Over 2,000 people have reached out to a single man who posted his ad on Birmingham billboards in search of a woman.

Mohammad Malik (29), took the brave step to imagine himself on large hoardings in the city, with the words “Save me from an arched marriage”

To attract a partner, he also created a website called “Findmailkawife.com”.

Over 1,000 people have made contact with him since the announcement of his strange love search.

A further 1,000 people have also slipped in to his Instagram, Twitter or Facebook DMs. Mohammad, an entrepreneur and innovation consultant, explained how he will sort through all the interest.

Mohammad stated that he had enlisted some friends to help him create spreadsheets, and then will ‘audit” all of the messages. However, Mohammad said that the columns will contain information such as age and location (ideally UK), hobbies or personality types but not so much about looks.

Entrepreneur Muhammad Malik, 29, set up the website 'findmalikawife.com' and has plastered his face across several advertising hoardings across Birmingham

Muhammad Malik, a 29-year old entrepreneur, created the website www.findmalikawife.com and has had his image plastered on numerous advertising signs in Birmingham

Mohammad said he has enlisted a few friends to create spreadsheets and will then 'audit' his way through all the messages

Mohammad explained that he’s enlisted the help of a few people to make spreadsheets so that he can ‘audit’ all messages.

He stated, “I’m really happy. I’m overwhelmed by the response.

“There are over 1000 replies now to the official channel that is the website. But there have also been many more via Instagram, Twitter and facebook and various social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. It is a pleasant surprise.

In the next weeks, any meeting between suitors can be seen in person.

He added, “Maybe in the next week, we’ll start getting those meetings in.”

Today, he said on Good Morning Britain that he was not against arranged marriages. It is a very tongue-in-cheek statement.

“I feel it is 100 percent legal way to find someone, but I thought let’s try another method first.

Personality is the first thing to come to my mind. My personality is a little out there. I’m a person who loves people, and my inner theatre performs at times. So I need someone to balance this energy.

“Maybe somebody who’s more grounded, perhaps into nature or things that allow me to feel more relaxed than exacerbating the energy I already have. It is important to me.  However, you need to be passionate and enthused.

Susanna Reid, host of the show, joked that it was quite a long list.

Mohammad can often be seen looking up at billboards from his side, with a large smile.

Although he is originally from London, he now calls Birmingham home. This is due to Birmingham’s top quality food and bustling Alum Rock (and the amazing mosques).

Drivers using the A34 can see a smiling Muhammad lying on the floor and jokingly begging prospective partners to 'save me from an arranged marriage'

Drivers who use the A34 may see smiling Muhammad on the ground, begging potential partners to save him from an arranged marriage.

Muhammad is originally from London, but describes Birmingham as 'a second home' thanks to the 'top quality food spots in the city centre, bustling Alum Rock and the incredible mosques'

Muhammad hails originally from London but considers Birmingham his second home. This is due to Birmingham’s top-quality food options, buzzing Alum Rock, the amazing mosques, and other great amenities.

He stated, “My ideal partner would have a Muslim woman in her 20s who is striving to improve her religion.”

‘I’m open to any ethnicity, but I’ve got loud Punjabi families – so you’d have to stay with the bants. The most important thing is your personality and faith!

“P.S. I am an only child, and take care of my dad and mom. This is not a dealbreaker. I doubt it will work.

Muhammad believes his vision is greater than anyone who uses dating apps or seeks expert advice. He also hopes that people will connect with each other through friends and family.

“I’m still searching for the right girl. He said that it’s difficult out there.

“I had to have a billboard for my name to be noticed!” 

Muhammad claims that he tried an unusual method to meet ‘the one.’

His words were: “I am a creative and love to do the most absurd and random – but 100% halal ofcourse.”

“Traditional methods like the “rishta aunties” didn’t work so I decided to try something new.

Hindi for “Rishta” means to propose. A ‘rishta auntie”, which is essentially a matchmaker who helps men and women find their marriage partner, can be described as a marriage broker. 

Muhammad stressed that his genuine search for love and support of arranged marriages were not against them.

He added, “I believe that arranged marriages have both a place as well as tradition in many Islamic cultural cultures. 

Muhammad says he took the unusual approach to find romance after the usual methods of meeting 'the one' did not bear fruit

Muhammad claims that he tried an unusual method to meet ‘the one’ after all the other methods failed.

Muhammad was keen to stress his search for love was genuine and that he is not against arranged marriages

Muhammad wanted to emphasize that his love for God was real and that he was not opposed to arranged marriages.

“In reality, many studies have shown that an arranged marriage has many benefits.

“I’m just trying to figure out how I can find someone for myself.”  

Although he did place similar ads in London and Manchester, the singleton refused to disclose how much he paid.

The average costs of advertising on a billboard in the UK is believed to be around £500-£600 a week dependent on location.

Muhammad from West London explained his motivations for taking such extreme measures.

“I am a creative person and love to do the weirdest and most absurd things, as long as it is 100 percent halal.

“Traditional methods, such as “rishta aunties”, didn’t work well for me so I decided why not put it on the billboards.

“I have been on the lookout for someone serious since two years. Just before Covid was launched, I started casually looking.

“And, I did actually find someone. I was even planning on getting married. But when the pandemic struck my consultancy and freelance work came to an abrupt halt. I decided to shift my attention to my career.

“After I found my feet at my new job, I started looking for work again after the second lockdown. But without success.

“I own billboards in Birmingham and Manchester – I was hoping that this would improve my chances of meeting someone.

“They are up now since the new year. It’s a New Year and a New Me!

Although it’s still in its early stages, responses have so far been high-quality and came from some lovely people. Please keep the good work coming.

“I would like to contact women I enjoy soon.