After her and her father became ‘badly’ sick with Covid, 31-year old mother of three gives up on being anti-vaxxer. She gets two jabs.

  •  Saja Ali, 31, was severely ill with covid in February last year, which left her bed bound at her home in Didsbury for four weeks and hospitalised her father 
  • Following her recovery, she got her vaccinations. She now believes that the vaccine kept her safe and well-informed when she became positive again. 

After being hospitalized by the coronavirus, her mother of three and self-described anti-vaxxer, she has now changed her mind about vaccinations. 

Saja Ali (31 years old) was very ill last February with the virus. She was left in bed in Didsbury for 4 weeks. 

Her father was also infected and spent eleven days in the hospital. 

Because of what she had read, she said she didn’t accept her offer at the time to be vaccinated.   

It was because it wasn’t old to me. I heard a lot conspiracy theories and it was a new vaccination. 

Saja Ali, 31, was severely ill with the virus in February last year

Saja Ali (31 years old) was very ill from the virus last February.

“At that time, my husband was really against it. A jab was something that I didn’t think twice about.

“Then, I found it.  That completely changed my mind. My dad was hospitalized a week later after he contracted Covid. With him, we were ready for anything. He was admitted to hospital 11 days ago and required assistance.

“It caused me to think. “I have three young children and this made me think.

She recovered and now wants to help others get their jabs. 

After being tested positive for the virus twice before Christmas, she now believes that the vaccine programme kept her protected and prevented severe illness.    

She said that a lot of people still believe the vaccine does not work. I believe that those who have had Covid for more than one time should be vocal to increase awareness.

The vaccine is effective and can prevent more serious side effects.

«I was an anti-vaxxer up until February when I received Covid-19.

“It was a second time and it felt great.  It was all due to the vaccination.

After recovering, Saja got her jabs and is now speaking out to encourage others to get theirs (Stock Image)

Saja recovered and got her jabs. She is now encouraging others to do the same (Stock Image). 

“I was a little tired, but it didn’t stop me from doing the things I normally do within a given day. The experience was different than it was back February.

“I think the vaccine will not stop you being sick, but it can help to prevent you becoming really sick and needing treatment in hospital.”

Britain is currently considering giving out fourth Covid vaccines in a bid to stop the surge of Omicron cases, following the lead of Germany and Israel.

Experts from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation are currently examining whether a second booster set will be available. 

A fourth job is already available to those with compromised immune systems, however the elderly or other vulnerable people could soon have this opportunity.

If the green light is granted, then the fourth injection would probably be given four months later.