Today Liz Truss was slammed by Nicola Sturgeon, who rallied SNP members to support her latest independence push.

The Scottish First Minister addressed the conference of the SNP in Aberdeen and lashed out at the Prime Minister for his ‘unconscionable economic agenda.

As she wanted Scotland to be independent, she also attacked ‘aggressive Unionism’ from Westminster.

Ms Sturgeon’s fresh tirade against the Conservatives came after the SNP leader  suffered a furious backlash at the weekend for stating: ‘I detest the Tories.’

However, Ms Truss was not afraid to make further accusations in the conference speech.

While mocking the “chaos” and “catastrophe” coming out of Westminster, she took aim at Sir Keir Sterner’s Labour for aiding and abetting the Tories.

Ms. Sturgeon used the conference address to reaffirm her June vow to hold a second Scottish independence referendum in October 2019.

However, this only applies if the UK Supreme Court declares her Scottish Government able to hold a ballot without consent from Westminster.

As she promised to keep her commitment to Scottish democracy, she said that if Ms Sturgeon is ruled against by judges as was expected.

Ms Sturgeon said that she would publish the first of a series Scottish Government papers next week, which will’make economic arguments for independence’.

Nicola Sturgeon used her SNP conference address to reiterate her vow to hold another Scottish independence referendum on 19th October next year

Nicola Sturgeon reiterated her promise to hold another Scottish independence referendum in her SNP conference speech

The SNP leader blasted 'aggressive Unionism' from Westminster as she insisted that independence was 'essential' for Scotland

SNP leader and SNP Leader, Elizabeth Arden, attacked ‘aggressive Unionism’ from Westminster while insisting that Scotland was independent.

Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon

Ms Sturgeon said she would publish the first of a series Scottish Government papers next week that will’make economic arguments for independence’

Ms. Sturgeon noted that this was her first conference speaker’s speech in person since 2019. She joked about how her Covid-enforced Zoom speeches were not repeated.

“We last came together as parties in October 2019,” the leader of SNP said. “Back then, the Tories just elected a new leader,” the SNP leader explained.

“Westminster was in crisis.” The new Prime Minister was pushing through an economic disaster policy agenda, in spite of warnings.

“And so we are again. The Tory misery-go round gets another twist. 

“This time, the carousel speeding up. Boris Johnson’s failure to recognize his error took three years of hard work by the Tories. They only took three weeks for Liz Truss to understand that Boris Johnson was a catastrophe.

Ms Sturgeon claimed it was “unconscionable” that Ms Truss, Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng sought to fund tax reductions in their mini-Budget by ‘borrowing money to be repayed with eye-watering Austerity cuts and an attack on the incomess of the most’. 

‘The PM’s justification is that she is going for growth,’ the First Minister added.

“Let me show you the kind of growth I expect. The growth of the income gap between riche and poor.

“Growth in poverty rates. The pressure on the NHS and other public services is increasing.

“And without any doubt growth in the deep disgust that the public feels for all of this.”

Ms. Sturgeon insisted on the importance of Scottish independence to maintain the ‘partnership between UK states.

She stated that aggressive Unionism was currently “undermining this partnership”.

‘Westminster’s denial of Scottish democracy; full frontal attacks on devolution; a basic lack of respect,’ she added.

“If there’s tension it means that something is wrong.

“It’s Scottish independence, a new partnership between the islands that will renew our whole notion of nations working together to the common good.

One of the loudest cheers during Ms Sturgeon's speech came when she stated her intent to remain as First Minister for 'quite some time yet' - but not all seemed impressed

The loudest applause during Ms. Sturgeon’s speech was when she declared her intention to continue as First Minister for “quite a while yet”. But not everyone seemed impressed.

Polls have suggested the Tories are on track to lose all their MPs in Scotland at the next general election

Recent polls suggest that the Tories will lose all their Scotland MPs during the next general election.

Aberdeen SNP members were told by Ms Sturgeon that they are the ‘independence Generation’.

She stated, “It’s essential to escape Westminster control” and the mismanagement.

It is essential to elect the government we choose. Protecting our NHS is essential.

To create a partnership of equals between the nations living on these islands.

It is vital if we are to remain in the European Union.

“And it is necessary if we wish the people of this country to make decisions about the future.

Ms. Sturgeon’s speech was greeted with cheers when she declared her intention to continue as First Minister for “quite a while yet”. She wanted to clear the air of any rumors that she might be leaving frontline politics.

Following a YouGov poll that revealed Labour benefits from a decline in Tory support, Sir Keir was attacked by Ms Sturgeon.

According to one expert pollster, Labour may win six more Scottish seats at a general election while Tories will lose all six.

However, Ms Sturgeon said Labour are also “letting down Scotland”.

“Labour is just as committed now to Brexit — a hard Brexit– as the Tories,” she said.

It is something that the Tories at least believe in. Labour doesn’t. They choose to avoid the principled argument, which could win them in England.

They abandon every principle out of fear that they might upset the apple cart.

‘Bluntly – they are willing to chuck Scotland under Boris Johnson’s Brexit bus to get the keys to Downing Street.’