Mother tells how her son is unable to use nappies and furniture because of a rare condition.  

Marie Buckley 32 from Hull East Yorkshire shared her struggles with dealing with Pica. Pica is a disorder that causes Pica to eat non-food items, such as books, paper and fluff.

William Buckley is four years old and has tried to eat other foods since he was 2.

Marie works as part-time trainer and has to distract the boy during the day by taking books from his room. 

Marie Buckley, 32, from Hull, East Yorkshire, has shared the difficulties in dealing with her son's eating disorder, Pica, which sees him eating non-food items like paper, fluff, toys, and book. Pictured, William

Marie Buckley 32 from Hull East Yorkshire shares the challenges of managing her son Pica’s eating disorder. Pica sees Pica eating paper, books, and fluff. William 

William's rare condition, Pica, compelled him to actually eat the corner of his new divan bed frame (pictured)

Pica is William’s rare condition. He was forced to eat one corner of the new divan bed frame. (pictured).

Marie, pictured with William, said there is a shocking lack of understanding about his condition

Marie (pictured with William) said that there was a surprising lack of understanding regarding his condition

Marie explained: ‘Pica  is a condition in which one is attracted to eating things that contain no nutritional value.

«It is really hard to diagnose children with autism. A lot of professionals just want a child’s growth to normal.

William isn’t always trying to eat his nappies. This problem has been a growing issue for the last three to six weeks.

“He likes to have them daily, and more often at night while he sleeps in his bed.”

Marie, pictured with William, is hoping to raise awareness about his conditions and share the reality of hidden disabilities

Marie is pictured here with William. She hopes to bring awareness to his condition and show the world about hidden disabilities

William can be stopped from eating strange objects during the day when his mum is watching him, but he's harder to monitor at night

William is able to be restrained from eating odd objects during the day if his mom watches him. But, it’s more difficult at night.

Pica is a condition that makes people eat inedible things 

Pica is the act of eating items that aren’t suitable for consumption, like stones and faeces.

Polydipsia is a constant need to drink all types of liquid (for instance, bleach and toiletries), even though the person does not feel thirsty. 

Pica or polydipsia may be dangerous, depending on which liquid is being taken. 

Source: Challenging Behaviour UK 

William will eat paper. Half of his book was eaten by him when it was placed on the wrong shelf.

“He loves to chew on mattress protectors, as they’re too fluffy at the edges. So we changed the material.

“He also likes carpet fibres and soft toys.

“It’s still a work-in-progress; I took all his books and soft toys out of his room.

“During the day I can interfere and distract him, but at night it is difficult.”

William remains at nursery while he waits to be placed in the right school. He also has ASD, GDD and SPD.

Marie wants to bring awareness about Marie’s conditions and expose the realities of hidden disabilities.

Marie co-parents William and said: “The lack of awareness about William’s condition is shocking. People’s cruel remarks are appalling.

William caught eating nappies on a baby monitor. He hasn't always eaten nappies, and started in the last three to six months

William was caught on video eating nappies from a baby monitor. Although he hasn’t eaten nappies every day, he started using them during the last three to six-months. 

William has been the victim of 'cruel' online comments which his mother attributes to a 'shocking' lack of awareness

William is the victim to cruel comments made online by his mother. His mother attributes this to a shocking lack of awareness

“I didn’t even know what these conditions were, and without support groups on Facebook I would not be able to learn as much as I now.

“Professionals don’t seem like they can talk to one another, which could mean that some may give advice to someone with a condition that is not their own.

Although William’s handicaps are concealed, it does not make them less feasible. 

William is currently still at pre-school after waiting to be placed in a suitable school for his needs as he also has ASD (autism spectrum disorder), GDD (global developmental delay), and SPD (sensory processing disorder)

William continues to attend pre-school despite waiting for a school that would suit his needs. He also has ASD, GDD and SPD.