An devastated dad of a young, healthy mother who suddenly passed away at the age of 29 while she was still pregnant with his child said that doctors had told him that she would have been alive today if her daughter had received the vaccine.

David Exley, aged 57, stated that his 24-year old daughter Sadie was a happy pregnancy. She had no complications and she had no problems until Sadie suddenly began to experience chest pains and migraines.

After tests at Pinderfields Hospital, Wakefield, in October last year, she was found to have a blood clot within her lung.

After she contracted Covid in November, her condition worsened and she was taken to St James Hospital Leeds a week later after being paralysed one side.

The mum-of-two was diagnosed with a blood clot in her lung. Her condition deteriorated after she caught Covid in late November

A blood clot was discovered in the lung of this mother-of-two. She was later diagnosed with Covid, a blood clot in her lung. Her condition worsened when she contracted it in November.

After suffering from brain hemorhage, she was transferred to Leeds General Infirmary. She was then rushed to an intensive care unit. On December 3, her tragic death occurred.

Drs saved Elliot, who was born by caesarean at just 29 weeks and weighed only 2.1lbs.

Birstall’s heartbroken David said that he received the news via phone and it was pure panic. I went straight to the hospital.

“I don’t know what to say about how I felt. My head was like a shed.

I did not eat for several days.

“They tried to rescue her but it became clear that Sadie had died.”

They saved Elliot’s life, but not our Sadie’s.

David stated that Sadie began complaining of migraines and chest pains in October. When she was first diagnosed with a bloodclot, ‘alarm bells began ringing.

However, he was stunned when she went to the hospital and received instructions from doctors that she inject blood thinners.

Sadie lived with Jill Allen (48), at the time. She was caring for her and David because she was constantly in pain.

Doctors were able to save tiny Elliot who was delivered by caesarean section at 29 weeks weighing just 2.1lbs

Drs saved Elliot, who was born by caesarean at just 29 weeks and weighed only 2.1lbs.

Sadie was diagnosed with Covid in November 2004. She had no symptoms, and her doctors assured the family she was okay.

David stated that Covid was caught while she was still healthy. You can use it to improve your weak points.

“What Covid did was it stimulated red blood cells to make few clots.

“They got larger and more powerful over the years.

“She had been experiencing symptoms for about a month, but then she experienced blood clots in her brain that caused an infection. By then, it was too late.

Sadie didn’t get vaccinated because Elliot, Elliot’s father, had ‘watched YouTube video and wasn’t in favor of it’ at that time according to David.

David stated that Sadie was fully committed to getting the jab when she turned 18, as her age allowed.

David commented, “She had been having the Covid jab since she was eligible.

“When Elliot was granted the go-ahead to her age group, Elliot’s father saw the video or found it on YouTube that Elliot shouldn’t be given the jab.

Sadie tragically died on December 3 despite heroic efforts from medics, and David and Jill were allowed to say their final goodbyes to Sadie

Sadie died tragically on December 3, despite the heroic efforts of medics. David and Jill were permitted to bid Sadie farewell.

“He stopped her from giving the jab. We spoke with the consultant after everything was over.

“I honestly asked him if she got the jab when it was possible, and he replied that he could not say 100% but that he believed she would still be here.

Sadie had to schedule a scan early in December with her midwife. Because they felt the baby was too tiny, she decided she would drive home and take Sadie to the hospital the next morning.

Sadie fell to the ground and was numb one side of her body.

David couldn’t see her due to Covid. Jill told him, however that she was ill.

David added: ‘I wasn’t allowed in A&E even if we had a bubble. Sadie’s mom was allowed in, but she was kicked out.

Sadie had no insurance and was completely ill. She was scared and very sick.

The staff stated that Jill, who was Covid positive was forced to leave because it was her last chance of seeing her alive.

Sadie died tragically on December 3, despite the heroic efforts of medics. David and Jill were permitted to bid Sadie farewell.

“We could go in to say goodbye, and she was now in her room.” The electrician replied. After performing an operation, she was completely shaved.

Although her injuries were painful, we managed to let go of her.

“We had never imagined anything similar in our lives.” She was strong and fit.

David was told by doctors that Sadie would not be able to regain consciousness if she had brain damage.

He stated that he felt sadness but also relief because he did not want her to continue living like this for her entire life.

David stated that Elliot was the main focus of their efforts.

David says that Elliot is now a fighter just like his mother.

Sadie, a single-mum, is survived by Elliot, her 2-year-old son Harper and David. David stated that he would make sure they ‘know every thing about her’.

He stated that Harper keeps asking Elliot to call her mother so she doesn’t understand what just happened.

“But we’ll make sure that he hears all about her. She will be there to tell them everything.

David made a tribute to Sadie and said that Sadie was his best friend, a “fantastic mother and dancer”.

He stated, “She was really fun and always had a good time. While we were father-daughter, we made good friends.

“She was as daft and nerdy as a brush. It was so much fun. Her mother was an amazing mom.

“She was independent and took all things in her stride.

She danced since the age of three, and she has danced all her life. She was an amazing dancer.

“She loved dance and studied in college. She danced in Paris at Euro Disney when it opened.” She considered it a high point of her career.

Sadie’s Funeral is scheduled for January 7.

Her work colleagues at B&M in Batley closed the store when they learned of her passing, and have since set up a fundraiser to help the family.