Today’s website crash of NHS was caused by hundreds of thousands of Britons trying to get their Covid-19 booster doses. This happened only hours after Boris Johnson stated that the NHS would become available to all adult citizens in the country.

People trying to make an appointment via the website received a greeting saying that there were technical problems and that they would need help. These issues are being addressed. Your patience is appreciated.

This comes just a few days after Prime Minister Cameron confirmed that he has turbocharged booster program. The deadline for all adults to receive a third jab will be extended by one month.

An Army draft will be made and the clinic hours expanded to treat 18 million people starting January 1, a staggering number considering the threat of Covid flooding the NHS.

Johnson stated that the “Omicron emergency” meant boosters are essential to protect our freedoms, and our way life. Minutes after his announcement, thousands of people flocked to the NHS site in desperate need for appointments.

First, it was again today that the NHS website put people in an online line of approximately 5,000 people just after 7am. This indicated that many people were trying to schedule appointments.

Moments later as people waited for their turn, an error message appeared stating that the website was having technical difficulties. Anyone trying to book a jab needed to visit another webpage to try again. 

Britons trying to book their booster jab this morning have been greeted with this message on the NHS website today

Today’s message from the NHS to Britons looking for a booster jab has been sent:

NHS website message

NHS website message

People trying to order their booster jabs on the NHS Website this morning also saw these messages

Next, they put people back into a queue. But the NHS website didn’t show the actual number but simply stated: “You are in queue.” Many people trying to make an appointment are currently trying. 

Some appointments scheduled by NHS staff will be delayed in order for them to reach their goal of providing Covid-19 booster shots to all adults in England before the end of this year.

Today, thousands of breast cancer survivors are being forced to wait until they can be seen. 

Figures reveal that one in three breast cancer patients is waiting more than two weeks to be seen by a specialist.

According to NHS targets, most women with suspected breast cancer who are urgently referred from their doctor should be seen by a specialist in 14 days. This is because of the Covid backlogs in hospitals, which means that this goal cannot be met for many thousands.

It means that cases are going undiagnosed for longer – delaying treatment.

Recent figures by NHS England reveal that breast cancer referrals were not received in the first two weeks of October. This is more than twice as many cases in October. In 12,905 cases, the target of 29.1 percentage was met. This marked an increase in the number of cases that did not receive appointments during the specified timeframe, which was 12.5% more than the previous month when 5280 (112.5%) had failed to get them.

Macmillan Cancer Support reported that the rate of stage-4-positive women was 48 percent higher than anticipated in certain months.

Wes Streeting is Labour’s spokesperson for health and said, “No one should wait or wonder for weeks” when it came to cancer. There are urgent questions about why this government has increased the waiting times for patients.

A spokesperson from the Department of Health stated that they are dedicated to making sure people get the right treatment. They added that cancer care remains a top priority.

Nurse leaders expressed concerns about the expansion of vaccine programmes. This will allow for nearly a million people to be vaccinated every day. A charity however said that the Government should ensure the NHS’s cancer services are protected and prioritized. 

In a recorded address yesterday night to the nation, Mr Johnson stated that Britain needed to ‘urgently reinforce its wall of vaccine defense’. As he gave the deadline, he said everyone who is over 18 must be jabbed by the end of the year.

Scientists had found that two doses of vaccine are “simply not enough” to control the spread. He warned that the NHS might be overrun without an urgent mass booster campaign.

42 military planning units will be deployed in every region to support the mission of administering millions more jabs before December 31.

In addition to opening additional vaccine stations and deploying mobile units, the clinic hours will be extended in order to provide access to people around-the-clock and on weekends. Additionally, thousands of vaccinators training will take place.

Johnson explained that in order to achieve the required pace, it was necessary for us to surpass the NHS’s previous best vaccine day and beat this day every day. It will take extraordinary efforts.

“And since we’re focusing on boosters, and making this new target possible, it will mean that other appointments will have to be postponed till the new Year.

“But we need to do it now because the Omicron wave could be so huge that cancellations and disruptions such as the loss of cancer appointments next year would be much greater.”

According to Government’s website, the 844,285 vaccinations in the UK were the most recent. That is, it was equivalent to inoculating the whole of Liverpool.

Johnson made a plea for GPs and doctors to be more vigilant and protect themselves and colleagues.

NHS England explained that doctors will be required to prioritise clinical services in order to have the maximum capacity to provide Covid-19 vaccine support. This includes critical care such as urgent and emergency treatment for cancer.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson records an address to the nation about booster jabs from Downing Street in London yesterday

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, addresses nation yesterday about booster jabs at Downing Street.

This might mean routine appointments for certain people are delayed as part of the nation’s mission to launch boosters.

Steven McIntosh is the executive director for advocacy and communications at Macmillan Cancer Support. He said that everyone can help reduce pressure on crucial NHS care. This includes getting vaccinated and getting booster jabs.

He stated that the Government must ensure that NHS services for cancer are protected and prioritised this winter so no one is left waiting or in danger of losing their vital care.

Pat Cullen (general secretary, chief executive, Royal College of Nursing) stated that nursing staff played a key role in the administration of vaccines, and they are available to repeat the feat.

Ms Cullen expressed concern about “the scale and pace” of expansion. She said that nurses in the UK are already under enormous pressure and are facing unsustainable demands.

Chris Hopson is the chief executive officer of NHS Providers. He said that while the NHS has done everything possible to implement the “hugely ambitious” booster campaign but it’s ‘already exceeding full stretch’ so they will need to prioritize.



According to him, as hospital staff get involved more it will ‘likely impact planned care and cause some additional delays.

Johnson announced that any adult aged over 18 living in England will have the opportunity to get their booster starting Monday.

He claimed that the UK Government would help the devolved authorities to accelerate their own third-jab rollouts.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon stated that Scotland will match the goal of providing boosters for all eligible adults prior to 2022. However, she added that there may be more Covid-19 restrictions to deal with the new strain.

Mark Drakeford, the Welsh leader, also stated that ‘further measures’ may be necessary to protect the country. He encouraged citizens to make having a booster a priority and made a promise to speed up the rollout.


After a sharp increase in Omicron-related cases, the UK Covid alert level has been raised from Level 3 to Level 4.

After receiving advice from UKHSA, the nation’s four chief doctors and the national director of NHS England made this recommendation to Ministers.

As of Sunday’s closing, the UK had added 1,239 cases of Omicron Mutation to its total, which is a 66% increase over Saturday’s 1,898.

Nadhim Zhawi, education secretary, stated that it was probably 10 times more.