At a service of condolence, a crowd of grievers and members of the community embraced one another and shared their grief at the Texas shooting. An 18-year old gunman killed 19 children and 2 teachers.

The fountain at Uvalde was just one mile from Robb Elementary school. On Saturday, there were flowers, balloons, candles, and posters made by hand. Also, 21 crosses were dedicated to all victims. 

A large number of people from the community were also there to support those affected by Tuesday’s shooting. Uvalde has only 16,122 inhabitants, so it seemed like every resident knew someone who was a victim. 

Al 21 crosses were scattered across the fountain. Each one was adorned with a pink balloon that was tied to the ground. Each cross was adorned with flowers and stuffed animals. Candles, handwritten notes, and other heartfelt gifts were also placed before each one.

A cross was also decorated with blue hearts so family, friends, and classmates could remember victims by offering kindnesses. Each cross was also engraved with the victim’s name.

In the same town, mourners were seen writing verses from The Bible on sidewalks with their messages of love and compassion. The concrete floor was also covered with messages and names of the victims. Motorcades supporting the victims of shooting were seen driving through town, with windows displaying heartfelt messages. 

One read, “Our hearts belong to Uvalde TX.”

Families of the Uvalde massacre victims gathered around the small town's square on Saturday in honor of the 19 children and two children who died from the shooting on Tuesday

On Saturday, families of Uvalde victims rallied around the town square to pay respects to the 20 children and 2 children who were killed in Tuesday’s massacre.

A family of mourners were pictured embracing one another as they paid their respects to the 21 victims on Saturday afternoon

As they paid respects on Saturday to the 21 victims, a family of mourners was pictured hugging one another.

A woman in purple and other mourners observe the memorial site, where 21 crosses were spread out in honor of each victim

Purple-clad women and mourners look on the memorial site where 21 crosses have been placed in memory of each victim.

An abundance of flowers were laid down in front of each cross, as well as stuffed animals, heartfelt hand-written messages and candles

A multitude of flowers, along with stuffed animals and heartfelt messages, were placed in front of every cross.

It was an emotional day for many local residents as they mourned and showed their support at the memorial for the victims

Many locals felt emotional as they grieved the loss and offered support to the victim’s memorial.

Two men were seen embracing one another as they observe the memorial site, where hundreds of community members gathered on Saturday afternoon

One man was seen holding hands with the other as he viewed the memorial, which is where many community members congregated on Saturday afternoon.

Mourners were also seen chalking up sidewalks in the town with verses from the bible as they remember those who lost their lives earlier this week

As they remembered those who died earlier in this week, mourners were seen putting verses of the Bible on the sidewalks.

Some of the other messages promoted an end to gun violence, while others read the names of the victims

While some messages encouraged an end to violence against guns, others listed the names of victims.

A motorcade in support of the shooting victims is pictured on the highway on the way to the small town of 16,000 residents

Pictured is an ambulance supporting shooting victims on the highway leading to the 16,000-person small town.

One of the messages on a pick-up truck read: 'Our hearts are with Uvalde TX'

One message on a pickup truck said: “Our hearts are for Uvalde Texas”

Residents often use the square to meet for a quick bite, enjoy local music or shop late at night on Fridays.

Border Report’s Arianna Diaz, 18 said that “it’s a place we have gatherings such as Four-Square Fridays, where we all come together and enjoy good food, and music,”

‘We gathered here once a month… as a town, small businesses here. It’s a place where you can listen to music. You also eat. It’s so tragic to see all your community members gather here,” Jaime Cruz (18), also shared his thoughts with the outlets. He added, “This shouldn’t have happened.”

A daycare center was also nearby, and there were 21 empty chairs. The names of each victim were taped to the seats.

Crossroads Academy High was another local school that displayed support during the weekend. Its panel board featured the words “UVALDE STRONG.”

A second display with 21 crosses had been placed in front Robb Elementary. Each cross was marked with the victim’s name.  

There were 21 crosses with the name of each child and teacher engraved on them. They were all laid out in front of the school's entrance on Saturday, just four days after 18-year-old Salvador Ramos gunned down 21 people on campus

There were 21 crosses with names of teachers and children engraved on them. These crosses were laid in front of the school entrance, only four days after Salvador Ramos killed 21 campus students.

Crossroads Academy High School showed its support towards the families of victims over Memorial Day Weekend, with the words 'UVALDE STRONG' written on the main entrance's white board

Crossroads Academy High School demonstrated its support for victims’ families during Memorial Day Weekend with the words UVALDE STRONG written on the white board at the main entry.

A local daycare center had 21 empty wooden chairs on display outside its doors with the name of one victim taped per chair

One daycare centre had 21 wooden chairs that were not in use displayed outside of its doors. Each chair was marked with the victim’s name.

Matthew McConaughey (Texan) visited Uvalde his hometown on Friday, to offer comfort and hope for the residents still in shock. 

Actor, 52 years old, visited Uvalde School District staff and was photographed inside their building.

McConaughey’s mom Kay turned 90 in January. Kay lived with McConaughey through the pandemic.

McConaughey was a student at her school. It is located just one mile from Robb Elementary. Robb Elementary saw 19 children and two educators murdered on Tuesday.

McConaughey didn’t address the public, but Tony Gonzalez (Republican Representative) was there to thank him.

Gonzalez sent a Tweet on Friday, thanking Matthew for his help in healing our community.

“Your visit brought many smiles to Uvalde. We will see each other soon, my friend.

Matthew McConaughey, center, is seen on Friday visiting Uvalde - his hometown

Matthew McConaughey is seen at Uvalde (his hometown) on Friday.

McConaughey is 52 years old and seen arriving in the 16,000+ population city where he grew-up.

The actor did not address the press, but instead met privately with local people

However, the actor didn’t address the press but met in private with local residents.

 Earlier, Gonzalez shared photos of McConaughey in the school offices.

He said, “Appreciate Uvalde native Matthew McConaughey healing us,”

“This week served as a reminder of the evil that exists in this world. But we won’t let it destroy us.

‘We’ll unite to be an even more powerful reminder that love never fails & together we can change things.’

Gonzalez, who is an unwavering defender the Second Amendment has once tweeted his pride at blocking gun control measures.

McConaughey has more nuanced views. While he was considering a run as governor (which he did in November), he was very diplomatic about it.

He spoke out on March 18, 2018, about the Austin gun control March For Our Lives.

McConaughey, a month later, stated that he supported some gun control and feared the March For Our Lives youth movement might be hijacked by people wishing to abolish all firearms in America.

McConaughey reiterated Wednesday his belief that change is needed.

“As Americans and Texans as well as mothers and dads it is time to reevaluate our priorities and renegotiate what we want from what we need,” the actor declared.

“We must reorganize our values to find common ground over this devastating American reality, which has become our kids’ problem.”

“This epidemic is manageable, and regardless of where you stand, everyone knows that we can achieve better. It is time to do better.

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, visits a memorial site in Uvalde, Texas on Thursday, to honor the victims killed in this week's elementary school shooting

Meghan Markle, Duchess Of Sussex, visited a Uvalde memorial site, Texas, on Thursday to remember the victims of this week’s shooting at an elementary school.

Meghan Markle places a bouquet of white roses at the memorial outside Uvalde County Courthouse

Meghan Markle places a bouquet of white roses at the memorial outside Uvalde County Courthouse

Meghan Markle, Duchess, paid tribute to victims of the attacks at another memorial site on Thursday. 

Meghan laid white flowers with purple ribbons at a Uvalde County Courthouse memorial. According to her spokesperson, Meghan, who lives in California, was there with Prince Harry, their children and to express her support to the ‘community in unimaginable grief.’

Meghan took the flowers from the memorial, and stood cross-legged while looking at the memorials.