‘A fantastic sleeping space for your baby to refuse to sleep in’: Parents are left in hysterics over mother’s VERY honest advert for £20 Moses basket that’s ‘decorative enough to distract visitors from puke-stained clothes’

  • Lucy Winter, who lives in the UK, advertised a Moses basket on Facebook for £20
  • Mother got over 500 comments for the amusing description she gave of the item
  • She claimed that her baby would not sleep in the basket because it was too big from birth. 

An exhausted mother advertised her infant’s used Moses basket online and shared a humorous rant about how she was sick, having to sleep in a lot, and the exploding nappies.  

Lucy Winter, from South Gloucestershire, took to Facebook’s Items For Sale In Kingswood And Staple Hill And Nearby group to list her son’s Moses basket for £20. 

A selection of photographs were shared by the mother, showing it from different perspectives.

It touched a nerve with many parents struggling to get their baby to fall asleep in a Moses Basket or any other place.

Lucy Winter, who lives in the UK, has gone viral on Facebook after penning an amusing description for her son's Moses basket (pictured)

Lucy Winter is a UK resident who has made a viral Facebook post after she wrote a funny description for her son’s Moses basket (pictured).

In her viral post, Lucy joked that her son was 'too huge' for the Moses basket from birth and 'needed a king size bed to himself'

Lucy joked in her viral posting that her son was “too big” for the Moses Basket and “needed a King size bed to him.”

Lucy advised parents to get a product from her: “Here’s a wonderful sleeping space that your baby will not want to sleep in.”

‘With its convenient handles, once you have rocked the s*** out of your gorgeous little bundle of joy and finally lay them to rest on the comfy mattress (also included) you can carry the bassinet around the house wherever you go because they will probably wake up in around  three minutes anyway.

“This beautiful Moses basket looks almost new, because my angel is clearly too big for it. He needed a bed that was king-sized.

“I’ve added extra sheets to accommodate those midnight exploding nappies that all of us know and love.

It includes a 100 percent wood, wooden, stand thing and plastic bits that will stop your child from dropping the basket off of the stand.

“It comes also with a tiny blanket, which I find completely useless. It’s the same size and shape as a small sock but it doesn’t cover anything on a baby that never seems to stop moving even when they’re asleep. This could be used as an extra napkin.

Lucy said she's including extra sheets along with the Moses basket (pictured) to help with 'midnight exploding nappies'

Lucy stated that she is adding extra sheets to the Moses basket (pictured), in order to reduce’midnight explosions nappies’ 

Lucy joked that the Moses basket is from a smoke free house but she's thinking about starting and that the dog left after having enough

Lucy joked about the Moses basket being from a smoke-free house, but she is thinking of starting one and having the dog leave after she had enough. 

“The basket’s canopy is a cover that can be put over any sunlight. Because it’s small and white it will keep the sun out. But it does make a nice distraction for visitors who might notice your puke-stained clothes or your inability to wash your hair since pregnancy.

“From an animal-free household – though I have considered starting. The dog also left because he was fed up! Do not miss your chance at grabbing a deal. You won’t find any offers Godspeed! 

Lucy’s blog post received over 500 shares, hundreds of comments and more than 500 likes. Parents praised Lucy for sharing her experience of carrying a baby in a Moses basket.

One person added the following: “Oh my love, my babies are long past but I may just keep it for your laughs if you don’t find a buyer.”

One other said, “Brilliant advertisement and reality check!” It’s a great idea!

“This is so funny, and it’s true!” A third comment was added.

Another commented: “So funny! Made me giggle. I have forwarded it to my daughter, who is pregnant. While I am not certain if she will actually buy, it is clear that she will enjoy reading as much as me. Good luck to you and your angel!

A flood of responses to the post came from parents left in hysterics by her relatable description of using a Moses basket

The post received an overwhelming response from parents who were shocked by her relatable description about using a Moses Basket.