NHS worker finds ‘Chinese prisoner’s ID’ sewn into the lining of £49.99 coat she bought from My Shoe Store online and fears it could be ‘a call for help’

  • She purchased the dress from an online company called My Shoe Store at age 24.
  • Brave Soul is a Whispering Smith brand which exports to China.
  • Primark buyer in 2015 discovered a distressing note inside a pair cotton socks.

One worker at the NHS found an ID from a Chinese prisoner in the jacket she purchased online.

The 24-year-old purchased the garment for £49.99 off an online firm called My Shoe Store. 

Brave Soul is the core brand of Whispering Smith UK, and this coat came from them. 

An NHS worker has found a 'Chinese prisoner's ID' (pictured) sewn into the lining of a coat she bought online and fears it could be 'a call for help'

A worker for the NHS discovered a “Chinese prisoner ID” (photo) in the coat she purchased online. She fears that it may be a call to help. 

According to the woman in Norwich, “This could be an appeal for help from a slave worker.”

According to her, she said that she works in the NHS. She also cares about people living the best life possible. 

Amnesty International spokesperson said that companies have the responsibility of respecting human rights in their activities in China or anywhere else around the globe.

‘Key to this is engaging in human rights due diligence to prevent the risk of negatively impacting people’s rights through their work, business relationships and within their value chains. 

“We urge the UK government also to consider making due diligence compulsory for foreign nationals operating in Britain.”

MailOnline has approached Whispering Smith for comment.  

The coat (pictured) was from Brave Soul, a core brand of UK based Whispering Smith which outsources to China for cheap labour

Pictured is the coat from Brave Soul. This core brand of Whispering Smith, UK, outsources labour to China via Brave Soul.

Primark’s 2015 shopper discovered a troubling letter in a pair socks. The note claimed that it came from a Chinese torture victim.

Shahkiel Akbar found his note concealed in the socks made of black cotton, which he had purchased at the Metrocentre Newcastle.

After translating the note in English, Mr Akbar discovered what looked like a desperate plea for help by a man who claimed to have been tortured following being framed to commit fraud and blackmail.

24-year-old Mr Akbar took the letter to his Chinese restaurant to have it translated. After the owner stated that he couldn’t read Chinese because he was Korean, Akbar downloaded an app for his phone and translated the text into English.

In 2015, a Primark shopper found a distressing letter inside a pair of socks which claimed to be from a Chinese torture victim (pictured)

Primark customer in 2015 found distressing letters inside socks that claimed to have been from Chinese torture victims (pictured).

According to the letter, it was from Ding Tingkun of Anhui province.

The letter read: ‘I was falsely accused and set up for fraud and blackmail by and illegally sentenced on June 29, 2014, by Lingbi County People’s Court for three years in jail.

“At the moment, I am being held at Lingbi County Detention Centre. Extreme torture and destruction have taken place to my body and mind!

‘If anyone sees the letter, please hand it in to President Xi Jingping and Premier Li Keqiang. Or expose it through a media journalist!

He added, “My wife and me have been paralysed.”