NHS employees protested today against the government’s decision to fully inoculate all workers against Covid.

The UK has a lower mortality rate as more people are vaccinated. However, anti-vaxx nurses insist that the vaccine’s lifesaving properties can only be achieved by using ‘experimental drugs’.  

Tens of thousands of NHS staff who have not had the Covid vaccine face the sack. 

More than 80,000 – 6 per cent of the workforce – remain unvaccinated despite repeated efforts to boost take-up. 

Every frontline worker who has not been given a jab, will be invited to formal meetings beginning February 4. They will then receive a warning about their potential dismissal.

A woman holds a placard promoting NHS 100k, a group of anti-vaxx ambulance workers who 'stand united in favour of freedom of choice, bodily autonomy and informed consent'. More than 150,000 people have died from Covid in Britain but the death rate plummeted after people started taking vaccines

One woman is holding a sign promoting NHS100k. It’s a group anti-vaxx ambulance workers that’stand together in favor of freedom, bodily autonomy, and informed consent. Covid is a deadly disease that has killed more than 150,000 Brits. However, the rate of deaths dropped dramatically after vaccinations became available.

A man smiles as he holds a flare and a drum during a march in London for NHS staff against vaccine mandates for workers in the organisation

A man smiles while he holds an flare and drum in London during a march against the mandates of vaccines for NHS workers

The infamous anti-vaxxer Piers Corbyn, brother of former Labour leader Jeremy, gathered with other protesters outside BBC Broadcasting House, London, to demonstrate against vaccine mandates

Piers Corbyn, the anti-vaxxer and brother to former Labour leader Jeremy joined other protestors at BBC Broadcasting House London to show support for vaccine mandates

A person wearing a Squid Game mask and a biohazard suit holds a blow-up syringe and they protest against the vaccine

Wearing a Squid Game mask, a biohazard suit and holding a blow-up needle to protest the vaccinations

A woman jokes as a person in a mask with a blow-up syringe injects her rear. More than 5.5 million people have died from Covid worldwide

One woman makes fun of a Covid victim by laughing as the person injects her back with a blow-up pen. Covid has claimed the lives of more than 5 million people worldwide.

Many NHS workers who have worked decades for the organisation face being sacked if they cannot prove their vaccination status

If they are unable to prove that their vaccine status is valid, many NHS employees who have been working for decades could be fired.

NHS England guidance says that notices will be sent out from this date, and March 31 marks the expiration of the notice period. 

The Covid jab is required for all front-line employees. This means they must get both doses before April 1; the first dose must be given by February 3.

Managers are advised to allow unvaccinated medical personnel to be moved from frontline positions into non-direct patient contact roles. The bosses won’t need to support staff in finding’suitable alternate employment’. Redundancy payments for those dismissed will also not be provided. 

A protest is being held in Piccadilly Gardens against the Government’s decision to enforce compulsory Covid vaccinations for NHS staff.

It is part of a nationwide campaign for healthcare professionals to have ‘freedom’.

A Yorkshire NHS nurse stated that she chose to quit her job after 30 years of service rather than get the Covid vaccination. 

Cara Barnes is a West Yorkshire-based specialist nurse who has been working as one for over three decades. 

However, she’s about to lose her job since she won’t have the Covid-19 jab. She claims it’s an “experimental drug”. 

All NHS employees will have to become fully immunized against Covid-19 starting April 1. This means that those not yet jabbed must have their first dose by February 1. 

Trafalgar Square saw a large protest as well, as hundreds gathered to demonstrate against vaccine mandates in the UK

Trafalgar Square witnessed a large demonstration as well as hundreds of people demonstrating against the UK’s vaccine mandates.

Demonstrators descended on the BBC's London offices as NHS nurses and key workers joined forces with anti-vaxxers

As nurses in the NHS and other key employees joined with anti-vaxxers to fight for their jobs, protestors poured into London BBC offices.

Many of the signs suggested NHS staff who are not vaccinated shouldn't be sacked because they were clapped during the pandemic

Signs indicated that NHS employees who weren’t vaccinated should not be fired because they were exposed to the pandemic.

NHS nurses protest against vaccine mandates that will make it compulsory for nurses to have the life-saving drug

NHS nurses protest against mandates for vaccines to make it mandatory that nurses receive the life-saving drug.

Hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets of London with flags and placards decrying Covid measures in the UK

Many demonstrators marched in London carrying placards and flags protesting Covid’s actions in the UK.

Cara attended today’s ‘World Wide Rally For Freedom,’ which was held in Leeds City Centre. She said that she intends to remain firm. 

Leeds Live spoke to her and she stated that she was not ready to inject experimental drugs. 

“Coercion cannot be used to make a decision.” The NHS is not to blame, but it’s disappointing. This is how my 30-year-long career ended. 

For today’s protest, hundreds gathered at Leeds’ town hall. To symbolise their feelings of being “left out to dry”, NHS employees were seen hanging up their uniforms outside the hall’s entrance. 

David Hesford is 52 years old and has served 26-years in the NHS. He currently serves as a senior support officer for health care. 

More than 52 million people have taken at least their first dose of the vaccine, which protects people from dying of Covid

The vaccine protects against the death of Covid and has been administered to more than 52 million people.

The Covid death rate in the UK plunged massively from January 2021 when Britain's population started to get vaccinated

Since January 2021, when Britain began to get vaccines, the UK’s Covid death rates have plunged dramatically

A woman holds up a sign that says 'I love my job'. More than 80,000 people in the NHS remain unvaccinated and as such face the sack

The sign reads: “I Love My Job” by a woman. Over 80,000 NHS patients remain unvaccinated, and face losing their jobs.

NHS staff protest against the coronavirus disease vaccine rules as they face losing their jobs if they don't take the vaccine

NHS workers protest against coronavirus vaccine rules. If they refuse to take the vaccine, they could be fired.

Army veterans salute in support of NHS staff marching in a protest against the coronavirus disease vaccine rules in London

Army veterans march in solidarity with NHS staff in London to protest the new coronavirus vaccine rules

According to him, he had been warned that he might be dismissed if the jab is not given but that he decided not disclose what his vaccination status was. 

David said, “If the government is going to fire me, they clearly don’t care.” 

Freedom is your first choice. I have chosen not to divulge my vaccination status – it is about choice.’

In the meantime, protestors from all over the UK gathered at Trafalgar Square and Newcastle in London to vent their frustration.

People held signs protesting against the BBC, COVID vaccinations and NHS vaccine mandates.

Sajid Javid (Health Secretary) told the Commons last week that the Government was still committed to the plans.

Previous comments by MrJavid were directed at NHS staff who oppose mandatory vaccination. He also urged the general public to be vaccinated.

He explained that he understands it. However, we must weigh the implications for social and health care. It will continue to be controversial. 

However, he said the government was taking advice ‘from people who are actually experts’.

A man dressed at the grim reaper with a syringe merged with a scythe. Just 1,645 people out of a total 52 million who have taken the vaccine in the UK have died as a result of it, amounting to a minute 0.003 per cent

A man dressed at the grim reaper with a syringe merged with a scythe. Just 1,645 people out of a total 52 million who have taken the vaccine in the UK have died as a result of it, amounting to a minute 0.003 per cent

Demonstrators with signs reading 'the media is the virus' and 'we do not comply' protest against vaccine measures in the UK

Signs displaying the words “the media virus” and “we refuse to comply” were displayed by demonstrators protesting against UK vaccination measures.

Anti-media protesters and anti-vaxxers joined to make their displeasure known against the coronavirus pandemic and vaccines

Anti-media activists and anti-vaxxers joined hands to protest against vaccines and the coronavirus panademic.

A woman smiles as she holds a cardboard sign that says 'jobs over jabs'. NHS staff without all their jabs will lose their jobs at the start of April

As she holds up a sign on cardboard that reads “jobs over jabs”, a woman smiles. Staff of the NHS without their jabs at the beginning of April will be fired.

Mr Javid has stuck by the move, saying it was the ‘duty’ of NHS workers to get the jab in order to protect patients, and insisted that he does ‘not want to see anyone have to walk away from their job’.

He stated that it was all about safety for patients. “We know vaccines work. We know they lower the chance of getting infected. So, it reduces the spread and transmission of infection,” he said to BBC Radio 4’s Today program. 

This virus can be deadly for anyone, regardless of whether they’re in a care home or hospital. We have a responsibility to do everything possible to help them. 

Ms. Javid stated that the public would be asking why they didn’t introduce it when the world has. ‘I think you’d have me on the show saying “why didn’t you do anything about it?He said, ”  

Covid cases were down 6 per cent from 81,713 to 76,807 this week, while deaths stayed at a fairly similar level, up from 287 to 297.

There are more than 52.2 millions people who have been given the first dose of HIV in Britain. 48.1million had their second, and 36.8million their third.  

A 'Worldwide Rally For Freedom' protest march takes place in Newcastle this afternoon outside the BBC's offices in the city

This afternoon, a protest march called “Worldwide Rally for Freedom” takes place outside of the BBC’s Newcastle offices

A man with a placard attacking vaccines for teens takes part in an anti-vaxx protest in Newcastle. It is unclear where the man has sourced his claims from

Newcastle: A placard-wielding man protests vaccines for teenagers was carried by a participant in an anti vaxx demonstration. His claims are not known.

Some NHS Chiefs are critical of the NHS’s rule for ensuring that everyone is vaccinated. They fear it will fuel staff shortages. 

To avoid similar shortages in key workers, the Trades Union Congress (TUC), called for the NHS policy to be “delayed with immediate effects”.

The NHS cannot afford to lose skilled and experienced staff, it said. 

Medical trade unions argued that the policy should be reversed to allow hospitals to have more time to convince staff to consent to an injection.

Royal College of Nursing declared that this move is likely to go wrong and was ‘an act of suicide’. Royal College Midwives warned that compulsory vaccinations could cause staffing declines and have catastrophic consequences.

And the NHS Confederation, which represents NHS trusts in England, said hospitals’ frontline staff will be pushed out of their roles, leading to ‘more gaps in capacity at a time of intense pressure and patient demand’.

Stephen Powis is the national medical director for NHS England. He said that vaccines offer ‘the most effective protection against the disease’. The ‘overwhelming majority of doctors have been double-jabbed. 

“NHS employers will continue supporting and encouraging staff who haven’t yet been vaccinated to consider the offer of the first or second doses prior to April 1, when regulations take effect,” he stated.