Six people – including NHS staff – have been arrested following a Mail on Sunday investigation into fake vaccine certificates.

After we disclosed that two Covid-19 vaccinations had been administered to patients, police launched an investigation. 

The man who was being arrested at that moment was also taken into police custody. Since then, five other suspects were also detained.

Yet two months after our exposé, crooks are continuing to falsify NHS records, despite Government pledges to crack down on the crime. 

Last week we found fraudsters still openly selling fake proof of double jabs for up to £400.

Ministers will be alarmed by the failure to put an end to this scandal. Rules requiring proof of vaccination for entry to venues like nightclubs, theatres, and sports stadiums are due to go into effect on Wednesday.  

Police launched an inquiry in October after official patient records were being changed to show that people had received two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine. Pictured: NHS app

In October, police launched an investigation after patient records had been altered to reveal that two people had received the Covid-19 vaccine. Image: NHS app

Already care home workers require vaccine passports. From April, NHS staff will need to have them.

In our original investigation, reporters found fraudsters on the encrypted messaging app Telegram offering to alter the details of an unvaccinated person for £750.

Jordan Goodall was 23 years old and was arrested by officers in Basingstoke (Hampshire) on October 3, the day after we published the details. 

Hampshire Police has since arrested three men, two Londoners and 26-year-old Londoners, and three Londoners and Maidstone women, aged 20-25.

They were all detained in accordance with the Computer Misuse Act. The investigation into fraud is ongoing for four of them. 

While Mr Goodall remains on police bail, the other indicted have been freed under investigation. All NHS employees have been fired.

One user of Snapchat messaging app found the first letter TT advertising the exact same service last week. 

A couple posted photos of another individual’s NHS records being modified along with the message “Another One.” Get me for your vaccination passports!’ An additional post displayed an NHS App updated with a Covid jab. 

Yet two months after the Mail On Sunday's exposé, crooks are still falsifying NHS records, despite Government pledges to crack down on the crime. Pictured: NHS Scotland Covid pass

Yet two months after the Mail On Sunday’s exposé, crooks are still falsifying NHS records, despite Government pledges to crack down on the crime. Photo: NHS Scotland Covid pass

When an undercover reporter made contact, ‘TT’ requested details of the person whose details were to be altered, including their NHS number, along with a payment of £400 to a bank account with the reference ‘Christmas’.

Within an hour, TT sent a screen shot of his health records to show that the fake vaccines had been added. The official vaccination passport was generated by the NHS Covid app, which had already been updated the day before.

‘TT’ later said he could falsify booster jabs for an additional £250.

Another fraudster on Snapchat provided a convincing forgery of an NHS Covid certificate for £150. 

Jess Sniegocka (19), a nursery worker, said that all she needed was her full name. The certificate must include full address and birth date. £150 gets payed [sic]Over bank transfer [sic]It will be ready within 1-3 business days. As I have to pay for the plug, payment must be made first. [crook]. Nobody speaks for the plug.

The payment was sent to Elzbieta Sniegocka, her mother. Elzbieta (46) claimed at her Coventry home that her daughter only sold one certificate. She also said that Elzbieta had told her to stop after she saw the money entering her account.

In the initial investigation we found records that falsely showed two Pfizer jabs. 

The vaccine passport was used by a reporter to gain entry to a London nightclub, Paris museum and complete the passenger locator for UK travellers.

Hampshire Police stated last night that they are continuing their investigation into the matter.

NHS stated that fraudulent vaccinations can spread the virus, putting lives at danger. To ensure accuracy, vaccine records must be checked regularly.

“The NHS works closely with police to find those who are responsible for this incident so that appropriate actions can be taken.”