Mourners offer used wristbands from Queen’s queue on eBay for up to £350 – even though they WON’T help buyers avoid a lengthy wait by jumping the line

  • The historic Queen’s Death has been a source of income for many mourners
  • The seller of a £350 wristband said that half would be donated to charity
  • The Queen’s bed in state since Wednesday has been available 24 hours per day
  • It was astronomical. There is even a line for today!
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Mourners who attended the Queen’s lying-in-state have been selling their used wristbands for as much as £350, even though they will not help buyers jump the queue.

Despite opening just two days ago, around a dozen people have already listed the paper bands on online marketplace eBay – with some saying a percentage of the money will go to charity. 

Due to such a long line, people who joined the queue were given wristbands in coloured to identify their location. This allows them to leave to get a drink or to use the bathroom and return to join the queue.

It seems that there are some mourners who see the system as a way to earn some extra cash, and some wristbands can be labelled “new”.

One person has listed an orange wristband, in ‘new’ condition, which features the Royal coat-of-arms and the abbreviation LISQ, with an asking price of £350.

Mourners who attended the Queen's lying-in-state have been selling their used wristbands for as much as £350

Mourners who attended the Queen’s lying-in-state have been selling their used wristbands for as much as £350

People queue to pay their respect to the late Queen Elizabeth II during the lying-in-state at Westminster Hall in London

People queue up in London to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, during the Westminster Hall’s lying-in state 

A wristband given to a person queuing to view Queen Elizabeth II lying in state ahead of her funeral on Monday

This wristband was given to anyone queuing up to see Queen Elizabeth II in her state before Monday’s funeral

The cheapest band currently listed on the site is up for grabs for £10

The cheapest band currently listed on the site is up for grabs for £10

Brits who wish to pay respects to the Sovereign can visit her coffin at Westminster Hall, Houses of Parliament. This is available since Wednesday.

The Queen has had her state room open 24/7 and will be available until 6:30 a.m on September 19, when she is to be laid to rest.

However, the turnout was astronomical even today. A queue has now been set up for Queen Elizabeth’s lie-in-state. This queue opened as mourners arrived at Elizabeth Line’s end after a five-mile journey and fourteen-hour wait. But it turned out that the line would remain closed for at most six hours.

The small print on the paper band indicates that entry is not guaranteed and it cannot be transferred.

However, the seller describes it as “brand new” and “never used”.

Another seller has listed a similar wristband for £100, while a third person is selling a yellow band – plus a bundle of commemorative newspapers – for £122.

A fourth seller has put their ripped green band on the site for £100.

It was described as: “Previously worn or used orange wristband during the first 24 hours after the Queen laid-in-state at Westminster Hall.”

“This wristband was given to Queen Elizabeth by the original owner.

“This is an important piece of historical history. This is a tiny piece but still an important part of historical history. If you didn’t have the chance, this will be your opportunity to get it.

The queue for Queen Lying-In State may be London’s longest. From the moment you joined the queue, to pay your respects to Queen Elizabeth II, it was a total of 7-8 hours.

While the seller indicated they are happy to send it overseas, they also stated that the item is being sold only as “historical memorabilia”.

The British Red Cross, Queen Elizabeth’s longest-serving patron, will receive 50% of the net profit.

Another person is trying to flog their dirty orange wristband for the slightly lower price of £82.

While the cheapest band currently listed on the site is up for grabs for £10.

To honor the Queen’s passion for animals, the seller pledged to donate 20% of the final sale price to The Dogs Trust.

Members of the public stand in the queue, opposite the skyscrapers of the City of London, as they wait in line this morning

This morning, the line of people is drawn against the City of London skyscrapers.

According to government guidance, an official statement states that if you are at the end of the line you will receive a colored and number wristband.

This is your record of how you entered the queue. Please note, though that a wristband will not grant you entry into the lying in-state.

The wristbands can only be used by the person who is joining the queue. They are non-transferable. This wristband must be worn at all times, as it is checked on the way.

Your wristband will allow you to exit the queue briefly to use the bathroom or obtain refreshments. Once finished, return to your spot in the queue.