Here’s the moment that a desperate NHS worker called on the shameless Insulate Britain eco-mob members not to block a road to get home to him and his child. The hated group had continued blocking streets in London.

The clip was obtained by LBC. In it, you can see the animator male pleading for the eco-zealots in London to get off the street on Vauxhall. He tells them that their protest is ‘not right.

He becomes increasingly frustrated as he looks at police officers who stand silently along the sides, and he repeats his mantra: “Don’t stop the road!” He needs to go home and see his child. 

“I must get back home. It is important to consider other people.

It comes as hundreds of Insulate Britain activists forced Lambeth Bridge and Vauxhall Bridge, London to close as they protested against the jail terms given to their road-blocking comrades. According to supporters, the nine inmates are considered ‘political prisoners’ who ‘will never be forgotten’.

This hated group marched in the streets of the city Saturday afternoon. It caused chaos and blocked roads for hundreds of commuters. Climate justice. It is our time to demand it. Now.’ 

Metroplitan Police declared that they had removed protestors from Lambeth Bridge pursuant to the Public Order Act. They also urged people present on Twitter to “leave this bridge”.

Then they added, “Lambeth Bridge is still closed as Vauxhall Bridge southbound und some Vauxhall Cross.” They are currently working on getting the roads reopened quickly. 

This is the moment a desperate NHS worker urged shameless members of Insulate Britain's eco-mob to stop blocking a road in London so he could 'get home' to his child as the hated group forced Vauxhall Bridge to close for hours

The moment when a desperately ill NHS worker asked the shameful members of Insulate Britain’s eco-mob not to block a London road so that he could “get home” to his child.

The hated eco-group marched throughout the city on Saturday afternoon, blocking roads and causing chaos for thousands of commuters in the capital while chanting: 'What do we want? Climate justice. When do we want it? Now'

This hated group marched in the streets of the capital on Saturday afternoon. It caused chaos and blocked roads for many commuters. Climate justice. It is our time to demand it. Now’

As his tone becomes more exasperated while he watches police officers stand idly to the side, the man repeats: 'Don't block the road! I need to get home to my child'

His tone gets more frustrated as he stares at the police officers standing idly by the side. The man then repeats, “Don’t block our road!” He needs to go home and see his child.

Members of Insulate Britain's eco mob risked the fury of millions of Brits after they blocked more roads in the capital in protest at the jailing of nine of their members earlier this week. Pictured: Protestors block the road and hold signs at Vauxhall Bridge, central London

After protesting the imprisonment of nine members of the Insulate Britain eco mob earlier in the week, they blocked further roads throughout London. This angered millions of Brits. Pictured here: Demonstrators hold signs and block roads at Vauxhall Bridge (central London).

Police officers engage with Insulate Britain's climate activists during a demonstration that forced Vauxhall Bridge in Central London to close for hours on Saturday

At a Saturday demonstration in which Vauxhall Bridge was closed for many hours, police officers teamed up with Insulate Britain’s climate protesters

Police remove an Insulate Britain climate activist taking part in a demonstration on Vauxhall Bridge in central London on Saturday, November 20

Police removed an Insulate Britain climate activist who was participating in a protest at Vauxhall Bridge, central London, on Saturday 20 November.

Photographs showed the members of an eco-mob being dragged off by police officers. Others returned to roadblocking activities with signs saying: ‘Betrayed my government. 

The group included nice people who were jailed for violating an order to stop roadblockades that brought down the country for several weeks.

Emma Smart (44), who was arrested for participating in an October 8 protest against the M25, received a four month sentence. 

Ana Heyatawin (58) and Louis McKechnie (20) were both sent to jail for three months. Ben Taylor (27) was sentenced to six months. Taylor boasted that he would block roads again immediately if he wasn’t imprisoned. 

Campaigners blocked Lambeth Bridge on Saturday afternoon with a sit down demonstration that quickly led to police redirecting traffic to other routes. 

Insulate Britain stated that it will continue to protest the government’s hateful actions, which angered motorists.

To stop demonstrators from blocking roads, the High Court issued five injunctions.

TfL received a civil ban order to stop protesters from blocking traffic on the Capital’s most busy roads. 

Supporters of the nine jailed Insulate Britain climate activists take part in a protest on Lambeth Bridge in central London

A demonstration was held on Lambeth Bridge, central London by supporters of nine Insulate Britain climate activists currently in jail

Hundreds of Insulate Britain activists have closed Lambeth Bridge on a protest through London against the jail terms given to their road-blocking comrades

Insulate Britain activists blocked Lambeth Bridge as a demonstration against the harsh sentences handed to road-blocking friends.

Hundreds of Insulate Britain activists are marching through London in protest against jail terms given to their comrades. Pictured, they sat down on Lambeth Bridge, forcing it to close

Insulate Britain activists march through London to protest the jail sentences given their fellow prisoners. Photographed: They took refuge on Lambeth Bridge forcing it to close. 

The supporters claim the nine jailed Insulate Britain climate activists are 'political prisoners' and will not be the last to be locked up

According to supporters, the Insulate Britain Climate Activists in Jail are “political prisoners” and won’t be the last.

Gabriella Ditton (27), a Norwich animator, stated that she was arrested six times by Insulate Britain. She also claimed that one arrest had been made for violating the injunction. “I anticipate going to prison sometime in the future for at most six months, because this is something I will not be ashamed of,” she said.

“I’ve known for some time that civil resistance is the best thing to help us. It is my faith that people will come together. There are solutions for this crisis, all we need is the political will. 

Gully is a political campaigner. Gully told around 200 supporters gathered at London’s Royal Courts of Justice, “Make No Mistake, these are political prisoner and they won’t be the last.”

In September, Insulate Britain started a series of protests and blocked roads around London, including the M25.

Gully made a clear warning to the police force present at the event: We will be putting one foot in front and the other. Dare you not to!

She said, “You can’t jail the resistor. But you cannot jail the resistance.”

After being closely supervised by officers in uniform, the group set out on a walk protesting against injustices along central London’s streets, towards Westminster, chanting “power to all people”.

As a campaigner explained to the crowd that good people are responsible for disobeying bad laws, cheers rang out.

The group was jailed this week for breaching an injunction designed to prevent the road blockades which have sparked anger among motorists and others affected by the protests

They were convicted of violating an order to avoid road blockades, which has sparked anger from motorists as well as others who have been affected by the protests.

Gully stated that the police were present at all times and warned them of their presence.

The group, watched closely by uniformed officers, then set off for a protest walk around nearby central London streets towards Westminster chanting 'power to the people'

After being closely supervised by officers in uniform, the group set out on a walk protesting against injustices along central London’s streets, towards Westminster, chanting “power to all the people”.

Cheers rang out during the walk as a campaigner told the crowd that 'good people have a duty to disobey bad laws'

As a campaigner explained to the crowd that “good people have the duty not to obey bad laws”, cheers rang out throughout the walk

Alanna Byrne from Extinction Rebellion said, “When I watched the Highway Nine testify in court this semaine, I realized that I had to make a stand in their place today.”

“These individuals willingly sacrificed their freedom in order to force the government to address the most serious crisis that we will ever experience.”

“The failure to implement Cop26 should be a shock for everyone. The fossil fuel industry is being protected by world leaders, and they won’t save the public.

“All we need now is to unite on the streets and resist for everything we love.

“The government believes that the injunction will make people fearful and force them to stop acting.” However, the reverse is true.

“This has just ignited a fire within people that will spread faster then they realize.” Emma Smart declared in court Wednesday, “I won’t be a spectator.” You shouldn’t either.

Zoe Cohen claimed that she had traveled to the demonstration from Warrington in Warrington, England out of frustration.

She added, “I am mad, distraught, and grieving for the immense amount of nature we have lost.”

According to the 51-year old, ‘ordinary people shouldn’t have to do that and run for prison’.

Ms Cohen stated that any disruption would be minimal in comparison to millions of lives being lost worldwide due to this crisis.

Insulate Britain stated that it did not participate in the organization of the event. It was described as community-led by participants.

They were sentenced to High Court Wednesday for violating an injunction when they took part in blocking junction 25 of M25 during morning rush hour on October 8.

Ana Heyatawin was 58 and Louis McKechnie 20, 20 were both sentenced to three-month imprisonment. Ben Buse 36, Roman Paluchnik 28, Oliver Rock 41, Emma Smart 44, Tim Speers 36, and James Thomas 47 received four month sentences.

Ben Taylor (37), was sentenced to a shorter term of six months “to discourage him from committing more breaches” after his Tuesday submissions were described by Dame Victoria Sharp, as both inflammatory and an ‘appel to arms’.

Nine Insulate Britain eco zealots were jailed at the High Court after admitting breaching an injunction on protesting

After admitting to violating an injunction against protesting, nine Insulate Britain eco-zealots were sentenced by the High Court

Today, protestors gathered in London’s Royal Courts of Justice to show solidarity with Insulate Britain campaigners who were sentenced to prison.

 Demonstrators outside the court in Westminster today accused Boris Johnson’s cabinet of ‘betrayal’ and said they were ‘frightened that our government would rather imprison scientists than follow their advice’

Other speakers warned that Cop had failed, referring specifically to the COP26 Climate Change Summit held in Glasgow earlier in this month. It ended with a watered-down pact that stated states would ‘phase away’ from fossil fuels and ‘phase down’ others.

As Mr Justice Chamberlain sat, the judge said that there were no alternatives to prison sentences because of their actions. They had already made clear that they wanted to flout any court orders.

Insulate Britain stated that it will continue protests until Government grants homes insulation.

To stop demonstrators from blocking roads, the High Court issued five injunctions.

These injunctions were granted to National Highways to prohibit demonstrations along the M25 and around the Port of Dover, as well as on other major roads throughout London. One was also given to Transport for London (TfL).

TfL received a civil ban order to stop protesters from blocking traffic on the Capital’s most busy roads.

Contempt could result in a conviction for those who violate the injunctions and may be sentenced to a maximum of two years imprisonment or an unlimited fine.

Other Insulate Britain protesters are likely to face High Court proceedings in relation to the October 27 protests.

Protesters from Insulate Britain blocking the M25 at junction 31 back on October 31 this year

Insulate Britain Protesters blocked the M25 at Junction 31 on October 31st, this year

Two months ago, Insulate Britain mocked the law.

September 13,After blocking the M25 junctions 3, 6, 14 and 20, protestors from Insulate Britain were arrested

September 15,Over 50 people were arrested for attacking junctions 1-8, 9 and 23 on the M25.

September 17, 48 protesters were detained after they attacked junctions 9, 28 and 25 of the M25 as well the M3.

September 2029 people are detained after they blockade the M25 at intersections 4, 18 and 1, as well the A1.

September 21Protesters running in traffic near Junction 10 risk their lives. The 38 arrested people are taken into custody. National Highways receives an injunction for further protests against the M25

September 22Protesters set fire to copies of the injunction and block the roads leading from the Home Office. No arrests were made

September 2439 people were arrested for blocking streets at Dover’s three main locations. All of them are being investigated. National Highways receives another injunction covering Dover.

September 27,53 people were arrested after blocking the slip road at Junction 14 on the M25. The investigation has led to their release.

September 28National Highways states it will seek legal advice on how to enforce the injunction.

September 29, – 27 protesters are arrested for blocking a roundabout at Junction 3 of the M25 on two occasions

September 30, – Protesters return to junction 30 at Thurrock in Essex, and nine are arrested

October 1, The group block the M4 at junction 3, the M1 at junction 1 and M25 at junction 25. There were 39 arrests

October 2,The third injunction prohibits them from interfering with traffic, access to motorways, and major A roads within and around London. 

October 4,Protesters blocked three main roads through London, including the Blackwall Tunnel and Wandsworth Bridge. 38 people were arrested. 

October 8,19 were detained over protests at Old Street roundabout. 16 others were also arrested at M25 junction 24. Transport for London is granted a High Court order prohibiting their obstruction of traffic at 14 London locations.

October 13– Protesters are returning to the M25 at Junction 31 and an industrial estate nearby, where 35 were arrested.

October 25Activists are targeting areas near Southwark Bridge and Canary Wharf, as well as Liverpool Street Station. 53 were taken into custody.

October 27,: Protesters blockade North Acton’s A40, West London. Also, a large roundabout near the Dartford Crossing (Kent) Kent Police arrested 32 people, while Metropolitan Police held 17.

September 29Ten activists were arrested for walking on the M25 in Essex between junctions 29 and 28. 

November 2– Police detain 20 activists from the M25 in South Mimms before they are allowed to get on the M25. However, other actions occur on the M56 Manchester with 11 arrests and the A4400 Birmingham.

November 462 people protest at Parliament Square in Westminster 

November 17The High Court has placed nine protestors in jail for three to six months.