After a judge found that she was the victim of long-term domestic abuse and physical abuse, a mother-of-2 stabbed her ex-boyfriend with a broken glass bottle.

Emma Westwood (36), had won a temporary restraining against Christopher Clark for his violence towards her over their one-year relationship. However, Clark continued to ignore the ban on contact and harass her continuously for 18 months.

He was sent to prison by Westwood, who moved to a hidden address. Clark 36 tracked Westwood down after his release. After getting drunk on vodka, he assaulted her at her Sale home. 

Clarke broke through the Westwood front door and attempted to attack Westwood using the bottle. He fought back but was stabbed twice in the chest. After fleeing into the streets, Clarke collapsed outside.

Westwood was charged for wounding Clark of Wythenshawe (Manchester) and intent to cause grievous body harm. 

She was sentenced to a 16 month imprisonment suspended for 2 years, after she pleaded guilty the lower charge of unlawful injury due to Clark’s abusive behavior.

Emma Westwood (pictured outside Minshull Street Crown Court in Manchester), 36, was handed a 16-month jail sentence suspended for two years after prosecutors accepted her plea to the lesser charge of unlawful wounding due to her ex-boyfriend's abusive behaviour

After pleading guilty to the lesser offense of unlawful wounding for her abusive ex-boyfriend, Emma Westwood was sentenced to a 16 month imprisonment with a two-year suspension. 

Clark had begun dating Westwood in 2018, and in September 2018 Clark received a restraining orban prohibiting him from speaking to Westwood for the next three years. He had been convicted of sending malicious communications and assault.

Clark continued to contact Westwood despite the ban and was sentenced in February for violating the restraining orders.

He tracked her down on April 17, 2013, at 3:00 am.

Westwood’s dad called police to report Clark, who was found lying outside on the ground with bloody wounds. 

Clark was eventually able to walk again after his injuries. However, he refused to speak to the police and Westwood was taken into custody for stabbing Clark. 

Mark Kellet, Prosecutor of the case said that Kellet had drunk around four ciders as well as a few vodkas during the previous night. He stated that he was not sober, but was conscious of the events. However, it appears that he doesn’t remember much after those drinks.

Police were dispatched to Mr Clark’s location to locate him on the sidewalk, lying down on his back. He smelled of alcohol, and was conscious. 

He suffered a cut to the arm, a small wound on his left side and a stabbing wound to the chest. He was given oxygen and was immediately resuscitated. He did not know what had happened.

Mr Kellet added: ‘The defendant said she had had an argument with Mr Clark. To defend herself, she said that he broke the door. 

“In a police interview, she stated that they had argued and had gone into the kitchen. The man had a broken glass bottle and she grabbed a knife. He came towards her, she said. She claimed that he attacked her before and had strangled her.

‘She claimed that he grabbed the knife from her, and sustained injuries. She stated that he would not leave her. She told him how he called her constantly. She explained that the argument began because he called her every day. 

She said that he punched her, and did what he liked during their relationship. He had manipulated her, she said. He was not the one she intended.  

Clark was issued with a restraining order banning him from contacting Westwood for three years after he was convicted of assault and sending malicious communications, Minshull Street Crown Court (pictured) heard

Clark received an order prohibiting him from speaking to Westwood within three years of his conviction for assault and malicious communications.

Matthew Curtis, defense counsel for mitigation said that the defendant had moved to that address in order to avoid difficulties in their relationship. The restraining orders are intended to protect her.

John Potter, the sentencing judge told Westwood that Christopher Clark and you began a relationship in June 2018. The couple had a child and have a second child.

Your relationship is categorised by your being subject to a series of domestic violence incidents at his hands. An analysis of Christopher Clark’s prior criminal convictions reveals that this assertion has strong support.

He was sentenced to battery and menacing communication in September 2019. You are the victim. Your case was convicted for battery and sending menacing communications. The restraining order is still in effect until March 2022.

“There have been further charges against Mr. Clark for harassing others on account of a series of breaches to that restraining or. For violating the restraining orders, Clark was sentenced to 26 weeks in prison on February 20, 2020.

“You were subject to long-term domestic and physical abuse at the hands Christopher Clark.

“While he was behind bars, to begin a new relationship with your children, you moved in with your family to another place. This is the place you wanted to keep secret from Clark.

However, on April 16th, Mr Clark, who had just been released, discovered that you were still living there. Although you didn’t want to rekindle any kind of relationship with him, at 3am on the morning, having discovered where your location was, he arrived at your home.

“He’d had quite a lot of alcohol before he got access to this address. To make fun of your father, he called him and said that he knew where you lived.

“An argument took part and during that argument, the man armed himself using a broken bottle. You armed yourself with your knife. In self defense, you hit him twice with the knife to the chest as well as to his arm.

“He fled the building only to fall outside. His condition was stable and he was taken by ambulance to the hospital. He did not have any long-term injuries and was willing to give any statements. In these proceedings, you were held against the backdrop that he had suffered serious injuries.

“To your credit you have told the police all the truth. The police appreciated your honesty and willingness to share information with them. You used a dangerous knife. There is extraordinary mitigation that can stop you from being held today.