According to the latest data, a new drug called Covid can be used against any Omicron variant mutation.

  • Laboratory studies have demonstrated that sotrovimab has been effective against 37 new mutations.
  • Last week’s data indicated that the drug may be able to combat key Omicron mutations
  • This treatment is now effective against all forms of the variant, thanks to the new data 
  • After it was shown that it reduced hospitalisations for patients suffering from mild or moderate Covid symptoms, the drug was approved by FDA last week. 

New data has shown that a COVID treatment can be used to treat all Omicron variant mutations.

The drug sotrovimab was developed in collaboration by GlaxoSmithKline, a British pharmaceutical giant, and Vir Biotechnology of the USA. It is highly effective against all 37 known strain mutations.

Last week’s data indicated that sotrovimab could be used to treat several Omicron mutations. New data suggests that treatment is now available for all forms of the Omicron variant.

The UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency granted approval to the drug last week, after clinical trials revealed that it reduced hospitalizations and deaths in patients suffering from mild or moderate Covid symptoms.

Lab studies have shown that the drug, called sotrovimab and developed by British pharma giant GlaxoSmithKline with US firm Vir Biotechnology, is effective against the 37 currently known mutations of the new strain

Laboratory studies show that sotrovimab, a drug developed by GlaxoSmithKline and Vir Biotechnology in the United States, works against 37 mutations currently identified for the strain.

Sotrovimab is sold under the name Xevudy and it is useful for those with suppressed immune responses. While it gives your body Covid antibodies, which fight the disease and interferes with the viral replication process, antivirals block the transmission of this virus.

Already, around 100,000 dosages were ordered by the UK Government.

The MHRA authorization means that it now approves two antiviral treatments, Ronapreve & Xevudy.

Public health experts are likely to welcome this new information with relief. However, there is uncertainty over whether the existing Covid-19 vaccines or treatments will be effective against Omicron.

A plant-based Covid-19 vaccine was developed by GSK and Canadian biotech Medicago. It has been shown to be 71% effective against various Covid-19 variants, as well as 75 percent against the extremely infectious Delta strain.

The trial also showed that there were no serious adverse reactions to the vaccine in the 24,000 people involved in the study

In addition, the vaccination was not associated with any adverse effects among the 24,000 patients who participated in the trial.

A trial showed no adverse effects to vaccines in any of the 24,000 patients.

GSK and Medicago will soon request Canadian regulatory approval to approve the jab.

The world’s first Covid-19-based vaccine that has been approved by the FDA will soon be available to humans if the approval is granted.

These plant-based drugs can be made quickly and easily in large quantities. This makes them very useful for public health campaigns as well as vaccination drives.

GSK-Medicago can be kept at room temperature. This makes it more transportable than other vaccines, such as those developed by Pfizer or BioNTech.