Dry January: Why do half the people abandon Dry January? Fear of missing it and need to socialize lead most people to give up their no-drinking pledge.

  • According to research, half of dry January sufferers give up by the end of week 2. 
  • Top reasons include drinking after work, wanting socialising and not being able to be there.
  • Volvic Touch of Fruit flavored water was studied by 2,000 people
  • Volvic spokesperson said that the survey showed how easy it was to get off the wagon.

It sounds like a great idea, giving up booze for a month and giving our livers a rest. 

However, research shows that Dry January will be stopped by half of the participants. 

Two in ten admit they won’t last the whole month without booze and three in ten will be happy to stick it for just two weeks. 

Adults give up because they need a drink, want to be social and don’t want to miss out. 

A spokesman for Volvic Touch of Fruit flavoured water, which commissioned the study of 2,000 adults, said: ‘The survey shows how easy it is to fall off the wagon. 

Research reveals that more than half of those who start Dry January are likely to give up by the second week

More than half of Dry January participants are most likely to quit by week two, according to research

“We enjoy those little sweet treats from time to time, so to have to stop is quite difficult.

But it’s not only the booze that defeats us in the New Year – abstinence from chocolate, smoking, biscuits and social media also fall by the wayside.

Finding something else to turn to after a bad day will be the biggest ‘Dry January’ struggle for a third of those polled.

31% will crave the flavor, while 29% will not be able to resist it at social events.

Almost a quarter (22 per cent) can’t bear the thought of not drinking at a social event – while for 32 per cent, this will be their biggest temptation.

There are other entices, such as a bad day at work (28%), going out to eat (27%), and the fear of missing something (26%)

However, 36% are trying to get healthier and 36% are looking to shed weight.

You can also save money (35%), or challenge yourself and show your friends that you are capable of giving up alcohol.

According to OnePoll, wine will not be liked by 36% and be the most attractive for 21%.

Beer will remain the most difficult tipple to say goodbye to for almost a third.

A quarter of those who drink more exotic drinks will miss strawberry daiquiris or margaritas. 23 percent are most likely to crave mojitos, pinacoladas, and sex by the sea.