North Korea testifies to the use of ‘tactical-guided missiles’ during its fourth launch under sanctions.

  • Two tactically guided missiles were launched by Kim Jong Un in the East Sea of Korea
  • According to the state news agency, they achieved an island target with their successful launch
  • US sanctions have been imposed on Pyongyang, however tests are continuing.

Two tactical-guided missiles were launched by North Korea in the fourth round of sanctions-busting tests.

According to the state news agency KCNA, the missiles ‘precisely struck an island target in East Sea of Korea’ during a test that was conducted Monday.

According to the company, the launch ‘confirmed that the operational of the weapon system under development was accurate, secure, efficient,’ they added.   

North Korea has launched two tactical guided missiles in its fourth sanctions-busting test of the year (pictured, the latest launch on Monday

North Korea fired two missiles guided by tactical targets in the fourth round of sanctions-busting tests this year.

Kim Jong Un’s pledge to modernize military forces at his key speech in the party of last month has prompted a number of weapons testing, which included hypersonic missile tests.

Washington placed new sanctions against Pyongyang, and North Korea responded to the threat by increasing its testing. It also asserted its right to self defense. 

South Korea’s military had earlier stated that two of its suspected short-range ballistic missiles were fired from the east, near Pyongyang Monday. The missiles flew about 240 miles at an elevation of 26 miles.

Japan was also alerted to the incident, and Defense Minister Nobuokishi warned that North Korea’s recent launch series indicates it is attempting to improve its technological capabilities.

These launches occur at an extremely delicate moment in the region with North Korea hosting the Winter Olympics in China next month, and South Korea preparing for its presidential elections in March. 

An analyst stated that Pyongyang uses the US sanctions to justify its pre-planned weapons testing. This is in an attempt to close the gap between the North and South Korea’s military, which it has well-equipped.

Kim Jong Un avowed his commitment to military modernisation at a key party speech last month

Kim Jong Un made clear his determination to modernize the military in a party key speech last month

Cheong Seongchang, Center for North Korea Studies at Sejong Institute stated that Seoul is far ahead of it in this point.

“Though the country is nuke-armed, they are not able to use them without being attacked first. It can also use traditional weapons in case of military conflict at border regions.

Talks with the United States remain ‘off-the-table’ at the moment, as Pyongyang will not respond to Washington and Seoul unless they stop joint drills. Washington, however, has stated that negotiations are impossible.

The United States urged North Korea Monday not to engage in illegal or destabilizing activity.

Sung Kim, US Special Representative on North Korea, “expressed concern” about the launch of missiles and encouraged Pyongyang, according to the State Department.

While the military exercises their might, China’s impoverished economy, which is still recovering from its coronavirus blockade has quietedly resumed cross-border trade this weekend with China.

On Sunday, a freight train carrying North Korean goods arrived in Dandong at China’s border town. This was the first such arrival since the beginning of 2020.

The operation of freight trains that transport goods between Dandong (PRK) has been resumed. At a briefing on Monday, Zhao Lijian (Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson) stated that this work would be done in compliance with the pandemic prevention steps.