It’s no wonder that they name it Black Eye Friday. Network Rail advises partygoers that drunken train passengers are falling down escalators on the last Friday night before Christmas.

  • Tonight is Christmas’ most popular holiday season
  • Network Rail releases footage of London Bridge station stations
  • This video shows people falling down and up on escalators following a drink of alcohol. 

Network Rail has shared CCTV footage that shows revellers falling down the escalators. Network Rail wants to remind partygoers to be safe tonight. 

This is the biggest night of Christmas festivities – Black Eye Friday – because Britons will be drinking a lot of alcohol.

The clip below shows the man dropping everything and rolling off the end an escalator as it heads up into a station.

Another featured a man, who appeared either asleep or calmly resigned to his fate,  laying with his feet above his head as the escalator went up. 

The second clip is incredibly painful and shows a man attempting to jump off an escalator, while the other direction goes.

Today marks the most popular night of the festive season for Christmas celebrations - dubbed Black Eye Friday because of the large amount of alcohol Britons are expected to consume

This is the night that Christmas celebrates its most beloved holiday, Black Eye Friday. It’s because Britons expect to drink a lot of alcohol.

As he struggles to stay the same, he continues his struggle. It’s like watching a comedy sketch.

He suddenly falls on to the moving staircase and rolls along as the steps move underneath him. 

A second clip shows a man gripping the escalator rails at the top, but he doesn’t let go. This forces the others behind him to collide with him.

This video was shot in London Bridge Station for a time.

Network Rail has released a guide to partygoers on how to prevent accidents using escalators and stairs.

One clip shows a man drop everything as he rolls off the end of an escalator heading up

A clip of a man letting go as he walks off an escalator leading up shows him dropping everything

Another featured a man, who appeared either asleep or calmly resigned to his fate, laying with his feet above his head as the escalator went up

Another depicted a man lying with his feet raised above his head, either sleeping or calmly resigned.

It advised passengers out celebrating to use lifts or step-free routes where available if carrying luggage and warned travellers not to rush when moving up or down the stairs or escalators because it could lead to a fall.

‘Hold the handrails and concentrate on your footing, walk don’t run,’ the train company added. 

Caption: This Friday is the most-loved night in the Christmas season.

‘However, as this shocking CCTV footage shows, it’s important to take care on and around the railway after drinking alcohol.’