Slating the music at the Australian Open in 2016

The 2016 Australian Open was a bit of a disaster for Kyrgios. He complained about the music, swore excessively and threw his racket across the court during his loss to Tomas Berdych. 

Berdych completed the first set in just 35 minutes. Kyrgios appeared to be complaining towards his box which included Lleyton Shewitt, an Australian great, because there was not enough support.

But the highlight of the match was when Kyrgios took the first set serve. He stopped to complain about music he could hear, which is understood to have come from the neighbouring MCG which was hosting cricket’s Big Bash League semi-final. 

The 2016 Australian Open was a disaster for Kyrgios - who complained about everything

Kyrgios was unhappy with the 2016 Australian Open.

If that wasn’t enough, Kyrgios then engaged in a heated exchange with British umpire James Keothavong. The courtside microphones picked up their conversation and it is safe to say that it did not shower Kyrgios with glory.

He asked, “Mate are you okay? While we’re playing, there is music in the crowd. You’ve heard it seven times. Are you hearing me? Do I hear things? It’s a circus, Mate.

Berdych then served out for a two-set lead as Kyrgios continued to moan as he sat down on his courtside chair, muttering: ‘It’s a f****** joke.’

Kyrgios went on to lose the match 6-3, 6-4, 1-6, 6-4 and criticise the chair umpire further – saying ‘you’re a terrible referee’ as he walked off the court.  

He complained about the music, swore excessively, fought with the chair umpire and threw his racket across the court during his loss to Tomas Berdych

He was unhappy with the music and began to swear.

Throwing a tantrum over the colour of his towel 

You never quite know which Kyrgios will be turning up on court. You can find him playful and energetic or he may be more aggressive and quick-tempered. Unfortunately for the staff at the 2019  Rogers Cup, it was the latter. 

During his clash with Kyle Edmund, Kyrgios demanded that he was given a white towel, as opposed to a tournament-branded one. Talk about being a diva!

After being presented with a new towel, the 26-year old refused to play in the match and made quite a fuss while waiting. 

Kyrgios questioned officials about why it took him so long to find a white towel. This one was taken 20 minutes. 20 minutes. I was so grateful that you gave me two. Thanks.’

During his clash with Kyle Edmund, Kyrgios demanded that he was given a white towel

Kyrgios requested a white towel during his fight with Kyle Edmund

Caught out partying prior to his Wimbledon 2019 exit 

Kyrgios is known for his controversial behavior on court. However, this incident raised questions about his judgment-making outside of court.   

The Australian bad boy of tennis was seen at the Dog & Fox Pub in Wimbledon until around 11pm the night before his second-round match with Rafael Nadal in 2019.  

Miguel Seabra, sports commentator and Miguel Seabra reported that Kyrgios was seen at the pub with his friends on Wednesday evening. 

He wrote: ‘I just had a toast with Nick Kyrgios at the Dog & Fox. He seems completely at peace, laughing, having a good time with his friends and chatting to girls. 

“Quite an unconventional preparation for tomorrow’s blockbuster. This is what I love. 

It comes a no surprise that Kyrgios crashed out of the tournament. The Australian bad-boy, however, didn’t dwell on the loss and instead went to the pub in order to forget his pain.  

At the 2017 French Open, I demanded a beer. 

Kyrgios crashed out of the 2017 French Open in spectacular form, smashing two racquets and asking for a beer mid-match. 

Australian superstar Kevin Anderson defeated Anderson by a 5-7 6-4, 6-1, 6-2 score in Paris’s second Grand slam. Anderson was the winner.

Kyrgios became visibly upset during the match, and was even asked for his opinion. He was a spectator who bought him beer when he lost serve in the fourth round. 

‘Get me a beer now. He replied, “Honest to God! Get me one now!” One spectator replied, “You are kidding.” Kyrgios responded: “You’re kidding.”

Kyrgios came into the tournament with a cloud of fitness. His hip and shoulder pains were undoubtedly contributing factors to his death. Kyrgios, then 22, suffered nine double-faults throughout the four-set loss.

Additionally, Kyrgios had just lost his Grandpa – making it somewhat of an emotional torment for more reasons than one. 

Kyrgios crashed out of the 2017 French Open in spectacular form after smashing two rackets

Kyrgios, who had smashed two rackets in the French Open 2017, crashed out of this year’s French Open.

The 'bad-boy' also asked a spectator to get him a beer after losing serve in the fourth set

After losing the fourth set, the ‘bad-boy’ also requested a spectator for a beer. 

Blaming his loss on the ‘hot girl’ standing by

Kyrgios’s ability to interact with fans while on court is well-known. It doesn’t usually affect his performance. 

The Australian bad-boy joked he had lost concentration during his 2019 Laver Cup defeat by Rodger Federer because he had spotted a ‘really hot chick in the crowd’.  

However, controversial 26 year-old wasn’t able to withstand rousing return from Swiss grande in Geneva. He was defeated eventually 6-7(5-7), 7-5 and 10-7 within one hour and 51 mins. 

Kyrgios had just finished a match and gave a humorous interview post-match He informed his team about the reasons for his poor performance.

His words could be heard as he said, “I lost focus. I saw an extremely hot woman in the crowd.” You know, I am being sincere. I think she would be my wife right now. Right now.  

Kyrgios joked he had lost concentration as he had spotted a 'really hot chick in the crowd'

Kyrgios laughed that he lost his concentration after noticing a “really hot girl in the crowd”.

Kyrgios could be heard explaining the reason behind his poor patch to his team on the bench

Kyrgios was heard on the bench explaining why he had such a poor season to his teammates

At the 2019 Italian Open, throw a seat

After an intense interview where he said he couldn’t tolerate Novak Djokovic’s ‘cringeworthyness’, Kyrgios had one of the worst meltdowns of his life. 

At the 2019 Italian Open, he brought a chair to the court and kicked an entire bottle in an incredible outburst. His actions overshadowed iconic moments such as Jo Konta claiming back-to-back victories over Venus Williams and Sloane Stephens to reach the quarter finals.   

Kyrgios was issued with a fine of £17,000 after losing the plot against Norway’s Casper Ruud when he was given a game penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. 

Playing on a noisy outside court at the Foro Italico, Kyrgios was triggered by the crowd and became involved in an exchange with officials after being made to forfeit a game to go 2-1 down in the decider. 

Having angrily hurled his racket to the floor he threw the fold-up chair onto the playing surface and then went into an expletive-filled rant, shouting at the chair: ‘I am giving 100 per cent to deal with f****** idiots like him, I’m done. I’m f****** done. I’m f****** done with it. I don’t give a f***.’

After putting his bag over his shoulder, he walked away from court on his own. However, the match was declared forfeited.

Kyrgios lost his temper at the 2019 Italian Open, smashing his racket and kicking a water bottle

Kyrgios got irritated at the 2019 Italian Open.

Kyrgios then picked up a seat from courtside and hurled that into the centre of the court

Kyrgios grabbed a chair from the courtside and moved it to the centre of court

Stan Wawrinka told a friend that he ‘banged his girl’

Kyrgios got himself into hot water once again after brutally trash-talking his Swiss opponent, Stan Wawrinka, during a second-round clash at the 2015 Montreal Masters. 

Kyrgios made a comment to Wawrinka third, which was picked up by the courtside microphone. He said that Thanasi Kukkinakis (a teenage Australian tennis player) slept with his girlfriend. 

He said midway through his second set: “Kokkinakis has beaten your girlfriend!” “Sorry, to say that, mate.” 

Kyrgios was speaking of his Davis Cup teammate Kokkinakis. Wawrinka, however was romantically associated with Donna Vekic. 

Wawrinka was the French Open and Australian Open Champion and was unhappy with Kyrgios’ actions. He took to Twitter to express his disapproval. 

He said: ‘So disappointing to see a fellow athlete and colleague be so disrespectful in a way could never even imagine. To [stoop]This is unacceptable and beyond belief. 

As a result of his questionable court-etiquette, Kyrgios was fined £10,000 and handed a 28-day suspended sentence. 

Calling out Ben Stiller and hecklers 

In a thrilling three-set match at Indian Wells, Kyrgios fell to Nadal (2022 Australian Open Champion). Ending an exceptional tournament, Kyrgios was defeated 7-6 (7–0), 5-7 and 6-4

However, it was Kyrgios’ tantrum that caught everyone’s attention. Kyrgios’ most memorable outburst of the match came when he singled out Ben Stiller – who was watching from the stands with wife Christine Taylor – to deal with a heckler. 

This was the extraordinary exchange: 

Kyrgios: “Are you good in tennis?”

Heckler: ‘No.’

Kyrgios: Kyrgios, ‘It’s exactly. Don’t tell my how to play. [Pointing at Stiller and his wife who were sitting nearby]What do I say to him? No.’ 

Kyrgios stopped his service to address a heckler in the stands during the third and final set at Indian Wells

Kyrgios suspended his service in order to speak with a protester at the stands, during Indian Wells’ final and third sets 

Actor Ben Still and wife Christine Taylor found the funny side of Kyrgios' antics after being drawn into his tirade at a heckler in the crowd

Actor Ben Still and wife Christine Taylor found the funny side of Kyrgios’ antics after being drawn into his tirade at a heckler in the crowd

Dropping F-bomb after beating Ruud at Indian Wells 

Kyrgios has had a long-standing rivalry with Casper Ruud – having previously defaulted from the the Italian Open in 2019 for throwing a chair onto the court in the final set of their clash.  

Kyrgios ensured that he got the last laugh over Ruud in March 2022 –  defeating the 23-year-old 6-4 ,6-4 in a ruthless performance to advance in California. 

After winning, the Australian actor continued taunting his opponent. He was filmed saying: ‘No talking. I hear no talking now. None. F***ing none.’ 

However, Kyrgios later took to Instagram to apologise for his comments – admitting that emotions got the better of him during the match. 

Kyrgios launched the F-bomb at old rival Casper Ruud after his win earlier this month

Following his earlier win, Kyrgios launched an F-bomb against Casper Ruud.

Kyrgios looked down the camera lens and said 'I hear no talking now' after his superb victory

Kyrgios stared down at the lens of his camera and declared, “I hear no speaking now” after his amazing victory

Fergus Murphy in 2019, outburst against the chair umpire 

He just can’t help himself can he? Kyrgios was fined £98,904 for smashing two racquets and calling the chair umpire a ‘f**king tool at the Cincinnati Masters in 2019. 

The ATP announced the penalties on the day after the tennis bad-boy berated chair umpire Fergus Murphy during a straight sets loss to Karen Khachanov. 

The ATP listed a breakdown of eight fines ranging from £2,282 to £15,216 each for violations such as unsportsmanlike conduct, verbal abuse and audible obscenity. 

Kyrgios (right) was fined £98,904 for smashing two racquets and calling the chair umpire (left) a 'f**king tool at the Cincinnati Masters in 2019

Kyrgios (right) was fined £98,904 for smashing two racquets and calling the chair umpire (left) a ‘f**king tool at the Cincinnati Masters in 2019

Mimicking a lewd sex act at Queen’s, 2018

It seems that Kyrgios knows by now that there are cameras everywhere at such events. 

During an hour-long break from games at Queen’s Marin Cilic, 26-year-old caught on camera mimicking crude sex with a bottle. 

He thought it was private footage between himself and the player, but it was live broadcast to all homes around the globe.   

Kyrgios pulled his drink bottle toward his groin, appearing to be masturbating.

He then played with his water bottle, spraying water on the ground, and took a sip. Then he shared a cheeky smile. He was fined £13,000.

Earlier in the week he shouted out ‘f***’ during his match against Kyle Edmund, forcing BBC commentary to apologise for the foul language.

When it was brought up later, his response? ‘Fine. I don’t care’. 

At Queen's last year he mimicked a lewd sex act

Kyrgios thought he was sharing a private moment with his players' box

Kyrgios mimicked a lewd sex act at Queen’s with a waterbot live on TV 

Refusing to try at Shanghai, 2016  

Kyrgios was accused of tanking at times throughout his career. In 2015, he was taunted at Wimbledon for not returning Richard Gasquet’s serves.

Fans hoped their furious reaction would teach Kyrgios a lesson, but it seemed to do little good as he did not return shots and served without effort at the Shanghai Masters just one year later.  

One point, he tipped a ball over the net, and another, he was leaving court just before Mischa Zverev returned the ball.

After swearing at Ali Nili, Ali asked him to behave professionally and he replied: “Can you please call time so that I can finish the match and get home?”‘. 

Kyrgios was issued with a three-month ban and a £20,500 fine but he made no apologies for his conduct after the match, even taking aim at the fans.

“I don’t owe” [the fans] anything. That’s up to me. You don’t have to like it. Leave. Want to buy tickets? You can watch me.

“You already know that I am unpredictable. Your choice. You don’t owe me anything. Doesn’t affect how I sleep at night.’ 

Against Mischa Zverev in Shanghai in 2016 Kyrgios refused to serve properly or return shots

In Shanghai, China in 2016, Mischa Zverev was beaten by Kyrgios. He refused to return the shots or serve correctly.

He was even seen walking off the court before Zverev had returned his serve to win the point

Even before Zverev returned his serve, he was seen leaving the court.

Taking a phone call on court at Australian Open, 2016   

Kyrgios and Ajla Tomljanovic sat down together five years ago before a Melbourne mixed doubles match.

He could have just let the phone go to voicemail. It could have been turned off. It could have been left in his locker. He decided not to leave it in the locker room and answered it at court. 

While Kyrgios did not receive any punishment for the indiscretion, many were still concerned about his professionalism, dedication, and loyalty to the sport. 

Officials conducted an investigation into the incident. Tomljanovic was left deeply puzzled but avoided sanctions because it took place pre-match.

Kyrgios replied, “Some of my friends called you,” It was not something that was important to him, and he said, “Kind of.” 

Kyrgios took a phone call from a friend before a mixed doubles match in Melbourne in 2016

Kyrgios received a call from a close friend prior to a 2016 mixed doubles match.

Ball boy – Pelting a tennis bat 

Kyrgios gags are generally harmless, but in March 2022, he was very close to doing serious damage at Indian Wells. 

Kyrgios was forced to apologies to the ball boy he nearly hit with a tennis racket after his quarterfinal defeat to Rafa Nadal. The Aussie star fell 7-6 (7-0), 5-7, 6-4 and lost his temper immediately after the match. 

He launched his racket at the wall of the arena – leaving ball boy Tei Park ducking for cover. Kyrgios sheepishly went on Instagram overnight to search for his identity and to apologize.

Sharing a post to his story, Kyrgios said: ‘I just want to apologise to that ball kid at the end of the match. 

“It was completely accidental and frustrated me at the end. It was not my intent for the racket to bounce so fast. Anyone know the identity of that ball child? Send me a message. I will mail a racket. It’s great to hear he is okay! 

Kyrgios was forced to apologies to the ball boy he nearly hit with a tennis racket after his quarter-final defeat to Rafa Nadal at Indian Wells 2022

After his defeat at Indian Wells 2022 quarterfinal to Rafa Nadal, Kyrgios had to apologize to Rafa.

Purposefully aims a ball at Rafael Nadal 

Kyrgios confessed he was aiming to hit Nadal with the ball during their second-round match at Wimbledon in 2019. The Australian even refused to apologise for deliberately thrashing a forehand directly at his opponent in their ill-tempered grudge match at Wimbledon. 

He admitted to being ‘going after him’ during a press conference following his defeat in four sets. 

He replied, “I don’t know.” He said, “I don’t care.” Why should I apologize? You mean the guy has how many slams and how much cash in his bank account? His chest is strong. I won’t apologize to him in any way. 

Social media has been flooded with angry reactions to his admission, including calls for the “spoiled brat” to be banned or fined. 

Kyrgios said he was aiming to hit Nadal with the ball during their 2019 clash at Wimbledon

Kyrgios claimed he wanted to smash Nadal’s ball with the tennis ball in their Wimbledon 2019 match.

The Spaniard (furthest away) managed to stop the ball from hitting his body with his racquet

The Spaniard was the closest to him and he managed to keep the ball off his body by using his racquet.

To ignore questions and to chugging Stella Artois 

Kyrgios showcased his bizarre behaviour once again during a press conference 2019. Kyrgios ignored the question of a reporter in favor of drinking a beer.  

Kyrgios played for Team World and lost to Team Europe at the Laver Cup, Geneva, Switzerland. 

Kyrgios and Alexander Zverev tied the last match. Kyrgios then attended a press conference with John McEnroe (team captain) and John McEnroe (US tennis legend). 

Kyrgios became angry over Roger Federer’s question during the contest and chose to drink beer instead of answering. 

However, when promoted, he said: ‘Probably just had to do with something that I was playing someone that’s probably the best to ever play the sport.

“It wasn’t a matter of poor shot selection, lack of discipline, lack of power, or any other lack. The guy that I played was very good. Do you agree? Yeah. This is a terrible question to ask.  

He decided to chug a beer over answering a reporter's question during a press conference

He decided to sip a beer rather than answering questions from reporters during a press conference

Long-running rival challenge to Bernard Tomic’s boxing match: Brands Bernard Tomic is labelled ‘dumb and irrelevant’ 

Kyrgios said last month that he would not be able to fight archrival Bernard Tomic in boxing, insisting that he has “bigger fish” than fighting the World No 417.

For years, the Australian tennis pair have been at odds. Their feud has escalated after Kyrgios called Tomic “the most hated Australian athlete”.

Tomic, 29 years old, responded by challenging Kyrgios (27 year-old) to a battle on grasscourt. In a match that was winner-takes–all, each player contributed $1million.

He then switched the venue of the battle to boxing, requesting that both men’sort this all out’.

Kyrgios, a Canberra-born boxer, has distanced his self from making his debut in the sport. However, he expressed sympathy for Tomic who reached No 17 on his career high list.

According to Kyrgios, “He is not very well anymore. He’s no longer relevant. And he obviously has money problems.”

“For someone who stood up to him and tried to help his out, just like my family’s helped them out before, I paid the flights to Shanghai for his return flight. He had no money. It is very disrespectful for him to attack me.

“When he is challenging me for boxing matches, first of all, I do not know which person will put up $1,000,000 for him. He’s bankrupt. Second, there are bigger fish in my pond at the moment. Wimbledon is my goal. US Open. I am no longer bound by court contracts. However, it is still my right to attend tournaments.

“And that doesn’t seem to be happening right now for him. Maybe one day I will be able to take on him there. “I feel like I know him in fitness.   

Tomic refutes Kyrgios claims. 

Lineswoman called a’snitch by a fan’ during controversial Wimbledon first round clash with Brit Paul Jubb

Kyrgios was fined £8,200 after his first-round match for spitting towards a fan 

One line judge was also called a snitch by the Australian for reporting him to his abuse. He suggested that another one is in his 90s and “can’t see” during his five set win over Paul Jubb of Britain.

Kyrgios, however, claimed that the female judge who reported his conduct to the umpire was lying.

He explained in a long, often incoherent way that he didn’t know how to explain. “She went to her umpire and said something I did not say. It’s known as whistleblowing.

He also claimed that line judges — who are put through regular sight tests by the All England Club — are too old. He claimed that he hit a ball into the net, but an old man called out for it.

“So, it is possible that if the man was 40 years old, he might not have said this out.”

Kyrgios has admitted to spitting in the direction of a spectator during his first round match at Wimbledon

Kyrgios admitted that he spit in the direction of one spectator during his Wimbledon first round match.

Swears at an umpire during angry third round match against Tsitsipas

Kyrgios was fined £3,300 for swearing during Saturday’s match against Stefanos Tsitsipas. 

Kyrgios refused to play at one point during the game, as he angrily called on umpire Damien Dumusois to throw Tsitsipas off the court for hitting a ball intot he crowd. 

“Is that a default?” He just hit the ball at the f***ing crowd. Are you dumb?’ Kyrgios can be heard telling Dumusois.

“So, you’re able to hit the ball in the crowd and hit somebody without getting defaulted?” All the supervisors. I will not play until the problem is solved.  

Tsitsipas tried repeatedly to throw balls at Kyrgios, and twice hit them in the crowd. He is a bully. He probably bullied his classmates at school. Bullies don’t interest me.

“I dislike people who make other people feel bad.” There are some positive traits to his character. However, he has some very bad traits that can be exposed.