MPs enjoyed five-star £160,000 junket to Qatar as women’s rights activist disappeared

  • Five-star MPs were on Qatari five-star trips in the week Noof al-Maadeed disappeared 
  • There were twenty-one members of the British-Qatari All Party Parliamentary Group
  • The junket, worth nearly £160,000, went on from October 7 to 17 last year
  • Ms al-Maadeed, who fled to Britain in 2019, returned to Qatar on October 13

The Mail can confirm that almost two dozen MPs participated in a five-star trip to Qatar, which took place the same week as Noof al-Maadeed disappeared.

Records show that 21 members of the British-Qatari All Party Parliamentary Group were on the free trip – worth nearly £160,000 – from October 7 to 17 last year.

The 23-year-old Ms. al-Maadeed fled to Britain after years of domestic abuse. She returned to Qatar in the end, having received assurances that she would be safe.

Women's rights activist Noof al-Maadeed, pictured, had sought asylum in the UK in 2019

Noof Al-Maadeed was an activist for women’s right.

In a chilling statement, she stated: “If there are no posts by me over the next few days, then that is a sign I’ve been given over to my family under my will.” There were no other messages.

Ms. al Maadeed was an asylum seeker in the UK. Her video of her trip to Britain became viral and she was made a celebre for highlighting discrimination faced by women in the Gulf.

Reports suggest that she was murdered or being held at a mental hospital since her disappearance.

The group included Douglas Ross (pictured), leader of the Scottish Conservative Party, Labour's Rupa Huq and Angus MacNeil of the Scottish National Party

Douglas Ross, leader of Labour’s Rupa Uq and Angus MacNeil from the Scottish National Party were part of this group.

She appeared on social media again on January 10th and since has been tweeting six times. In two videos, she also stated that she was safe and well.

Human Rights Watch was among the supporters. They said that they hope her tweet tone shift reflects ‘the beginning of Qatari authorities making steps to ensure she can lead an independent, free life.

The MPs’ trip was organised and paid for by the Qatari regime’s foreign ministry, and insiders say they were put up in one of the country’s top hotels – the five-star St Regis Doha. The hotel has twelve restaurants as well as a spa with 22 rooms and private beaches.

Douglas Ross was the leader of the Scottish Conservative Party and Labour’s Rupa Uq. Angus MacNeil, of the Scottish National Party, was also part of this group.

Labour's Rupa Huq (pictured) was a part of the group on an MPs' trip organised and paid for by the Qatari regime's foreign ministry

Rupa Huq, Labour’s secretary to the government (pictured), was part of the group that went on a trip for MPs organized and funded by Qatar’s foreign ministry.

Yesterday night, one MP on the trip claimed that the mission was a fact-finding mission. He also said that Qatari officials were challenged over their poor record in human rights.

According to official records, the MPs met to discuss Qatar’s political and humanitarian response to Afghanistan’s crisis. They also discussed preparations for World Cup. Workers’ rights reform and bilateral relations.

On average, flights, accommodation, internal travel, food and drink for each MP came to £7,500, with a total cost to the Qatari foreign ministry of £158,199.