It has now been revealed the identity of the mother, nicknamed “Elmswell Elf” after leaving secret Christmas gifts on 220 houses’ doorsteps.

Tanya Utting (37), a woman from Elmswell, Suffolk bought presents and gave them away to spread love and happiness in random acts.

She escaped almost every night in December after 10pm and left chocolates, bulbs, flowers and pictures on the doorsteps.

Tanya was a Tesco worker, but she kept her identity anonymous so that residents could guess about the person who left her presents at Elmswell. 

Tanya Utting, 37, from Elmswell in Suffolk, pictured with her seven-year-old daughter Tilly, bought gifts and distributed them to 'spread love and a bit of happiness' in random acts of Christmas kindness

Tanya Utting (37), from Elmswell, Suffolk is pictured here with Tilly, seven years old. They bought presents and gave them out to spread love and happiness in random acts.

The resident who got the footage from her doorbell camera was able to post it online.

Tanya, however, could not be identified in the video. This was aside from a few close friends who were willing to reveal her secret. 

The actress even made an appearance last week on ITV’s This Morning, where Vernon Kay and Rochelle Humes interviewed her. She wore a wig to hide her identity and kept her back straightening towards the camera.

After learning that elderly people had suffered from anti-social behaviour, I decided to make presents and leave them gifts.

On December 1, pensioners received surprise presents of potted plants and bulbs.  

Tanya soon realized the potential of this idea and was joined at Tesco by her supervisor, who donated goods anonymously. 

She was very nearly rumbled when one resident got this footage of her on a doorbell camera and posted it on the village's Facebook page

One resident captured the footage on her doorbell camera, and uploaded it to Facebook. She almost rumbled.

Tilly, Tilly’s seven year-old daughter, helped her. 

Tanya said that she had completed her deliveries December 23 and would have parked somewhere where no one could see.

I choose random houses and give them a gift.

“I began at the end of the village, and I worked my way up through each street.

“I switched to chocolate for treats for kids, and some of my friends were open about it. They would tell me which homes had children so that I could go visit them.

“I stopped by the Co-op several times, and heard people talk about Elmswell Elf. I was curious to know who it was. So I kept my mouth closed.

“Some of my doorbell footage featured me in my unique bobble-hat. I was afraid that someone might recognize it so I decided to take it off on the school run.

Luckily, Tanya could not be recognised in the video, other than by a handful of close friends who agreed to share her secret so her identity stayed under wraps

Luckily, Tanya could not be recognised in the video, other than by a handful of close friends who agreed to share her secret so her identity stayed under wraps

“I wanted to make people smile, particularly elderly citizens.

“I wanted them to feel special.

“It was incredible to see all of the feedback on our village Facebook page.

“People were touched when they got a gift, but didn’t know how it came from.

“I made the decision to get out of my own way in time for Christmas and will deliver presents again next year. However, it won’t be secret.

“If I could send a gift every home in the village, I would. But it is impossible. There are too many homes in this village.

According to Tilly, 37 years old, Tilly is a’mazing’ daughter.

“She didn’t say a word even to me when she was at the school drop-off and I was being questioned by people.

The 37-year-old mother pictured with daughter, Tilly, seven, has been revealed as the 'Elmswell Elf', and during her stint as Santa's little helper, she was asked to appear on ITV's This Morning

Mother, 37, pictured here with Tilly (seven-years-old), has been named the Elmswell Elf. She was also Santa’s little helper during her time as an Elf.

“She was poker-faced and didn’t say anything.

Richard, Tanya’s husband and welder, told Tanya: “I just told Tanya to just go for the opportunity if it is what she would like to do.”

Poinsettias were among the surprise gifts, as was amaryllis and hyacinth bulbs. There were also ceramic houses that contained plants inside, potted plants, and clay houses.

Tanya gave chocolate gifts that included Kit Kat Santas and Malteser Reindeers, as well as Dairy Milk Snowmen.

According to her, it was quite a shock to receive a phone call from ITV inviting her to appear on the This Morning program.

She added, “They agreed that I could wear a silver hairdo, with my back towards the camera and conceal my voice.”

I was surprised that it could reach this level.

“There was much talk about the Elf in the village.” Many people at work wondered why I bought so many items.