Sore loser! NASCAR Driver Punches a Rival and Kicks His Car in Retribution for Virginia speedway flip-off

Virginia’s NASCAR race turned into a scene of violence when one driver punched his rival and kicked the car as retribution for having been flipped off.  

After both drivers pulled in to the Martinsville Speedway’s Infield Saturday, Andrew Grady could be seen making wild punches at Davey Callihan’s window. 

Grady pulled Callihan’s windows down and began throwing haymaker after straw at Callihan.

Grady continued on and was eventually picked up by an observer. The calm prevailed.

Grady recounted the events and said Callihan turned Grady on him when he came over to explain what had happened.

NASCAR driver Andrew Grady was seen throwing punches into the car of Davey Callihan

Andrew Grady from NASCAR was seen throwing punches at Davey Callihan’s car 

“He switched me off!” Grady related that Mike Tyson flipped him off. Racing AmericaBefore continuing, add a smile and continue. 

We were truly, really good at the end of the day. It ran fast. But man… you get these dumba**es that come in here and run with us, and they have no business running a late-model (car) much less a lawn mower.

“It was not close to me. He dive-bombed and hooked me. I really wanted to speak to him, but he turned me away. Mike Tyson started Mike Tysoning his head. This is a big-boy sports. When you wreck a man, you can take a grown-man a** whippin’ that’s how I feel about it.’

Grady says when he confronted Callihan, the latter flipped him off which led to the fighting

Grady claims Callihan turned Grady on him when he confronted them, which lead to fighting

Callihan responded that he wasn’t turning him off and was happy to talk with him.

It was for Martinsville’s transfer job. It was close from my point of view. The distance was not too far. It was close, but you don’t have to give up on the transfer spot where there are 95 cars. I took it. The race was very difficult. Although I apologize to Grace, we are fighting for our lives out there. I did my best and just did what was necessary.

“I have never turned anyone off. He comes out and starts hitting me inside the racecar, so… Although he is frustrated with me, he just starts to punch me in the race car. We were fighting for our lives.

Callihan says he never flipped Grady off and that he was just doing some 'hard racing'

Callihan said that Grady wasn’t flipped off, and that he was only doing some “hard racing”.