Flippin’ heck! On an empty residential street, a Skoda Octavia driver strikes a parked car. He flips his vehicle on its side and causes a scene that can only be captured on CCTV

  • Rishi Rao, 42, was looking out of his front window when driver ploughed his car 
  • His parked VW Golf was later declared a write off after it was launched into spin
  • In the dramatic crash, the SkodaOctavia brown was propelled to its side.
  • It’s driver was uninjured but trapped inside with rescuers having to free him

In a stunning crash caught on CCTV, a motorist driving on a residential street managed to smash into a car parked on the curb and flip his vehicle on its side.

Rishi Rao, the homeowner was amazed to observe the driver driving into his VW Golf. The car was later declared unrepairable and he took it for a spin.

After the dramatic collision, the brown SkodaOctavia was propelled on its side by its driver in the crash. Rescue workers took over an hour to free him.

This is the moment motorist on an empty residential street incredibly managed to hit a parked car and flip his own vehicle onto its side in a spectacular crash captured on CCTV

The moment a driver on an empty residential street hit a car and flipped his vehicle on its side, in a stunning crash caught on CCTV

Picture of the flipped car later that evening on Woodstock Road in Wembley

Photo of the car that was flipped later in the evening at Woodstock Road, Wembley

Picture of Rishi Rao who's car was smashed

Rishi Rao, whose car was broken into

Rishi (42 years old) told MailOnline that he had just gotten out of his shower when he saw the car and was right next to it. The car came over my bed and I saw it.

“I owned that car for fifteen years, and it became part of me.” It was almost unbelievable. All of it happened in a matter of seconds.

“And then I saw the car in front of me being destroyed and people outside my house. The task of clearing everything took quite a while.

The video was taken by his next door neighbour, who captured Rishi’s car being hit by the rogue driver, in Wembley, west London.

The Skoda Octavia is seen driving towards the parked VW Golf on Woodstock Road in Wembley

The Skoda Octavia is seen driving towards the parked VW Golf on Woodstock Road in Wembley

The car collides with the parked vehicle before turning on it's side on the empty street

After colliding with the parked vehicle, the car turns on its side on the street. 

The next frame shows it just before it flips over connect it's front two tires with the top of the car

This is just before the flip over. The car’s front and rear tires are connected to the roof.

This image shows the Skoda Octavia completely tipped over before emergency services arrived to rescue the trapped driver

This is the Skoda Octavia fully tipped before the rescue crews arrived. 

This picture shows the damage caused to Rishi's VW Golf car which is now a right off

This photo shows Rishi’s VW Golf car, now in total ruin. 

Another image of the Skoda Octavia with smashed windows, lights still on and on it's side

Another image of the Skoda Octavia with smashed windows, lights still on and on it’s side 

Skoda’s front left tyre, which is front-wheel drive, found traction and drove on top of his vehicle. It turned the diesel saloon eight years old onto its side.

The 2005 VW Golf black was hit just above the front left corner, and he scraped its side when it returned to Earth.

Rishi’s car was shunted onto the path, busting the axle.

The cost of repairing the damage to Rishi’s car exceeded the value of the vehicle and it was written off.

Police, fire service, ambulance, and the police all rushed to help. The driver was able to escape the accident through his passenger rear window after an hour.

To address a potential petroleum link, the first response was by the fire brigade.

Rishi was a director of recruitment and an app developer. He gave water to the driver who wasn’t hurt except for his wrist.

He uses his road as a cutting-through between the A40 and the A406.

His house was cordoned for 4 hours, causing traffic chaos until 9pm.

Firefighters are seen at the scene trying to cut the driver out of the car as a police cordon is seen nearby

As a nearby police perimeter is established, firefighters are on the scene and trying to remove the driver from the vehicle. 

According to the London Ambulance Service, firefighters were dispatched for a collision that occurred on Woodstock Road, Wembley.

“A car that was colliding with a parked vehicle caused it to flip over. The vehicle was overturned by firefighters after one man became trapped.

London Ambulance Service staffs were able to treat him immediately. The scene was made safe by firefighters.

“The Brigade was called at 5.12 PM and the fire was out for firefighters by 5.37pm.

On the scene were two fire engines from Acton, Park Royal and Acton fire departments as well a Wembley Fire Station rescue unit.

For comment, the Met Police and London Fire Brigade were contacted.