Nick Knowles revealed that long Covid was a problem for him over 10 months, after he contracted the virus during the outbreak.

DIY SOS host, at 59 years old, said he had kept his chronic fatigue secret in fear of losing work. He even needed to take a break halfway up a ladder as he was filming for a television project.

A term that describes a wide range of symptoms and signs, called Long Covid, which may persist even months after an individual has overcome Covid-19.   

Health scare: Nick Knowles has revealed that he struggled with long Covid for 10 months after being struck down with the virus at the start of the pandemic

Nick Knowles shares his health scare. He revealed how he suffered with Covid for 10 years after being afflicted with the virus in the first pandemic.

On Tuesday’s Lorraine Nick said: “I had Covid really badly right at the beginning of lockdown. It was pretty severe. Too soon, I stopped exercising.

“It was 10 months after I had it, as my doctor called it. Because I wanted to get work bookings, I did not want to tell anybody.

Also, the presenter explained that he deliberately concealed his symptoms. He said: “I took a break from climbing ladders and pretending I was enjoying the views!”

Lorraine was reassured by Nick, who said that he’s been feeling better for seven months. 

Talk: Lorraine was treated to real talk by DIY SOS host. He admitted that he had to stop halfway up a ladder and take in the views to conceal his exhaustion.

Recovered: Thankfully, Nick told Lorraine: ‘I’ve been better now for about seven months’

Patients who have been treated for the virus may still experience symptoms weeks or months later.

You may experience a variety of symptoms, such as persistent loss of taste, smell and fatigue over time, along with long-term sensor issues and chronic fatigue.

What are the LONG-TERM SYMPTOMS of COVID-19 

Coronavirus sufferers will usually recover in two weeks. However, most patients who have the virus will experience a severe fever and cough for several days.

However, evidence is beginning to show that the tell-tale symptoms of the virus can persist for weeks on end in ‘long haulers’ — the term for patients plagued by lasting complications.

According to data from Zoe and King’s College London, one in ten patients may have symptoms for up to three weeks. Others may be suffering for many months.

The following are long-term symptoms:

  • Tiredness and chronic fatigue
  • Breathlessness 
  • Heart rate raised
  • Beliefs
  • Strokes
  • Insomnia
  • The loss of smell/taste
  • Kidney disease 
  • Mobility questions
  • Headaches
  • Muscle pains
  • Fevers 

Researchers in Italy found that almost 90% of patients with severe diseases still have symptoms, including fatigue. They followed 143 patients who were hospitalized for the condition.

Most people reported fatigue, shortness of breath, and joint pain as their main complaints during the battle against this illness.  

Source: NHS

It is not known what causes the condition. Several studies are currently being done to determine long-term effects.

In June the NHS established over 80 Covid assessments services in England. This was to address the increasing number of people with this condition. It announced plans last week to give £30 million to help GPs improve diagnosis and care.

Matt Hancock, Health and Social Care Secretary said that Long Covid could have a long-lasting and debilitating effect on the lives and health of the people affected.  

‘We are learning more about long Covid all the time and have made £50 million of research funding available to support innovative projects, with clinics established across the country to help improve the treatment available.’ 

Nick has just revealed to Long Covid that he gained 4 stone while in coronavirus lockdown.

The DIY: SOS star admitted last week that his weight has risen to 18st since he stopped exercising and started eating ‘all the pie’. He also said that he is a’massive.

Nick has made great progress in his weight loss and is now looking to change. 

When asked about his weight, he stated that “I have made my living looking like a lot of spanners” on The Mirror. I’m 18 stone, I’m massive.  

“I’m always working on construction sites. I gained almost 4 stone during lockdown. I lost 2 stone now, and I am feeling fitter. 

He explained to TV that during the UK lockdown which began in March 2020, he gave up fitness training and concentrated on his writing.

He was also a part of the legions who made banana bread at home and indulged on delicious pies.  

Last November, Nick was cruelly trolled as he donned a wetsuit for the DIY SOS Children In Need Special.

When asked if the comments affected him, he said in an interview on BBC’s Morning Live: ‘No because the thing is I put on a lot of weight during the first lockdown.

“I could not do any training. I was writing a lot, eating a lot, and growing a huge beard. I also stayed in, and wrote lots. 

“So I was thinking, “I’ll get tidy up when I come to the shoot” but then it turned out that I wasn’t because Joe Wicks did this Joe Wicks thing. Not everyone lives half of their life at the gym. 

“Some people gained a lot of weight, and I thought, do you know what? Let’s get started with that right away. 

Weight gain: Last week, Nick revealed that he piled on four stone during the coronavirus lockdown (pictured in August)

Trimmer: Nick looked a lot slimmer pre-lockdown in February 2020

Weight gain: Nick last week revealed that he had gained 4 stone since the coronavirus lockeddown. The pictures are left from August, and those taken in February 2020.