The M3 stopped a motorist going 70 MPH. He had only a small porthole to view his fog-covered windscreen.

  • One motorist stopped at the M3 while he was looking through a small porthole.
  • With only a portion of his windscreen removed, he was traveling at 70 mph
  • Hampshire police said that the driver could not see their blue flashing lights and was unable to recognize them. 

A dangerous driver was stopped by traffic officers after one of winter’s coldest nights.

As he drove at 70mph, he had made a small hole in his windscreen.

Hampshire Police claimed that he didn’t stop after a car carrying police stopped him. This was because he couldn’t see through the “porthole”.

They posted photos to social media and said that they were finally able pull the vehicle over at M3.

Police in Hampshire stopped a motorist who was driving at 70mph with just a tiny portion of his windcreen clear

Hampshire police stopped a driver who drove at 70 MPH while keeping only a fraction of his windcreen visible.

Police said the driver was unable to see patrol cars' blue flashing lights but officers finally managed to pull him over

The driver could not see the blue flashing lights of patrol cars, but police eventually pulled him over

“The driver drove overtook police officers trying to stop him with blue lights. He continued driving for quite a while without stopping.

He didn’t even know that there were police present.

Rule 229 (Highway Code) clearly states that drivers must clear any snow, ice or condensation from their windows before heading out into winter.

‘Failure to do so could lead to a £60 fine for the car being in a dangerous condition.’

Police officers in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland, shared a photo of the car windscreen misted over, with just a small view hole cleared on the driver's side, as they urged people to ensure their vehicle is safe before setting off

West Dunbartonshire Police in Scotland shared this photo showing the vehicle’s windshield misted up. There was only one view hole on the driver’s face. They urged everyone to make sure their vehicle is secure before they set off. 

The driver who used a “porthole” instead of completely defecating their windscreen was not the only one to be fined.

Just last week a driver in Scotland was fined £100 after they were spotted with just a ‘porthole’ wiped clear in their misted over windscreen.

According to police, the vehicle was pulled over in Bonhill West Dunbartonshire because children were about to leave school. 

According to the force, the driver did not properly detach their windows and posed a risk to children and other road users.