Another woman is now revealing that her dog suffered from a mysterious illness. She said that the dog had been left “lifeless” and “limp” following a trip to the canal.

Nicola Jane from Leeds (West Yorkshire) walked six-month-old Lurcher down Hunslet Canal. He became a great swimmer. Very poorly just a few hours later.

Five days later, the dog nearly died from an infection.  

Nicola also had been walking a friend’s dog that day, which also got ill. But it was able to get better within a few days.  

According to her, both dogs began showing signs within just four hours after the walk.

It comes following reports of hundreds of dogs experiencing similar symptoms, sparking warnings from vets to avoid coastal walks.

A woman's dog was left 'lifeless' and 'limp' after a walk by Hunslet canal in West Yorkshire last week

Following a Hunslet canal stroll in West Yorkshire last Wednesday, a dog belonging to a woman was found ‘lifeless’.

Louisa Moss was 'terrified' when her eight month old Staffordshire bull terrier Nalu picked up a severe infection and became so ill it had to be put on a ventilator

Louisa Moss felt ‘terrified’ when Nalu, her Staffordshire bullterrier eight-month old Staffordshire bullterrier, got a severe infection. It was so sick that it needed to be placed on a ventilator.

David Arthur's 13-month-old dog Odin went swimming every day at Hayling Island beach near Portsmouth, Hampshire, but had to be put to sleep after developing a lung infection

Odin, a 13-month old dog owned by David Arthur, went swimming at Hayling Island near Portsmouth every day but was later diagnosed with a lung infection.

Nicola spoke out about her lurcher’s struggle with mystery illness. She said that he began to wake up on day 3. I assumed the worst was over, and he was improving like my friend’s dog.

“I was concerned, but his food stopped staying down. I believed he might be on the mend.”

Nicola had seen the online stories about the Yorkshire coastlines.

Elle added that she woke up on the fourth of nights at around 3am and thought he was gone.

“I thought that he died. His shaking was so severe, and he seemed to be sick. I felt like he didn’t want to come back.

“At the point I brought him to the emergency veterinarian, I was shocked at the number of animals that I saw. It scared me.

A vet performed blood tests, and the IV fluid monitoring monitor was kept overnight by the veterinarian.

Nicola said, “He’s a mess. He is like a skeleton. He has lost so much weight.

“There was no sign of him. He was dead. I believed he had died. 

According to her, the virus was spreading from beaches and she claimed that vets had told her so. The virus has apparently been spread by people returning from cities to beaches.

Nicola said that the veterinarians advised against allowing dogs to wake up in the same areas as their owners, because it spreads quickly from one dog to the next.

She explained that it was strange because it has the same effect as covid. Some dogs can handle it better than others. I’ve seen firsthand the difference between the dogs.

Nicola’s family members have seen their dogs in the hospital, sometimes for three days. 

The dog’s owner shared the sad story of his one-year-old Great Dane who died from lung infections after swimming in seawater contaminated with toxins.

Miniature dachshund Honey (pictured) fell ill and stayed at a vet's for three nights after developing haemorrhagic gastroenteritis

Honey the Miniature Dachshund, (pictured), was taken to the vet for 3 nights.

Ashley Brown-Bolton said she took her nine-month-old beagle spaniel Copper to Fraisthorpe Beach in the East Riding on Sunday, and he started vomiting on Monday.

Ashley Brown-Bolton stated that she brought her 9-month-old beagle, Copper, to Fraisthorpe Beach in East Riding Sunday. He started vomiting Monday.

Jo Owen Blb said she takes her two male dogs to the beach between three and four times a week, but both have fallen ill. German Shepherd Oscar (pictured), has not recovered more than a week later

Jo Owen Blb stated that she took her male dogs, Oscar and Max to the beach three times per week. But Oscar (pictured) hasn’t recovered from their illness more than one week later.

David Arthur’s 13-month-old dog Odin went swimming every day at Hayling Island beach near Portsmouth, Hampshire, but had to be put to sleep after A lung infection.

Mr Arthur, 59, from Cowplain, had already spent £6,000 on treating Odin but vets said the dog’s lungs were too badly damaged from pneumonia, with vets pointing to the sea as a likely cause of infection.  

Another dog owner was left with a £12,000 vet bill after her Staffordshire bull terrier swam in polluted sea water and became ill. 

Nalu is eight months old and contracted a serious infection while swimming in Langstone Harbour on Hayling Island. Louisa Moss (47) was left ‘terrified’.

It became extremely ill, and the dog had to be on a ventilator. The dog was having trouble breathing and barely 25% of her lungs worked.

With aspirational and E.coli, she spent six days in a veterinary specialist referral clinic called Lumbry Park Alton. Her owners were not permitted to take her home. 

Dog owner Cath Baggins said her cocker spaniel puppy Roo spent six days in a vets after visiting Bridlington

Cath Baggins, dog owner said that her cocker spaniel puppy Roo was in the vets for six days after she visited Bridlington

Mrs Moss stated that she believes it was her swimming in water. She lives near Langstone Harbour so we used to take her down to the beach and get her comfortable with the water. We also have a boat, and we wanted her to go on the boat with us.

‘We ended up with a bill of about £12,000 because the vets told us she wouldn’t make it if she stayed with them because they didn’t have the equipment. It was extremely traumatizing. It was so traumatic that I was in tears almost every day.

Brogan Proud (a Yorkshire Coast Pet Care veterinarian) advised dog owners to stay away from beaches because of a “high rise” in vomiting and diarrhoea among their pets. 

This post caused hundreds of panicked owners to share their concerns on Facebook, reporting how their pet was suffering from ‘brutal symptoms’ such as severe diarrhoea or severe sickness.   

British Veterinary Association said that it was aware of the reports but did not add any evidence to link walks along the beaches with the bug. 

However, the cause is unknown. Owners speculate that this mystery illness may be caused by a virus passed from one dog to another.  

Ashley Brown-Bolton stated that she brought her 9-month-old beagle, Copper, to Fraisthorpe Beach in East Riding Sunday. He started vomiting Monday.

According to her, the dog was suffering from diarrhoea. He could not keep his water for more than 24 hours.

She said: ‘The ones who know him know he’s normally very lively & always wanting to play so for him to be very sleepy & just not interested isn’t like him at all.’