray's jail term and regularly saw each other after his release

Kim Lane’s child Brad was born to Reggie Kray. They became pen pals while Kray was in jail and continued to see each other regularly after Kray’s release.

Recorder Gurdial Singh told Sheffield Crown Court  that Ms Lane had failed to attend her scheduled trial on Monday and police attended her address and found a body which – given the information he has received – he was satisfied was Ms Lane and that there were indications she had taken her life.

Prosecutor Nicola Quinney stated that the defendant didn’t attend court yesterday, and there were concerns regarding her welfare, so police arrived and discovered her unconscious at her house address.

Ms Quinney stated that Ms Lane later died in hospital.

Also, she stated that Ms Lane asked her neighbors to give two statements outlining the reasons why they had been requested by Ms Lane for them to sign her will on Sunday, January 16.

Ms Quinney stated that there is no evidence it was anyone other than Ms Lane, given the circumstances surrounding what occurred on Sunday and the body discovered at her home.

Recorder Singh verified that Ms. Lane was transported to hospital, where she experienced a cardiac arrest. On Monday, January 17, a doctor extinguished her life.

The legal proceedings regarding the accusations, which were not denied by the defendant, were officially brought to an end.

According to the plaintiff in this case, ‘I am absolutely distraught by the justice system.

“I went to police twelve years ago. The CPS initially refused to take the case, as it was against my will.

“I was in court. Her death was acknowledged by the judge. However, the judge did not mention that she had lost her victim.

‘I’ve had no justification, no closure. Although the police were great with me all the way, it felt like the justice system didn’t give any consideration to the victim.

Twin brothers and organised crime bosses Ronnie and Reggie Kray were London's most feared gangsters during the 1960s

Ronnie Kray and Reggie Kray, twin brothers who were organised crime chiefs and London’s most fearsome gangsters in the 1960s.

According to her, the case was reopened three years earlier after she had seen a documentary on historic sex abuse and decided to contact a historic case panel.

While she denied believing Ms Lane was going to commit suicide, she believed she had been trying to postpone the case.

“I have waited 42 years to get justice,” said the complainant. There is still no closure.

Joy Merriam, Joy’s defense barrister, stated that Ms Lane was initially reported to police in 2010. However, this report was never pursued. A second report was filed in 2017.

She stated that the condition had been hovering over her for 4 years, partly due to trials and pandemics not progressing and because she was mentally unfit for trial between September 2020 and December 2021.

Ms Merriam stated that these accusations were brought up in the case 40 years after they occurred. This shock is so severe, that it makes it very difficult for anyone to prove their innocence.

In addition, she said that Ms. Lane’s situation was more complicated because of delays in her trial. This is especially true considering her mental health issues.

Ms. Merriam stated that Ms. Lane had “strenuously denied any allegations” against her, and pointed out the difficulties faced by both complainants and defendants when such delays occur.

CPS spokeswoman said that the agency had reviewed the case thoroughly and was satisfied with the amount of evidence. The CPS also stated that the prosecution was in the public’s best interests. The case was stopped because the defendant died.