First-time mother decided not to let her father-in-law see her son open Christmas presents. This raised questions until the woman revealed what her husband said about her pregnancies. 

The anonymous British mother explained on the parenting forum Mumsnet that she was looking forward spending Christmas morning with just her son, seven months, and husband, before being joined by his family later in the day. 

However, her plans may be disrupted when her mother in law wants to view her grandson’s presents open, whether FaceTime or in person. Her husband is happy to oblige. 

The mother then revealed to the world that her mother-in law declared she would drown the baby if it were a girl born after her son’s birth. 

The comments were criticized by many and she was told that they wouldn’t allow her to stay in their house if she made them about their children.  

An anonymous British mother said she refused to let her mother-in-law see her seven-months-old son open his presents because her husband's mother said she'd drown the baby if it was a girl when she was still pregnant (stock image)

Unidentified British mother claimed she wouldn’t let her daughter-in-law, seven-month-old her son’s father-in-law, open her presents for her child because her mother told her she would drown her baby if she were still pregnant. Stock image

She explained that she had planned to spend a quiet morning opening presents with her husband and the dog, along with their son, before dinner with extended family.   

Mother-law requested that my son be watched opening all of his presents. She explained that we could either video call or wait for the presents to arrive and then open them together. 

Elle said that she didn’t say no because her son was too busy with presents, and would not be able to afford it.They are a joyful chore that brings joy.

She stated that she was not interested in opening her presents to her family. 

The woman explained she wants to have a quiet Christmas morning with her son and her husband and not take videos for her mother-in-law or opening the presents with family

She explained that she would prefer to spend Christmas with her son and husband, and not making videos or sharing the gifts with relatives.

Additionally, she stated that she would miss her son opening his gifts in front of family members before cooking because she will not be there to cook.  

“I don’t want to spend time with them. They’ll always be there.” It’s my first Christmas with my children as a mom. It’s my first Christmas as a mum. Can I not have this for myself? She stated that she did enough for them. 

“She also said that her mother-in-law was the one who saw her kids open their presents as children, so it was her turn now.” 

With a twist she said: “S.”He said that she would drown her baby if it was a boy. 

People said the mother-in-law's comments were vile and that they would not let her into their house

Some people claimed that her comments about the mother-inlaw were offensive and that she wouldn’t be allowed into their homes.

People found it shocking that the mother-inlaw made such a comment about her children. They said they wouldn’t let her in their home if she had made any similar comments. 

One replied, “She wouldn’t be allowed to enter my house if that was what she’d said about my unborn child,” 

;Why the f*** is she coming to your house EVER if she said she’d drown your baby,’ one said. 

“After hearing what she had to say about you unborn child, it would be a cold and miserable day before she crosses my threshold again.”

Even people who were trying to find compromises changed their mind when they found out about the mother-in-law's remark

When they learned of the mother in law’s remarks, even people who tried to reach compromises had their hearts changed. 

Another wrote:  ‘She said what about your baby???? 

Some who attempted to reach a compromise were unable to do so after reading the comments.  

“I thought that maybe you could permit a video conference (even though it’s absurd for a 7mo), then I noticed the comment she made. She sounds very lucky that she is talking to me at all,” one replied. 

“Even without any backstory, it is completely normal to be reasonable.” Have a peaceful, happy family day. 

They added, “If you felt the need to give her a gift (and she doesn’t deserve one), then it would be a good idea to offer to let him have a few presents that he can open at his own time.” 

People said that even if the mother-in-law was sane and a loving woman, they would not say yes to her request

Some people stated that they would not consent to her asking, even though the mother-in–law was intelligent and loving. 

‘F****** hell you buried the lede there, she said WHAT?! Video calls and babies opening presents don’t mix, even with sane people,’ one said. 

Frankly, I would not have believed her if she said this about my child.

She isn’t unreasonable. Have a wonderful Christmas, my friend. 

‘I can’t believe she would say that! shock I would never, ever try to fulfill her desires or have contact with her following that comment. 

“Do Christmas Day as you like.” Don’t invite them to any part of it if you don’t want them there,’ they added. 

“That is a terrible request. One said that the baby-drowning comment was unforgivable.