A victim’s family is shaming the victim’s family because the perpetrator of Nike’s Michael Jordan brand, the founder, has confessed that he murdered a 16-year-old boy. 

Larry Miller, 72, said Wednesday in a Sports Illustrated interview that he served time in prison after fatally shooting Edward White when he was a 16-year-old member of Philadelphia’s Cedar Avenue gang.

Family members claim that Miller has not contacted them and that they were upset by his inability to mention White or detail White’s life in Jump, My Secret Journey From the Streets to The Boardroom.  

Miller only describes White as “another Black Boy” in the book. White is an ex Cub Scout who wanted a career as a chef. White got his job as a waiter at a diner six years before his passing. 

The family would like his name and story to get time in Miller’s new book, which will be published in January by William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins.

Mariah Green (an elementary school teacher in Philadelphia, and White’s great niece) told The New York Times, “You know his name. Give him respect.  

Larry Miller speaks on a panel during the 2018 Brand Jordan NBA All-Star Uniforms Unveiling

Larry Miller spoke on the panel at this year’s Brand Jordan NBA All-Star Uniforms Unveiling

Miller's book, which he co-wrote with his daughter, is scheduled to be published in January

Miller is expected to publish his book in January, which he wrote with his daughter.

Miller claims he was drunk and seeking revenge for the stabbing of one of his fellow Gang members by Pine, a rival 53rd or Pine gang member.

White wasn’t known by the business mogul, but White wanted to revenge the killing of a fellow member of the gang. White claims that he killed and shot the first person who he saw.

White didn’t provoke White and it is not clear that he was part of another gang. After being hit with the.38 Miller he had received from his girlfriend, he died instantly. 

Explaining himself, Miller said: ‘We were all drunk. It was like I was floating in a fog. Once it kind of set in, I was like, ‘Oh, sh*t, what have I done?’ To understand the true impact of my actions, it took me years. 

“That’s why it’s even harder for me because it wasn’t for any reason.”

“I mean, it was impossible for such a thing to occur. And that’s the thing that I really struggle with and that’s—you know, it’s the thing that I think about every day. It’s like, I did this, and to someone who—it was no reason to do it. This is what bothers me the most.

White was contacted by a relative who found the article. Miller indicated that he intended to contact the family.  

Miller was central to the creation of the Air Jordans and the Jordan brand

Miller was key to the creation and maintenance of Jordans.

White’s relatives are also seeking a formal explanation or a letter. White’s family would love to talk with them about creating a scholarship in White’s name, or any financial relief for White’s loved ones from the profits. 

Josaphine Hobbys, 75 years old, was the mother of White’s children and said to The New York Times that she felt so devastated by White’s passing, that she even tried climbing into White’s grave for the funeral. 

Hobbs stated that David wasn’t part of a gang and didn’t engage in fights. He was shot on his way home. 

White claimed that she had never married her and so she couldn’t get any benefits for survivors.   

Azizah Arline is White and Hobbs’ 55-year old daughter. Azizah owns a daycare center and resides in Pennsauken. It changed her entire life. 

Barbara Mack, White’s older sister and now at 84, is puzzled by White’s decision to leave after four years.  

Mack said, “That’s Black on Black crime. No one cared.” 

Hasan Adams, White’s 56-year-old son, named his middle son David in honor of his father. 

The article revealed that he had not known the cause of his father’s death until he read it.  

Adams, Philadelphia postal worker said that it was mind blowing. “The most shocking thing in my head was the fact that my father’s killer was a successful and wealthy businessman, and he was writing a book.

Adams could not speak and tried to talk to his wife.  

He replied, “I was scared of her,”

White’s sister, White, has asked the publisher to investigate Miller’s death and take appropriate action.   

Miller didn’t reveal what charges he faced in White’s death, nor how long they kept him locked up. However, Miller indicated that he was in and around juvenile detention while he served time in prison for various offences between the ages 13 and 30.

According to Miller, he was brought up in a family that loved him and his dad, who cared about and supported him. Miller claims that he was 13 when he decided he needed people to respect him more.  

He said he would share additional details with his daughter in the upcoming book that he is co-writing. 

Nike is well-known for its determination to be ranked among the most awake corporations in America. It has now come out and backed its CEO with an eloquent statement.

John Donahue, CEO of Nike, stated that Larry Miller was an important figure in the history of Nike and a valued member to the Nike family.

His story shows the power, endurance and strength that the human spirit can achieve. By helping people to get rid of the stigmas that hold them back, I believe his story can help create a positive discourse about criminal justice reform.

Miller also worked for Kraft Foods, Campbell Soup, and the Portland Trail Blazers. After suffering severe migraines that triggered nightmares, he decided to write his story. Miller hopes that by sharing his story, others can avoid making the same mistake, especially at-risk youth.

Miller stated that it was eating at me inside. Miller said, “It was eating me up inside.” It’s impossible. All I can do, is do my best to try and help others.   

Miller shared his experience after suffering severe migraines, recurring nightmares, and decided to tell the world. Miller hopes that by sharing his story, others can avoid making the same mistake, especially at-risk youth.

Miller was incarcerated and earned an accounting degree at Temple University while he was there.

He was able to regain his independence and found a position at the renowned accounting firm Arthur Andersen.

Miller disclosed his past details during the final interview to be considered for the post. This, he said, cost him the opportunity.

“I was able to offer you a deal. It’s not possible for me to give it now. According to Miller, the partner said, “I can’t accept the possibility that somehow this blows back.”

Miller says that Miller decided in that moment not to share his story with anyone else.

Miller claims that he didn’t lie on an application for a job, but he said that he lived with fear as his career advanced and he was always in the limelight. 

The murder was not disclosed by him, as most employers asked only for information about the criminal convictions of the previous five years. 

Miller visited the White House during Bill Clinton’s presidency and shared his surprise at the return of security clearance.  

‘[I worried]I would be tapped on my shoulder by someone who said, “Hey, aren’t you …?’?” Or, ‘Didn’t you…?’ Then everything would kind of crash down,” he stated.

“Just the pressure from holding it inside, and fearing that it might come out and destroy everything. 

Miller (pictured center with Rick Mina on his left) says his friends, including Michael Jordan (right), and colleagues have been supportive of him sharing his story

Miller, pictured on the left with Rick Mina (center), says that his friends including Michael Jordan (right) and his colleagues were supportive of his sharing his story.

He continued: ‘I was taking all these high-profile jobs. He said, “What is the matter with me?” Why do I put myself out there as that? 

Miller, along with Laila Lacy, decided to tell his story in Jump: My Secret Journey From the Streets To the Boardroom.

He chose to talk about the filming before the book’s release on January 18, 2022 because he wants details of his history to be made public according to his timeline and terms.

“This was a difficult decision for me, because for 40 years I have run from this. Miller explained that she had tried to keep it secret and hoped people would not find out.

The same method was used to inform his close friends, including ex-NBA star Michael Jordan and commissioner Adam Silver.

Nike (headquarters in Beaverton, Ore. pictured) CEO John Donohoe said Miller's story is one of 'resilience, perseverance and strength'

Nike, Beaverton (Ore.) pictured. CEO John Donohoe stated that Miller’s story was one of resilience, perseverance, and strength.

Silver shared Nike’s claim that, although he had never heard of Miller’s criminal past and was shocked by his strength, he felt’stunned.’ 

He said, “I went from being stunned to amazed at Larry’s accomplishments in his professional life, working at the top of the industry and with this secret, and ended up with the feeling that Larry was carrying that burden all these many years without any support from his many friends, colleagues and family.” 

Although Jordan is not explicitly mentioned, it’s also believed to have supported. 

Miller will continue to be open to showing ‘both sides’ of him to loved ones as well as the general public, in an effort to inspire others to follow his lead.

He said, “It has freed me.” “I now feel free to be myself.”