Mother attempts to create a fashionable unicorn cake for her daughter’s birthday. The result is hilarious and leads to thousands of people laughing.

  • One mum who shared images of a failed unicorn cake has been left in tears by the internet 
  • Lauren had hoped to get a cake for her birthday, but the item was already sold.
  • One of her cakes was damaged, so she ran to supermarkets the night before.  
  • To restore the cupcake that vaguely looked like a unicorn, it took “perseverance”

After trying to make a unicorn-themed cake for her daughter’s special day, a mother lost it all when she used a premade frozen dessert from the supermarket.

Lauren, Mum Lauren had planned to buy the cake that was featured on Pinterest and Instagram. However, she soon realized it was more difficult to find in stores.

Instead of running to the supermarket, her husband and she found the last piece that was damaged by a tumble.

Lauren, believed to be from the UK, admitted she was ‘naïve’ about the popularity of the unicorn dessert and bought the cake the night before the party to use as the base.  

Lauren made a different design. Instead of using white icing and adding a rainbow unicorn mane with gold horns and cute smiling eyes on the front, Lauren used a combination of unicorn-cat and unicorn icing with large smiley faces on the top and big goofy eyelids. 

The original design featured white icing with a rainbow unicorn mane, gold horn and adorable smiling eyelashes on the front of the cake

This original design used white icing and featured a rainbow unicorn head, gold horn, and cute smiling eyes on the top of the cake.

But the last-minute alternative made by UK mum Lauren looked like a unicorn-cat hybrid with goofy eyes and a huge smiley face on top (pictured)

Lauren from the UK made an alternative last minute. She looked like a unicorn cat hybrid, with big eyes and smiley cheeks (pictured). 

Lauren posted images to a Facebook group. Lauren said: “This may make your laugh. This made my husband’s day!

“My daughter insists that she wants a unicorn birthday cake. Because we were naive, we thought they would be very easy to obtain and decided to leave it until the morning.

“Needlessto say, after making two trips to supermarkets and many calls to other shops, we couldn’t find any that had taken a fall from floor to shelf.”

It cost $6.50 GPD for $12 AUD/ $6.50 GPD, and it was badly chewed after being dropped.

Lauren explained that the restoration of the cake which looked vaguely like a unicorn took perseverance and love from a mother.

She said, “She won’t know the difference, correct?” She wrote.

The cake was praised by her little girl, who shared the video online and stated that it looked just like a unicorn. 

The Tesco 'caticorn' cake cost $12 AUD/$6.50 GPD and was badly squished from being dropped (pictured)

The Tesco “Caticorn” cake was $12AUD/$6.50 GPD. It was severely squished after being dropped (pictured). 

Lauren was highly praised for sharing the hilarious images on Facebook. 

“Priceless, because you did your best. One mum said that this cake was what made her an amazing mum. It will become a lasting memory for your child.   

I prefer yours. It has more character. Well done!’ Another added. 

One baker said, “I make cakes for my living and I can assure her she will love it when she looks at it. It’s beautiful and was made with love.”