It was discovered that necklaces claimed to “protect” people from 5G wireless networks have radioactive levels.

  • A jewellery that was advertised as being radiation-resistant from 5G has been found to emit radiation
  • A warning was issued by the Dutch Nuclear Safety Authority on their site
  • If worn for a prolonged period, ionising radiation may cause serious health issues 

The radiation exposure of jewellery that was advertised to protect people from 5G is now known. 

Yesterday’s statement by the Dutch Authority on Nuclear Safety and Radiation (ANVS) stated that people should safely store any of the ten identified products and to contact them if they have one.

The products (which include a sleep mask, bracelet bands, and necklaces) were found to contain radioactive material and emit ionising radiation continuously.

A pendant advertised to 'protect' people from 5G has been found to expose wearers to radiation

Wearers of a pendant that claims to “protect” people from 5G radiation exposure have been exposed to it

The bracelet listed here was meant for children.  

According to the statement, exposure to radiation from ionizing sources can have adverse effects on your health. 

“Due to potential health risks they present, these consumer products which contain radioactive materials have been banned by the law.

“Ionising radiation may cause DNA damage and tissue to become redder. 

These products have only been exposed to low radiation levels. But, if a person wears this product for more than a year (24 hours per day), they could be exposed to radiation levels that are higher than the Dutch strict limit.

“To prevent any risks, the ANVS asks owners of such items to stop wearing them starting now.”

A bracelet which claims to help against 5G with 'negative ions'

A 'fit and slim silicone bracelet' from Magentix

It was found out that these products include bracelet bands, necklaces and a sleeping mask. They also emit radioactive radiation.

You can see the complete list of products on their site.

The advisory also cautioned against throwing away accessories with normal waste. They must be disposed off using other methods because of radiation. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that there have been no adverse effects on health to date.Exposure to wireless technology’ is causally related.

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US scientists who studied the health effects of ultra-fast mobile internet radiofrequency radiation found negligible risks to the human body.

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