An assault charge has been filed against a mother for pushing a road-blocker from Insulate Britain with her 4×4 while she was trying to transport her son to school.  

Sherrilyn Speid, 34, will appear in court in January accused of dangerous driving and assault over the incident on the M25 on October 13 despite the police taking no action against the protester.  

Footage of Speid driving the her £80,000 Range Rover into Insulate Britain activist Bethany Mogie at junction 31 of the motorway near Thurrock, on the north side of the Dartford Crossing which links Essex to Kent, was posted online in October. 

This video, which was filmed by an additional person at the protest, shows Speid angry that she wasn’t able to take her son to school on time and driving her car into the backs of two protestors.

One of the orange vest-wearing activists shouts in pain as she goes, and another protestor taps the car to urge her to stop.

Sherrilyn Speid, 34, who was filmed driving into Insulate Britain protesters with her car after they stopped her taking her 11-year-old son to school in October has been charged with assault

Sherrilyn Speid, 34, who was filmed driving into Insulate Britain protesters with her car after they stopped her taking her 11-year-old son to school in October has been charged with assault

A woman who was infuriated with Insulate Britain protesters blocking the road told them 'I'll drive through you then'

One woman was so furious at the Insulate Britain protesters who blocked her way, she told them to drive past them.

After shouting at the protesters, the woman got back into her car and started ramming it towards two protesters sat in front of her vehicle

The woman shouted at protesters and got back in her car, ramming her vehicle towards two people sat in the front.

The protester on the right started to scream out in pain before the woman stopped, got out of her car and continued shouting at the protesters

After the protester to the right began screaming in pain, the woman got out her car and shouted at them.

Speid told the Sun the charges were ‘completely ridiculous’ and pointed to the fact that Mogie, 39, has not been prosecuted for breaching a government injunction by sitting on the motorway.   

“A mom trying to get pregnant” Her son going to school is not someone who ought to be in the face of the law,” the mental health specialist explained. 

These Insulate Britain Fools would have it any other way. This is a place where normal people are being ignored. 

“I find it disgusting that they prevented working class families from going to work, their kids attending school, and they are now trying to bring down a single mom. 

I could lose everything. My criminal history will make it impossible for me to be employed with children. That’s not right. My goal was simply to get my son to school, then go to work.

These Insulate Britain protesters claim to be middle-class. They claim they are concerned about the nation and people, so why would anyone want to see a single mother lose her license and job? 

“No one supports the working class who work hard and make a living.”

Speid from Grays, Essex said she “could’ve handled things more effectively… but I lost all my temper and was fighting for all the moms out there.”   

“I wouldn’t hurt anybody.” They were not listening to me. Even though I tried to be nice, they didn’t listen.

She will appear at the Basildon Magistrates’ Court in January.  

police officer asks Insulate Britain climate activists to move out of a slip road from the M25 which they had blocked on 13 September

Police officer orders Insulate Britain climate activists from Insulate Britain to leave a slip road leading to the M25, which was blocked by them on 13 September

Angry motorists snatch banners from protestors as activists from Insulate Britain block parts of Thurrock last week

Angering motorists steal banners from protestors, as Insulate Britain activists blocked Thurrock last Wednesday

A spokesperson for Essex Police stated that the Crown Prosecution Service has authorized us to indict a female in connection with an October 13th incident at St Clements Way in Grays.

Purfleet’s Sharilyn Speid (34), will be summoned on January 6th to be tried for dangerous driving and assault by beating.

“This happened while traffic was disrupted. We are continuing our investigation.

“In connection to the disturbance caused on the M25, M11 and nearby feeder roads in September/October we made 94 arrests.

“Those investigations are moving along, and we’re in constant dialogue with CPS and the other affected forces about them.

“When we deal with such incidents, we police them in an impartial manner. This is done to make sure that all parties are safe. Our priority has always been to keep the roads of our county moving.

The October incident captured the woman stopping her vehicle. Just centimetres away from one protester’s back. 

She gets out her car and rips off the posters from activists. This is not a joke. It’s not a joke. My son has to go to school. I must get back to work.

As she moves to lean over one of the sitting protesters, she says: ‘Move out the way. “Move out of the way,” she said before turning back to her car and saying, “I will drive by you.” My son, 11, needs to go to school.

Before driving her vehicle towards protesters sitting on the road, the woman was seen shouting at them

The woman was seen shouting at the protesters as she drove her car toward them before turning the vehicle around.

A man in a hi-vis jacket signalled to the driver to stop and eventually walked in front of the vehicle as one activist screamed out in pain

As one activist gasped in pain, a man dressed in hi-vis signalled for the driver not to proceed. He eventually made his way in front of it.

The incident happened on October 13 as activists from Insulate Britain protested for the 13th time in four weeks

This incident occurred on October 13, when Insulate Britain activists protested for the thirteenth time within four weeks.

The protestor turns towards the woman, saying “you can’t drive by us”. Before the angry woman says again that her son must go to school. She also needs to get back to work.

According to the protester, she says that she understood and apologizes for her blocking of her path.

However, the driver was furious and said: “Move aside.” Get out of my way, and I’ll take my son to the school.

After getting back in her car, the woman drives it towards the back of protesters, one shouting “ow,ow ow” while others can be heard cheering the woman on.

One said, “That’s all.” Now push them. Get out of the road you silly c****.’ Another says: ‘Move out the f***ing road then’. 

When a hi-vis man walks past her car, the woman will stop driving. 

She gets out of her car and tells the driver: “Someone must move them out of my way.” Now, get out of my way. You are taking the f***ing p***. My son must go to school. I don’t care what your f***ing issue is.’ 

After seven Insulate Britain activists were handed suspended sentences by a judge yesterday for violating an injunction prohibiting protesters from blocking roads, the charges are not against them. 

Two activists, Dr. Diana Warner, 62, and Dr. Ben Buse, 36, were handed jail sentences.  

Yesterday Dr. Warner, who failed to show up for court when she tried to block a train that was heading towards Drax power station in Drax, admitted her guilt and was sentenced to two months imprisonment.

Dr. Buse served 28 days in a sentence for contempt of court on an earlier case.    

Police officers arrest priest and climate activist Rev Sue Parfitt near the M25, on 13 September

On 13 September, Rev Sue Parfitt (a priest and climate activist) was arrested by police officers near the M25.