New Year’s Day kicked off in style for the thousands of concertgoers that rang in 2022 at Sydney’s annual Field Day music festival. 

As Revellers gathered for the Domain annual summer music festival, they were prepared to endure a hot day. They wore shorts and barely noticeable costumes.

It has been in existence since 2002. The festival is a Sydney tradition, especially for electronic music lovers who often enjoy a tranquil New Year’s Day to take advantage of all the celebrations.  

The police were wearing face masks as well as leading sniffer dogs through the area to search concertgoers trying to get past the gates.

Women wore flashy, bikini-styled skirts with fishnets or insets as their choice, while men opted for shorts and buttoned summer tops to get into the festival.Hot Dub Time Machine, Golden Features, and d Wolf  

A few concertgoers chose to wear more extravagant outfits, with one reveller opting for a flashier look on a uniform police officer. He paired what looked like a NSW Police Force cap and a bikini top with a sheer skirt. 

One woman wore a fishnet green dress in fluorescent light, while another opted for loose summer tops with breezy sleeves and denim shorts. 

After the cancellation of last year’s event, it marks the return to the festival for the summer.  

New Years Day celebrations have kicked off with concertgoers ringing in 2022 at the annual Field Day music festival in Sydney

New Years Day celebrations began with Sydney concertgoers welcoming in 2022 at Field Day, an annual music festival.

New police uniform? Reveller puts a racy twist on an emergency services uniform pairing a police cap with a bikini top and sheer skirt

A new police uniform Reveller adds a fun twist to the emergency services uniform. Reveller pairs a police cap and bikini top with a sheer skirt.

Two revellers colour-coded their outfits impeccably with one choosing a pink gown to match the colour of her hair

Both revellers color coded their outfits flawlessly, one selecting a pink gown that matched her hair and the other choosing a blue dress. 

This reveller chose an all-black ensemble with fish net top and skirt as she joins thousands at the Field Day music festival in Sydney

As she joined thousands of others at Sydney’s Field Day music festival, this reveller wore an all-black outfit with a fishnet top and skirt.

Thousands of partygoers have turned up to mark the first day of 2022 at the Field Day music festival at the Domain in Sydney on Saturday

On Saturday, thousands of revellers turned out to celebrate the opening day of 2022 at Field Day at Domain in Sydney.

Festivalgoers rocked up to the Domain Park in Sydney on New Year's Day to continue celebrations

For New Year’s Day celebrations, festivalgoers gathered at the Domain Park in Sydney. 

An array of colourful and zany outfits were on display as Sydneysiders partied at the first music festival of the year

As Sydneysiders celebrated the start of the year with music festivals, they displayed a variety of colorful and bizarre outfits 

A strong police presence was seen at the Domain in Sydney as NSW Police patrolled the area with sniffer dogs

As the Domain was in Sydney, there was strong police presence. The NSW Police patrolled this area with sniffer dogs.

A bumbag wearing partygoer accompanies a friend to the Field Day music festival at the Domain in Sydney on Saturday

An unidentified partygoer in a bumbag accompanies his friend on Saturday to Field Day at Sydney’s Domain.

A reveller matches a crocheted skirt and top with a knitted bag as she joins thousands at the Field Day music festival in Sydney

As she attends the Field Day music festival, Sydney, a reveller matches her crocheted top and skirt with a knitted handbag.

Bikini tops, fishnet dresses and flashy skirts were the choice of outfit for women while shorts and unbuttoned t-shirts were the style for the men

Women wore flashy, colorful skirts with fishnets or bikini tops. Men opted for shorts and unbuttoned blouses. 

Concertgoer opts for a beaded outfit while attending the festival at the Domain in Sydney on Saturday afternoon

While attending the Domain festival in Sydney Saturday afternoon, a concertgoer chooses to wear a beaded dress

Concertgoer is escorted by police outside the Field Day gates as the summer festival kicked into gear on Saturday

Police escort concertgoers to the Field Day gates, as the summer festival kicks off on Saturday

Police were on patrol with sniffer dogs and inspecting concertgoers outside the gates to the ticketed event at the Domain in Sydney - these revellers taking a look at the canine as they strolled past

As concertgoers walked by the Domain, police were there with their sniffer dogs to check them out.

Two concertgoers at the Field Day music festival at the Domain in Sydney on Saturday as New Years Day celebrations kicked into gear

As New Years Day festivities kicked off, two concertgoers attended the Field Day music festival at Domain in Sydney.

An officer leads a concertgoer by the hand as police patrolled the outside perimeter of the music festival

A police officer holds a concertgoer’s hand while he patrols the perimeter of the music festival.

Pineapple vibes: Reveller wears matching pineapple patterned shorts, shirt and bucket hat to the summer music festival

The summer music festival: Reveller is seen in matching shorts, shirt, and bucket hat with a pineapple pattern. 

Plenty of sniffer dogs were spotted outside the front entrance of the summer music festival on Saturday afternoon. It's not suggested this dog found anything

On Saturday, there were many sniffer dogs spotted at the entrance to the summer music festival. The dog did not find anything, however.

After VERY chaotic scenes in cities, Australia awakens to 2022 with 4am kisses and sunrise beers on the beach.

Australians have awakened to the first day of 2022, with some soreness in their heads from nursing and looking worse after a wild New Year’s Eve celebration.

Tens to thousands of revellers weren’t deterred by the rapid rise in Omicron case counts as they held wild celebrations all across the country, with the largest crowds gathering in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

Organisers in Sydney were determined to host the largest NYE celebration since the outbreak. Six tonnes of fireworks, approximately 2,000 fireworks, were used by the organisers for the midnight event.

Happy revellers pose for a group selfie on Bondi Beach, in Sydney's eastern suburbs, as they welcomed the first day of the new year

As they welcome the New Year, happy revellers take a selfie together on Bondi Beach in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs. 

Tired partygoers crashed in the Bondi sands in their tracksuits after what may have been a night of intense celebrations

Partygoers who had been through a hard night may have crashed on the Bondi Sands in their sweatsuits.

A group of friends in fluorescent outfits decide to mark the first day of the new year with a dip in the surf

A group friends dressed in brightly colored outfits make plans to take a plunge in the water on the first day in 2019!

Group of friends wind down celebrations on Bondi Beach with one choosing a unique outfit combination: a tutu and long sleeved shirt

A group of friends ends the celebrations at Bondi Beach by choosing unique ensembles: a tunu and long-sleeved shirt.

The celebrations continued across the country with revellers continuing to celebrate well into the night. Partygoers began to migrate to Bondi Beach on the Gold Coast, to see the sun rise.

The perfect conditions made for perfect beachgoers, and slowly the crowds grew as the weather improved. Many others have queued at Covid-19 drives-thru Covid-19 Clinics, as the number of cases continues to rise. NSW has broken another pandemic record by reporting 22,577 new infection.

Others suffered more from the wild revelries, with many people falling asleep on the sand after the dawn broke.

Thousands of Melburnians watched a spectacular fireworks display on the Yarra River a after a scorching day that reached 38 degrees

After a day scorching hot to 38 degrees, thousands of Melburnians saw a breathtaking fireworks display along the Yarra River. 

The crowds were smaller at Circular Quay but that just meant a better view of the world-famous festivities for those who werent daunted by the Covid doomsayers

The Circular Quay crowds were less but it did not mean that they could see the famed festivities better.

Sydneysiders were in a mood to welcome in 2022 and who could blame them as 2021 didn't produce much to celebrate

Sydneysiders welcomed 2022 with open arms, and they were not wrong as the year 2021 wasn’t a great one.

The best seat in the house! Queues start to form at the Opera Bar directly opposite the Harbour Bridge

This is the best spot in the house The Opera Bar is directly across the Harbour Bridge, where queues begin to form

Where once a million spectators would gather around the water's edge to see the city's world-famous fireworks display, this year's celebrations were low-key. Husband and wife Diana Mosquera, 32, and Omar Campos, 33, enjoyed getting out of their Sydney home

One million people used to gather at the water’s edge every year for the city’s famous fireworks display. But this year, the crowds were very low-key. Omar Campos (33) and Diana Mosquera (32), their husband and wife, had a great time getting out of Sydney.

Some enjoyed quiet drinks or cigarettes, while others enjoyed fresh strawberries and champagne.  

A group of friends decided that a morning swim was the best way for the year to start. The revellers enjoyed a few beers and jumped in the ocean. 

Revellers who accepted the advice that they were far safer from Covid-19 outdoors than indoors were rewarded with light queues and prime viewing positions for the spectacular show. 

Many of those who took up the best spots had come from interstate – particularly Melbourne – as Sydneysiders made the decision to stay closer to home.