The secrets of success for a mother-of-2 who has lost 55kg in only 15 months is revealed by her. She says that losing 700g per day is the key to her success.

Cicily Goodwin (27), Nambucca Heads in New South Wales, ate 10 cups of coffee per day, and drank takeout from KFC every night before reaching 128kg.

After joining The Healthy Mummy, she changed her diet and began to see a transformation in her fitness.   

Cicily shared that Cicily lost 55kg through averaging 700g of weight loss each week. 

A mum-of-two who lost a staggering 55kg in just 15 months has shared the secrets to her success - and says losing 700g per week is key

The secrets of success for a mother-of-2 who has lost 55kg in just fifteen months is revealed by her. She says that she loses 700g each week.

Cicily said she didn't stop going out for dinner or eating chocolate and instead 'lived through it and enjoyed it'

Cicily stated that she did not stop eating out or going to the chocolate shop, but instead lived through it and loved it.

Many people want to lose 2kg. But for me, that didn’t work. It worked for me to adopt a more relaxed and moderate approach to weight loss.

Cicily stated that she never stopped going to restaurants or eating chocolate, but instead lived through the experience and loved it.  

Make it enjoyable. Do not try to lose 2 kg per week. 700g is your magic number. This is still 36kg per year. Who wouldn’t love that? 

Cicily: What’s her day like on a plate

BREAKFAST:Smoothie made from fruits like mango or pineapple

SNACK: Healthy sesame chia chocolate.

LUNCH:Smoothie and stuffed mushrooms.

SNACK:Delicious healthy chocolate chip muffin

DINNER: Chicken parmigiana, or other protein mixed with vegetables and salad. 

Cicily now weighs 73kg and is lightening up from 13 years.

Her relationship with food was toxic for many years. She also had difficulty losing weight, despite numerous diets. 

“I did not care about if I was healthy, it didn’t seem important to me.” FEMAIL: “I think this is where most of my health problems started,” she said.

Cicily might drink up to 10 cups of coffee per day and eat multiple meals at McDonald’s or KFC every night. 

She said, “Even if it weren’t junk, I would stack my plate high till it was uncomfortably full,”

Cicily would typically drink as many as 10 coffees per day, alongside multiple takeaway meals from KFC and McDonald's

Cicily might drink up to 10 cups of coffee per day. She also eats multiple meals at McDonald’s and KFC every day.

'Drink three litres of water, do 10,000 steps, enjoy smoothies filled with fruit and superfoods for breakfast, do 100 squats (if you can) and make a freezer stash of meals,' she said

She advised that she drink three litres of water and do 10,000 steps. Also, she recommends smoothies with superfoods and fruit for breakfast and 100 squats for lunch.

Cicily discovered The Healthy Mummy, an Australian program for weight loss and was looking online to find out more.

Soon, she was enjoying the smoothies of the company twice daily and combining them with healthier versions of her favorite meals like lasagne.

Cicily shed over 20 pounds in just a few short months. She also stopped going to the gym and took long walks whenever she could. 

She said that she didn’t hurry things and still enjoyed chocolate from time to time, but that she cut out soft drinks and followed Healthy Mummy meal plans. 

Cicily stated that losing weight is not easy, but keeping it off was the most difficult thing.

Within a few months, Cicily lost over 20 kilos without spending any time in the gym; she stuck to hour-long walks when she had the time

Cicily shed over 20 pounds in just a few short months. She walked for hours whenever she could, and she lost almost all her weight without going to the gym.

'I am now a better version of who I was - that person wasn't me, it was a shadow of who I was. I know I will never go back there,' she said

“I am now a more complete version of myself than before. That person wasn’t me. It was just a shadow of my true self. She said, “I know that I won’t go back to there.” 

Cicily explained that “maintaining weight reduction is a completely different ballgame because the natural respond to weight Loss is weight gain.” 

“But I’m proud to be me because I have pretty much maintained my same weight.” 

Cicily provides a checklist of simple steps to ensure that you are able to make a complete overhaul in your health.

She said, “This is what I did during my 55 kg loss. Keep in perspective. And keep going.”

Drink 3 litres water. Do 10,000 steps. Enjoy smoothies full of fruit and superfoods as breakfast. 100 squats if possible. Make a freezer stock of your favorite meals.

Cicily hopes other women see that consistency has a far better success rate than any quick fix fad

Cicily wishes other women would see consistency as a better option than any one-hit wonder.

It’s so easy. Your list is your guide. Now, you can say “I have everything I need today to achieve my goal.” You might even find the motivation to accomplish more.

Cicily wishes other women would see consistency as a better option than any fast fix. 

People think that you must do extreme things in order to lose weight. But, I found this way to be more realistic. I can exercise all I want at home.

“I’m now a better version than I used to be” – That person was not me. It was only a shadow. I am certain I will not go back.

“I feel normal and capable of doing normal things, which makes me so happy.” While it can be difficult initially, it will become a habit that you’ll never regret.

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