A new documentary claims that the Queen experienced another annus horribilis in 2021. Experts however believe that her struggle over the past year may have actually strengthened the monarchy.

This monarch (95 years old) has experienced many tragedies in the last twelve months. Her husband Prince Philip died in April. Prince Andrews was facing questions about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein. Jeffrey Epstein also died in prison, while awaiting trial in sex-trafficking cases.

The royal is also facing health problems. Prince Harry moved to Montecito with Meghan Markle and their reportedly fraught relationship.

Charles Anson (Queen’s Press Secretary) made the claims last night in Channel 5’s new documentary 2021, The Queen’s Horrible Year.   

The Queen, pictured with a walking stick here in October 2021 attending a Service of Thanksgiving to mark the Centenary of the Royal British Legion at Westminster Abbey in London, has had a tough 2021

The Queen, pictured with a walking stick here in October 2021 attending a Service of Thanksgiving to mark the Centenary of the Royal British Legion at Westminster Abbey in London, has had a tough 2021

Despite a fraught year, multiple commentators believe the monarchy may emerge stronger, thanks to how Her Majesty has tackled many difficulties, including family in-fighting. The royal family, including 'feuding' brothers Harry and William, are seen in 2019 at Trooping The Colour

Multiple commentators feel that the monarchy might emerge stronger after a troubled year. It is because Her Majesty dealt with many issues, including family conflict, which was cited by multiple commentators. Trooping The Colour 2019 features the royal family including their ‘feuding brothers’ William and Harry.

A major crisis facing the Monarchy controversy generated by Prince Andrew's friendship with Jeffrey Epstein. Prince Andrew has denied all allegations made against him

The Monarchy controversy is facing a major crisis due to Prince Andrew’s friendship and collaboration with Jeffrey Epstein. Prince Andrew denies all accusations against him

It called 2021 an additional ‘annus horribleibilis’. This is the famous phrase Queen Elizabeth used to refer to 1992. That year saw the destruction of Prince Andrew and Princess Anne’s marriages, plus a large fire at Windsor Castle. 

Charted was the brand new programme The troubled year for theroyal, which featured many prominent royal commentators.

Among them was Charles Anson, the Queen’s press secretary between 1990 and 1997.

Addressing the issue of whether the ‘new annus horribilis’ will weaken or strengthen the Monarchy, he said: ‘The strength of our monarchy is that it is able to adapt. 

“It’s changing but I think, provided the values are still present, it can sometimes change for the better. 

Stewart Purvis CBE (a former television executive and document producer) agreed with this statement: “In the last 12 months, the Queen lost her husband.” [and]Her grandson is semi-detached.

Among the issues faced by the Queen is the fall out between Princes Harry and William, pictured here with wives Meghan and Kate in 2018

One of the problems faced by Queen Elizabeth is the conflict between Princes Harry & William. This picture was taken with Meghan and Kate, their wives in 2018.

The Queen, snapped here with son Prince Charles at a tree-planting ceremony in October, which kicked off her Platinum Jubilee celebrations, was described as a 'unifying figure'

Here is the Queen with her son, Prince Charles, at an October tree-planting event. It kicked off her Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

“But she’s symbolised so much what we want from a royal family, that in a sense I think her respect is stronger than ever.

“I feel that the Royal Family’s future will be more secure because of her leadership during these tough months.”

Andrew Neil, journalist and broadcaster, said that Queen Elizabeth has served as both a “rallying call” as well as an “unifying figure” for the country.

He said that she was a figure both of love and common sense.

“That was not always the case in past crises. She’s done it again with flying colors. 

The Queen blamed herself for the Royal Family's woes in the 'annus horribilis' of 1992

The year saw two marriage splits as well as a devastating fire at Windsor Castle, according to a royal expert. Pictured: The Queen in 1992

According to a royal expert, Queen Elizabeth II blamed herself on the Royal Family’s problems in the 1992 ‘annus horribleibilis’. The event saw two marriages split and also saw a catastrophic fire at Windsor Castle.

A royal expert said last year that the Queen was to blame for the woes of the Royal Family in 1992’s ‘annus horribilis.

Prince Charles and Prince Andrew were separated in marriage during the year of misery. There was also a terrible fire at Windsor Castle that destroyed 115 rooms.

The revelations came out during ITV’s Inside The Crown Secrets of the Royals.

Sarah Gristwood (author and historian) said, “It was like slapping, slapping, slap across face of Royal Family. It didn’t end.” 

According to reports, the Queen said to her friend: “Where have I gone wrong ?”.’?”

She gave an address on the 40th anniversary from her accession to throne. She described 1992 as annus horribleis, Latin for terrible year. 

The Windsor Castle was set on fire in November 1992. It destroyed 115 rooms. The fire started at Queen Victoria’s Private Chapel, where a defective spotlight lit a curtain near the altar.

Prince Andrew (pictured with Sarah Ferguson on their wedding day), and Sarah Ferguson, his former wife, decided to divorce legally in 1992. This was six years after they had been married for six.

A fire at Windsor Castle in November 1992 destroyed 115 rooms. 

In 1992, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson split legally after six years together. 

Similar to Princess Diana, Prince Charles was also the direct heir apparent to the throne. He separated in 1992.

In 1992, Princess Anne (the Queen’s sole daughter), divorced Captain Mark Phillips.

Similarly, the direct heir to the throne, Prince Charles, also separated from Princess Diana in 1992

In a similar manner, Prince Charles was also the direct heir of the throne and divorced Princess Diana in 1992