Nazanin Zghari-Ratcliffe’s sixth Christmas will be without her mother.

  • Richard Ratcliffe stated that the circumstances have begun to weigh heavily on his daughter’s minds
  • Nazanin Zaghari Ratcliffe (London) was detained in Tehran, Iran in 2016.
  • Gabriella Ratcliffe (7 years old) will video-call her Iranian mother on Christmas Day

Gabriella Ratcliffe is most anxious for Nazanin, her mother who has been imprisoned since Christmas Eve.

She’ll be able to use a video conference to Iran to communicate with her. Mrs Zaghari Rahimi-Ratcliffe is still under house arrest in Iran and will not see her family for the sixth holiday season.

Richard Gabriella, Gabriella’s dad, stated that Gabriella was suffering from separation anxiety at seven years old. Gabriella is now old enough for the matter to be understood.

Gabriella’s father, Richard (both pictured), said that being apart was weighing on the seven-year-old, who is now old enough to understand the situation

Richard, Gabriella’s dad (both pictured), stated that Gabriella was suffering from separation anxiety. Gabriella is old enough now to fully understand this situation

“She hates talking about it, feeling different than the other girls in school, as the odd man out.

“She doesn’t enjoy being asked about her feelings. When I interview her, she’s large enough to hear what is being said. She says, “Why is it that my mother has to die?” Is it going to be my mummy?

London-based Mrs Zaghari Ratcliffe was on her way to present Gabriella to her parents when she was stopped at Tehran’s Imam Khomeini Airport.

Due to false allegations she had plotted against Iran’s government, she was sentenced at the age of five.

At the end of the term, the authorities charged Nazanin with ‘propaganda against Iran’ and handed her a further one-year sentence.

After the sentence was over, Nazanin was charged with propaganda against Iran by the authorities and given a one-year term.

After the sentence was over, she was charged with propaganda against Iran and given a one year term.

The news about whether or not she is required to go back to prison remains to be confirmed.

Diplomatic attempts to obtain her release seem to have stopped.

It has emerged that Boris Johnson had refused Mrs Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s request for a phone call on Boxing Day – her 43rd birthday.

Instead, Liz Truss offered to call.

According to a Government spokesperson, the Prime Minister was shocked by what happened and said that they were working hard to bring her home.