An 11-year old girl died from toxic gas poisoning after her lungs became clogged with toxic gases. The NHS called handlers believed she was suffering from food poisoning and didn’t dispatch an ambulance. A family member claimed that the call handlers misunderstood.

Fatiha Sabrin died following a ‘chemical incident’ at her home in Shadwell, east London, on Saturday, December 11 – the day after her birthday. 

Fatiha’s cousin Nishat Tasnim Diha said that a Seattle, Washington 111 call handler believed the family was suffering from food poisoning.

Fatiha’s mother wasn’t responsive to the second call, so an ambulance was dispatched.   

She was taken to the hospital with her brother and mother, but tragically she died shortly afterwards. 

Ms Disha, who calls herself the children’s aunt, told MyLondon: ‘On Saturday morning, my nephew and niece both started vomiting severely along with diarrhoea. My cousin [Fatiha’s mother]Paramedics were called to help but couldn’t find the cause of the vomiting.

Fatiha Sabrin (pictured) died following a 'chemical incident' at her home in Shadwell, east London, on Saturday, December 11, the day after her birthday. Fatiha received awards for her writing, pictured

Fatiha Sabrin (pictured), died on Saturday, 12/12/11, the day following her birthday. Fatiha was awarded for her writing.

Ms. Disha asserts that initially, the 111 staff thought the family was suffering from food poisoning. However, the matter wasn’t treated for an emergency.

But Fatiha’s mother began to get ill as well, and her conditions for Fatiha and her two kids worsened.

“As time went by, my cousin also started feeling sick. After some time, she was unable to open her eyes. “She was unable help her son and daughter,” Ms Disha stated.

Ms. Disha stated that Fatiha wasn’t breathing when paramedics arrived.

Although she was given electric shock and CPR to revive her pulse, nothing else happened. The hospital was unable to save her.

“After a series of checkups, doctors discovered that the patients’ lungs and stomach were full of toxic gas.

The schoolgirl was rushed to hospital. Pictured, police at the scene

The girl was taken to the hospital. Police on the scene

Ms. Disha stated that Fatiha’s dad was in London for a vacation during the incident.

Fatiha is now feeling better, although her mother is still at the hospital. Fatiha is currently staying with relatives while Fatiha is staying with her brother, who is a quick recovery.

“I cannot describe the pain of their parents,” Ms Disha stated. Fatiha was a happy, bright child. She is also exceptionally kind.

“I have no words for this tragic loss.”

Ms. Disha described the pain that the family is experiencing right now, adding: “There should be a thorough investigation.” We would like to find out how these toxic chemicals got into the building.

Abbir Ahmad, an acquaintance of the family said that Sahidul Islam was visiting Bangladesh for business and has been trapped in the airport ever since the tragedy.

Sabbir said that Fatiha was bright and beautiful. We discussed her future plans and she was there eight to nine days ago.

“She was responsive to my questions and said she wanted to become a doctor and make a difference in her life. Her writing abilities were also exceptional. She received numerous awards.

Fatiha's aunt Nishat Tasnim Disha, based in Seattle, Washington, has been in close contact with Fatiha's parents since the tragic event. Pictured, police cordoned off the block of flats

Fatiha’s aunt Nishat Tsnim Diha, who is located in Seattle, Washington has maintained close contact with Fatiha since the tragedy. The block was cordoned by police.

At present it is still unclear where the substance that led to Fatiha’s death was found, though Ms Disha believes the toxic chemicals ‘contaminated the air of the whole apartment block’.

Some residents also reported strange symptoms at Fatiha’s death.

Toni Santos Babi of the block said that she and her flatmates noticed a peculiar smell in their flat. She also had headaches and a sore throat for two days.

Fatiha’s death remains unexplained at the moment. The Met stated that a post-mortem will be conducted in due course. 

A sweep of the building was carried out by the London Fire Brigade and a quantity of chemicals – believed to be used for pest control – were discovered. Police said that work is ongoing to get rid of the chemicals.

Marcus Barnett (detective chief superintendent), who is in charge of Hackney and Tower Hamlets policing, stated that Fatiha and her loved ones are our thoughts. It is tragic. We will do everything possible to help them understand and support what they have gone through.

“All residents of the building had to be evacuated for safety reasons. We understand how difficult it must feel for them not to have their homes. We have been working with the local authority to make sure residents are well taken care of and give timely updates about when they will be allowed to return to their houses. 

MailOnline has reached out to Public Health England regarding comments.